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... In November my TSH was slightly elevated. SO my GP ordered a thyroid ultrasound. So in March I did a blood test and a thyroid ultrasound. Bloodwork was completely normal. ... (0 replies)
... I am new here and have a question. Sorry if it has been addressed in another thread previously. Is it normal to have fluctuating TSH levels for many years? ... (0 replies)
... First time poster here needing some help please. I'm a 33 year old male, with fluctuating TSH levels over three tests spaced 6 weeks apart. First one TSH- 5.68 brought to my attention by primary doctor. second test with first endo doc. TSH -1.9 Free T4 -.8 anti-TPO antibodies->1000 He also found goiter in neck (suggested... (5 replies)

Fluctuating TSH
Mar 17, 2014
... Hi I am hypothyroid w Hashimoto's Disease. I often have to get tests every 6 wks bc my levels change so much. Right now I'm on synthroid 125mcg and 5 mcg cytomel. I had to increase bc my TSH was 3+ 2 times in a row. My endo keeps the cytomel dose constant but tweaks synthroid constantly. I've been on everything from 75 to 125 synthroid up and down over and over. Is it normal... (1 replies)
... She told me to relax, take selenium and retest TSH in 1 month. ... (0 replies)
... TSH is 0.450-4.500 and T4 is 0.82-1.77. Never knew what normal range for the T3 was (2 replies)
... I've posted levels from my blood work on here before. This time my TSH was 0.201, T4 was 1.23 and T3 was 3.3. Am I still hyper? ... (2 replies)
Feb 3, 2013
... I have been having fluctuating TSH levels. My current level is 0.01. I had a complete thyroidectomy 8 years ago. Can these low level become serious? ... (1 replies)
TSH Labs
Jun 23, 2012
... I know that Hashi's disease can have fluctuating tsh like this.With a tsh of over 3 you were probably hypothyroid at one time.Do you feel well? ... (20 replies)
... Don't wait for another year to be tested again. That would be ridiculous considering your fluctuating tsh levels AND the way that you feel. ... (9 replies)
... You really can't go by TSH to evaluate your condition....especially since you no longer have a thyroid. ... (7 replies)
... I have not been able to go to my doctor due to the fact that I don't have insurance, but I did call and I can tell you that my tsh is 0.170 and I have no thyroid. I am anxious and not able to sleep. I have diarrhea a lot also. ... (7 replies)
... So many doctors make the mistake of looking at TSH for dosing decisions and I think you now understand why that is a recipe for disaster. ... (7 replies)
... What an answered prayer! Thank you so much for responding, and so quickly. I am taking synthroid and needed and had a dose increase several months ago and just had labs again and needed a decrease this time!!!! I don't have my lab numbers on me right now, but I can tell you he took me from 137 mcgs to 150 and back to 137 again. I am pretty sure he is just running tsh. I have... (7 replies)
... Your HPT (hypothalamic-pituitary-thyroid) feedback loop was interrupted by the removal of your thyroid. So, looking at your TSH (pituitary hormone) really tells you nothing about the levels of thyroid hormone in your body. Thyroid hormones basically help "run" all body systems. Please ask your doctor to look at your actual thyroid hormone levels: FreeT4 (T4 or... (7 replies)
... Help!!! I had my thyroid removed a little over a year ago and my TSH continues to fluctuate. I even have thyroid symptoms like I did before it was removed. I am also bipolar. ... (7 replies)
... Back in June, I had a regular blood test done by my GP. That test revealed a TSH of 5.4. ... (2 replies)
... Given your fluctuating TSH and your symptoms I'd ask for antibody tests for Hashimoto's and Graves. ... (2 replies)
Accurate TSH
Dec 30, 2008
... You have found info about fluctuating TSH from a reliable source that I had never seen before. So thank you for teaching me something new today. I stand corrected. ... (4 replies)
Fluctuating TSH
Nov 13, 2008
... If your previous TSH was taken earlier in the morning and your last labs later in the morning that could explain the difference. ... (1 replies)

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