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... I have been seeing a holistic doctor for my thyroid treatment while still seeing my family doctor for all other care. At my last visit, my thyroid doc switched me from Synthroid to Naturethroid. My family doctor was worried that my thyroid doc was over-medicating me based on my suppressed TSH from my labs in July: TSH 0.08 mcIU/mL (range 0.30 - 5.00) Free T4 1.1... (0 replies)
... Could someone glance and give a recommendation? The Dr we went to didnt impress. Talked fast and grouped everyone into fibro. Couldnt get the saliva test but most blood worked looked ok except t3 and rh. Thoughts are a thyroid doctor, not the fibro dr. Didnt want to overwhelm with info, just copied and paste what we were given. Appreciate any advice. (0 replies)
... I am very confused at what I was told by my PCP. I have been referred to an Endocrinologist to test for Thyroid cancer and I am starting to get real nervous and worried about what is going to happen on friday. My TPO Ab is 168 (ref 0-34); Thyroglobulin, Antibody is 11.9 (ref 0.0-0.9); T3 is 1.88 (ref 0.77-4.22 nmol/l); FT4 is 9.32 (ref 7.86-22.70 pmol/l) and TSH is 0.84 (ref... (3 replies)

... I've had several different options thrown at me. Graves, Hashimotos, Ord's Disease… Which one would you all say it looks most like? Here are labs without any medication: T3 Free: 1.7 FT4: 0.77 TSH: 1.15 Labs after 6 weeks on 25 MCG Cytomel and 100 MCG Synthroid: TSH: 0.020 T4, FREE: 0.91 (0 replies)
... Interesting question. You're leaning toward the hyper side. You didn't say, but I'll assume the med you're on is thyroid hormone replacement. If so, a dose reduction may be in order. La Leche League has a good article here about how thyroid problems affect lactation: There have not been many studies but hyperthyroidism appears to inhibit release of milk which causes a decrease... (2 replies)
... Some background; I was on thyroid meds due to underactive thyroid (I think it was 5.6) at diagnosis but I had a lot of symptoms. I have thyroid antibodies (both types of antibodies are in the 200 range)... I wasn't sure what that meant though since they are both positive. Anyway I was taking 50mg for abt a year and a half and my levels were good between 1-2. When I fell... (2 replies)
... Hello, I was functioning on 12.5 mcg of Cytomel and .88 Tirosint with lab results of : FT3 - 5.81 (2 - 4.9 pg/mL) FT4 - 1.35 (.75 - 1.54 ng/dL) I recently had a RT3 done which was 14 (9.0 - 27.0 ng/dL) (10 yrs Post Graves disease treated with Radioactive iodine) (1 replies)
... Hi, I am new to this board. I have Hashimoto's, and had my twin daughters thyroid tested and I was hoping for some advice on what you think of their labs. I only have one of them presently. I am concerned Holly's Tsh is high, and her FT 4 is low. The doctor said it looks great and in range. What do you think? The labs for Holly are Tsh 3.9 (.270-4.2) FT4 1.27... (1 replies)
... Hi, so here is my story (same as a lot of others i have read) and need some help. I have been struggling with HypoT symptoms since youth. though they thought it may be the problem No Dr would test me, "just diet and exercise". at 16 I was 240+lb, my hair was falling out and started to go grey(use to not be able to put a large scrunchy around my ponytail now its only 1/4 of... (5 replies)
TSH 4.49, ft3 0.9
Nov 28, 2012
... Yesterday I had bloods redone. My TSH was 4.49, and my FT4 was 0.9. ... (0 replies)
High FT4
Apr 21, 2012
... Hi Aussiejenni, Actually, I am not taking T3. I have been on T4 for 6 weeks and just had my FT3 checked. Two months ago, before starting on T4, my labs were as follows TSH 2.88 FT4 0.9 (0.9-1.8) TT3 87 (80-180) Did not measure FT3, even though I asked for it One week later TSH 2.3 (6 replies)
... I think it would be great if my labs printed percentiles for my TSH and FT4 values so that my Dr would be less likely to declare them as perfect because they are "in range." Does anyone know where I can find thyroid lab percentiles? ... (6 replies)
... B12=1200 (which is a HUGE jump from Octobers 464) *ref range 254-1320* fT4=0.9 *ref range 0.8-1.5* fT3=1.4 (not Free T3, total T3 d'oh) *Ref Range .70-1.90* TSH=1.38 (downward trend 1.74, 1.54 and now 1.38) *Ref Range .350-5.000) TPOab=35.4 *ref range <60* Tgab=34.5 *ref range <60* Dr said that I am within range, but on the low side in all of it. Was hesitant to... (8 replies)
... I notice my FT4 hasn't really changed and sits at the low end despite increasing my dosage. Is that normal? ... (5 replies)
... Hi guys, I'd appreciate some help interpreting my lab results. During my annual blood test for PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease), I somehow got a TSH test too, which was high. Redoing TSH and adding FT4, I got these values: FT4: 0.9 (normal 0.8-1.7 ng/dL) - 11% TSH: 11.1 (normal 0.2-5.5 uIU/mL) Sounds like hypo, right? I only have the lab results so far, I haven't... (2 replies)
... Labs came in today and I think I sorta understand but not sure. TSH 2.16. Range is 0.40-4.50 FT3 2.8. 2.3-4.2 FT4 0.9. 0.8-1.8 Vitamin D 71. 30-100 Vitamin D2. Less than 4 I have been on Amour 60 mg for 2 months. I still feel like I have a slight buzz feeling in my head, get cold at exactly... (1 replies)
... Hi, I am new to the site so please forgive me if I should have put my question on an existing thread- I have Hashimotos and phase 2 adrenal fatigue. For years I was on 5mcg of Cytomel and had fairly good results except for hair loss. I realize now I was anxious which probably contributed/caused my adrenal fatigue. I am now taking 15 mg of Armour and feel pretty good. My... (1 replies)
... Here are my labs. This was same lab but the ranges are slightly different, not sure why. I listed my prior blood draw as well. FT3 barely moved and FT4 moved a bit more but TSH has gone down! How is that possible? ... (6 replies)
... red and I have been seeing my GP for about 5 years for my thyroid issues. Unfortunately every time I get my blood drawn for my thyroid I have to request that my FT4 also be dr. likes to go by TSH, and wants to see a TSH around "1". LOL! My TSH was NEVER at 1 even before I started on Synthroid. It was like 0. ... (22 replies)
... That is the best my TSH has ever been! When I originally was put on meds, it was about 2.7. However my FT4 has always tested low! It was 0.76 when I went on meds, so has only improved slightly. Why is this? ... (6 replies)

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