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... Actually my levels for thryoglubulin and peroxidase are etremely high not low. I have an appointment with an endocrinologist Thursday at 10:00 am. I am on Levothryoxine 100 mcgs currently. Mona (16 replies)
... Just stay away from goitrogen foods. You can look up a list. Don't eat raw broccoli,cauilflower etc. These will lower the hormones more, you don't want that. ... (16 replies)
... Wow! You sound textbook hypothyroid. I can't believe your doc didn't test your frees but then most endos are dumb about this, never mind plain gp's! You have all the hypo symptoms (bad) and I hope when you see this endo he will be running the Free T-4, T-3 (free) and the thyroid antibodies tests for Hashi's. Tell him this is what you want and also that you've been reading the... (1 replies)

... Which foods to avoid? ... (26 replies)
May 30, 2007
... So, years into this, knowing what these food groups did to me, I could confidently say that these foods affect my thyroid, as these groups are KNOWN to affect thyroid. ... (10 replies)
Goitrogen feeling?
Feb 27, 2007
... gar or anything high in sugars or carbs I feel like crap 1 hour afterwards........tired, cranky, sleepy......... and the next day I will be tired so I do believe foods can have an effect on us.................. ... (3 replies)
Crazy results
Feb 9, 2007
... There are several foods that are known as goitrogens. ... (22 replies)
... Still trying to figure this out. Is Grave's after RAI really Grave's?? It's a hypo state with Grave's antibodies? Does one adhere to a hypo diet or hyper diet (goitrogen vs. non-goitrogen foods)?? (0 replies)
... the goitrogen foods, soy, flax, etc. ... (4 replies)
... ould be whether any of those grasses are goitrogens, which would slow their already sluggish thyroids down even more. However, I don't think a minimal amount of goitrogen foods hurts optimally treated people to a huge degree. ... (5 replies)
... Also certain goitrogen foods, like cauliflower and brocolli can also cause problems if consumed in large amounts raw, cooked is no problem. ... (1 replies)
... Pine nuts, Millet, Peanuts and soy have been know to cause goiters, therefore called goitrogen foods. Goitrogenic meaning interfering with iodine absorption. Many goitrogens are generally members of the brassica family. ... (2 replies)
... Flax oil, flaxseeds, and flax meal are not often mentioned on lists of goitrogen foods. ... (67 replies)
... Goitrogenic foods of all kinds are potent thyroid inhibitors. ... (2 replies)
... everything from my bread to different snacks has some type of soy listed in it which would make it near impossible to cut it out. Or are they just talking about foods that are loaded with it? ... (18 replies)
... Almond is creeping into a lot of foods these days, snack bars esp. It is possible you have more than one thing going on with the almonds. Might be best to sort it out. ... (6 replies)
... Hello all! As many of you know, my sister is training to become a naturopath. She recently shared some information that was very interesting about foods that inhibit thyroid hormone production and utilization. ... (7 replies)
... uts, watercress, and peanuts. Cooking partially inactivates the interfering chemical, known medically as a goitrogen. Thus, in most cases it is wise to eat these foods cooked. Raw peanuts or soybeans should never be eaten. Fortunately, peanut butter is heated to a high enough degree that the goitrogens are destroyed. ... (24 replies)
Mgkbrook, re: flax
Nov 11, 2007
... Many foods have goitrogenic properties when ingested in large amounts. ... (6 replies)
... The effect of goitrogenic foods varies individually. ... (4 replies)

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