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... My hashi's is suppressed with 1 grain of Naturethroid. The trick is to start out slow and with a small dose. Increase slowly over time and you will start to feel better. Going gluten free and taking vitamins and Selenium is a biggy. It brings those nasty antibodies down. I also just had all my silver amalgam fillings replaced with white composite fillings and that has TOTALLY... (6 replies)
... I have Hashimoto's for 8 yrs. I had all mercury removed over 5 yrs ago. Didn't change a thing. Was put on synthetic thryoid because Endo. ... (4 replies)
... You can tell your dentist you want your filling replaced, but if you try to address the issue of mercury aka silver filling being bad they will rebut that statement and tell you that studies don't show it or there is only a small amoun and it is sealed inside. ... (25 replies)

... I also have mercury fillings, lots of them too!! ... (25 replies)
... mercury issue interesting. I've only got one majory mercury filling, but i guess even one filling might add to the problems. ... (25 replies)
... I don't have silver fillings, but I have read a lot about Candida and Mercury and the link to autoimmune diseases too. ... (25 replies)
... underlying causes of thyroid and autoimmune diseases myself and it seems that most people who suffer from autoimmune diseases have a couple of things in common. Mercury and candida. It is likely that you have a higher amount of mercury in your body. Do you have silver fillings? ... (25 replies)
... I too have Hashimoto. My doctor told me to get my 8 mercury fillings out, which I have had for over 30 years. I went to a dentist he recommended. ... (3 replies)
... I have done some research and it appears that mercury fillings do have an effect on the thyroid. Once the filings are removed you have to do chelation therapy to remove the mercury toxins out of the body. ... (4 replies)
... I am of the opinion that mercury is never a good thing to have in one's body. And I do think it probably contributes to autoimmune problems in ways that aren't fully understood yet. ... (4 replies)
... WHAT? YOUR MD IS AN IDIOT! Sorry but Mercury Amalgum (sp) fillings do not cause Hashimoto's or there would be more people running about with it. Hashimoto's is a genetically dominant thyroid condition that is permanent. It does not go away. What you need is an MD that has something between his/her ears that doesn't rattle! You need proactive treatment and... (4 replies)
... and my doctor says that it is likely caused by mercury fillings...I have 7 fillings. He is recommending removing them and it will most likey clear it up. My thyroid antibody level is almost 3000! ... (4 replies)
... More important is to research the brand you intend to buy. You want it to be free of mercury and other contaminants. Some discount manufacturers are not cooperative about revealing their refining methods and contaminant content. Just do your homework. ... (12 replies)
... I also have Mercury poisining and i'm in the process of handling that, plus one test i had showed i might possibly have Lyme disease. ... (3 replies)
Young Hypos?
Apr 14, 2009
... and I am going to a chinese herbalist and accupunturist. If I turn out to be hypo, I prefer Armour to synthetics. I am also in the process of removing all mercury fillings in my mouth. ... (6 replies)
... I have done research on it. There are no FDA studies or medical journal publications referred by multiple medical institutions or MDs supporting Mercury Amalgam fillings cause Hashimoto's thyroiditis. ... (8 replies)
... and my doctor says that it is likely caused by mercury fillings...I have 7 fillings. He is recommending removing them and it will most likey clear it up. My thyroid antibody level is almost 3000! My TSH is around 5. ... (8 replies)
... Not all fish has iodine in it. Shrimp and Shellfish are the worst culprits. I would worry more about the levels of mercury in sea fish than iodine. I can not eat the iodine in those fish and shellfish that possess it. I am allergic to it. ... (8 replies)
... Hi KrPrince, I am concerned, with the continuing weight gain along with the depression, that it is possible your DD is not receiving adequate treatment for her hypothyroid. It is relatively common in America for doctors to undertreat hypothyroid. If you are fully confident she is being adequately treated, then of course disregard the suggestions below. Perhaps you are... (7 replies)
... I see the ND next Wednesday. My hubby and I have decided that the cut of the Cytomel yesterday is what brought the panic on. I've went from 50 mcg's last week to 12.5 this week and my body isn't happy. If I still feel cruddy today, I'll give them a call. I've gotta pay outta pocket, so I try not to run to them for every little thing. Choc: I've taken 2 Armour pills in... (16 replies)

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