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... I suffer from heat intolerance, hyperhidrosis, perceived or misperceived elevated ambient temperature, fatigue, hyper somnolence, urticaria, pruritis, irritability, and high cholesterol. I attributed all to symptoms of thyroid issues. (Urticaria is not a symptom but it is a known parallel autoimmunity often associated with Hashimoto's and Graves' disease.) I visited my... (1 replies)
... One thing I've heard wi Hashimoto's is you have to figure out what's causing it. You are intolerant to something and you gotta find what it is and remove it from your diet. With me it was gluten. Once I removed all the gluten from my diet I started feeling waaaay better. I also heard of someone who was intolerant to dairy. So you gotta do trial and error. It sounds hard, but... (3 replies)
... I agree with FinnMaid. Your T3 needs to be higher. You could have a problem converting T4 to T3. That's a common proble pm and the eaisiest way to try to fix that is to eat two Brazil nuts per day to get selenium. Low T3 can cause fatigue. Have you ever had your thyroid antibodies checked (TPOAB and TgAB). If not, I'd highly recommend it to see if you have Hashimoto's. ... (3 replies)

... Hi, Your levels seem to fluctuate a lot. Has your Endo checked you for hashimoto's? If not please have them do that. Hair loss can be a sign of hyper/hypo. The other symptoms definitely sound hypo. It's odd that you have had a TSH that was nearly a three and yet Endo did not treat which is not unusual. It's sad that once your are already diagnosed a good Doc would not... (1 replies)
... In patients who are suffering from Hashimotoís disease, antibodies react against proteins in the thyroid gland and go into attack, gradually killing thyroid cells. In the early stages of Hashimotoís disease, patients may experience few to no symptoms. But as thyroid cells are damaged during each autoimmune attack, those cells release their stored thyroid hormones. This causes... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone I am having all sorts of health issues. My main concern is the extreme muscle weakness and pain. I have had so many tests to rule out lupus, ms, myotstis etc. I take several vitamins like d3(I am deficient), b12, magnesium, k2, Brazil nuts for selenium. I was told I had Hashimoto's recently because my thyroid antibodies were slightly elevated. My main... (5 replies)
... I just got lab results back that show my thyroid antibodies at 29 (normal being less than 9). My doctor read me the results over the phone so I haven't seen it on paper yet to see the other normal ranges. She said my other labs are FT4 2.7; T3 33 and TSI less than 89. She says that these results are normal but the antibodies are high. Also my vitamin D is low at 17. She... (0 replies)
... Yes, please check your Vitamin D levels. My friend with Hashi's is always fighting to keep Vit D levels up. Also you may need to modify the T3 dosage. Do you have recent labs? You are NOT lazy, don't let other people dictate how YOU feel! Hang in there! (2 replies)
... Hello folks, Long time lurker here (mostly on the Fibro boards), but I need some help with thyroid lab results. Cliff notes history: Long time hyperthyroid (TSH less than 0.05!) with an idiot doctor who did nothing. Finally switched and found that I had toxic multinodular goiter (hot and cold nodules)and had RAI in 2011. Since then I've had increasing hypo symptoms but... (2 replies)
... At what point do I need to look for a new doctor? I've had classic Hashimoto's symptoms for years and finally my GP prescribed levothyroxine a year ago when my TSH came in at 12. He modified the dose several times but when I went for my May checkup and was still not well (slow metabolism, no energy,weight gain, digestion issues, hair falling out, cold feet, brittle nails,... (4 replies)
... Thanks FinnMaid and WonderCat. I do have hashimotos. I have been prescribed a higher dose of synthroid 0.112mg. I would love to try naturethroid but my endo doesn't seem to want to prescribe it. I too thought my Frees could be higher. My endo seemed happy when my TSH was around 3. I am going to tell her on my next appointment I want to aim for a lower TSH levels and raise my... (3 replies)
... Hello, I'm sorry for what you're going through. You're endo is correct in that Hashi's won't go away; however, you can put it into remission by finding the root cause. I've significantly reduced my TPO and Tg by eliminating sugar, processed food, gluten and all other grains, and a bunch of food I have intolerances to (found out via a blood test). If you can find your root... (3 replies)
... Hello :wave: If you could post your lab's reference ranges for those freeTs that would be great, they're needed for interpretation. That "NOS" obviously means "not otherwise specified" (whatever that means in practice). I think your thyroid levels are still within range (your TSH certainly is) but if your freeTs are on the low side that along with your obvious symptoms would... (9 replies)
... An elevated antibody is Hashimoto's. It's more common to see elevated TPO. I have both elevated TPO and Tg. However, if either are elevated it's a sign of Hashimoto's. Should you be worried? No. You've caught this early and that's very good. When I was first DXd my levels were much worse, but with the right med and diet, I'm very close to pulling it into remission. I'd... (4 replies)
... i was diagnosed with Hashimoto about 3 years ago. Mine was discovered when to doctor noticed my thyroid was swollen. My labs came back as hyper and high antibodies. ... (3 replies)
... I ended up in the ER with tachycardia and palpitations. My labs came back hypothyroid, elevated lymphocytes and low potassium. My follow-up appointment showed positive for antibodies. I was referred to an endo. They retested my tsh and free t4 which both returned to normal limits. I had a thyroid ultrasound which showed 5 nodules; one of them was 7mm and another was 11mm. The... (3 replies)
... I have Hashimoto's and it seems that everyday brings some other symptom. I had a very dark oval mark on my leg about 2 inches long and 1 1/2 inches across. It has been there for a few months. I thought I must have bumped into furniture and caused a black and blue and I never heal quickly so it's still there. Then two days ago I noticed a brown patch of skin similar in size... (0 replies)
... Hi everyone. I will apologize in advance if this is a long post. I have been experiencing some really frustrating symptoms and I am not sure my Drs are really taking it serious enough or at least have not explained enough to me. First, I am 34 yrs old and I have Hashimoto's. I am on 100mcg of Tirosint Monday - Sat and 200 mcg on Sunday. A blood test for Celiac has also come... (0 replies)
... Paragraphs please:) It's very hard to read your post. Iodine can aggravate Hashimoto's. It is not a cure for hypothyroidism. Your body is not producing an adequate amount of thyroid hormone for your own needs let alone your baby's. There is no time when adequate thyroid levels are more crucial than during pregnancy. Your baby's development and well being are at great... (2 replies)
... Hi guys, I would appreciate if those of you with Hashimoto's could please reply back to my post. I'm 23 years old, 5 months ago I got diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I was scared of having to go on meds for the rest of my life at such a young age so I opted for natural route. The homeopathic Dr. I went to see gave me iThroid iodine pills, and had me go on a 2 week liquid diet (I... (2 replies)

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