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... Your actual thyroid hormones, free T4 and total T3, are not excessive, which explains why you aren't having hyperthyroid symptoms. I would be leery of starting Tapazole based only on TSH (which your MD seems to be advising), because it will lower the thyroid hormones even more... Which you certainly don't need. I'm not experienced with Graves' personally, and I don't know... (1 replies)
... Gerard, Have you had a CBC and urine done? That would be helpful. I would still recommend you get tested for celiac disease (gluten problem) with endomysial and transglutaminase antibodies checked. They are not always + in gluten sensitivities, so sometimes a trial of gluten free diet for a month or so can be helpful, but be sure to get the antibody testing before going gluten... (11 replies)
... Hello everyone, I have just been diagnosed with Graves Disease and the doctor feels I should start Tapazole on the lowest dose and see her in a few weeks. I have a sinking feel she's wrong, though...and wonder if it could actually be Hashitoxicosis. I don't have any symptoms at all (apart from weight loss, but that has been gradual and I have been doing Weight Watchers... (1 replies)

... She is likely dealing with Hashimoto's, too. Free T4 levels are like shoe sizes; people have one "size" within the standard range that "fits". The majority of people need a free T4 level of between 50% and 75% of its range. Your daughter's level is not even 20%. It's in all likelihood too low to "fit" her, and it explains her multiple hypothyroid symptoms. If she... (1 replies)
... Have a family history of Hashimoto's disease (father, sister & aunt) - have been monitoring for the past few years. Have many of the symptoms, and requested tests to be run. My GP said that the numbers are all normal - but I have a hard time believing him (although he is a great doctor). Lab results: TSH Ultra: 1.376 (.550 - 4.780) Free T4: 1.02 (.89 -... (0 replies)
... Yes, based on high positive antibody results w TSH above 2, you definitely have Hashimoto's. You also have a very narrow-minded, strictly-within-the-box MD. You will probably have to ditch her if you want optimal treatment. All insurances work differently; but if you can't get a diagnosis nor a referral, I wouldn't be paying any MD for such non-service. She'd be my... (2 replies)
... Your symptoms don't sound so severe that waiting 2 months will hurt. (If you want to be seen sooner, and you can drop things and go on a few hours notice, ask if the endo's office keeps a cancellation list you can be put on.) Your free T4 would be a good level for many healthy people. It would be right in the center of the most typical range used in the major US labs. ... (1 replies)
... I am very new to this site and extremely grateful that I found it. I was diagnosed with inappropriate sinus tachycardia almost three years ago. I am taking 350 milligrams of metoprolol. My primary doctor ordered new labs since my cardiologist has not requested any in the last 2.5 years. My results are as follows: TSH - 0.01 Vitamin D - 26 Carbon Dioxide - 18 Free T4... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's back in June and started taking levothyroxine (75mcg). After 2 months my TSH had gone from 12 to 3.7. Just had it retested and don't know the number but the doctor's office called to adjust my meds. The instructions seem a bit strange to me and I wondered if this was common. I am supposed to keep the same prescription but take 2 tablets one... (1 replies)
... My results: TSH 0.8 uU/ml (0.5 - 3.0) Free T4 0.9 ng/dl (0.7 - 2.5) Free T3 1.6 pg/ml (2.5 - 6.5) Anti-TPO 20 IU/ml (0 - 150 (70-150 borderline) I've been reading that ANY detectable antibodies mean Hashimoto's but the lab reference ranges seem to indicate that Hashi's isn't a consideration unless the result is 70 or above. I'd... (1 replies)
... Thank you for the heads up.... (2 replies)
... Hello :wave: Your TgAb is high so this would indicate Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is the most common cause for hypoT. You didn't post reference ranges but your TSH is on the high side and your FreeTs probably on the low side so this would also be consistent with hypothyroidism. I think you've found a reason for your symptoms. (2 replies)
... Gerard, welcome. I think your suspicion of a possible autoimmune disease is the direction you should investigate more. There are several blood tests that might be helpful, that probably have not been done. I would recommend you see a rheumatologist and gather up all your previous lab results to look at, keep a copy for yourself and share a copy with the rheum you see. Your T3... (11 replies)
... I just wanted to update. We got in to a pediatric endocrinologist last week and she was diagnosed with Hashimoto's hypothyroidism. She started on levothyroxine and while she's not feeling much better yet, I'm thrilled that we have a piece of the puzzle. She is on a very tiny dose (50 micrograms) and she gets a blood draw in a month or so to see where she is at. This doctor... (6 replies)
Oct 8, 2014
... ticle that mentioned your thyroid controls the digestive system. I was tested for my thyroid but just the general tsh. As I was reading the article, it mentioned hashimoto disease and how it relates to your stomach. Should I get tested for it? ... (0 replies)
... Thanks for your reply. I do feel the same way about my doc at this point! I live in Ontario, Canada so I'll try and see another doc. My problem is that I live in a smaller community and it can be hard to find another doc that will take me. I was also wondering if anyone with Hashimotos has had success in changing their diet? I did some research and found that gluten free might... (2 replies)
... Hi All, I usually just read all the posts but decided it was time to jump in and write my own. I have been trying to figure out what is going on with me for the better part of 7 years. I have most of the symptoms described for Hashimotos and wondering if anyone can look at my lab tests and see if theirs started like mine. I've had my blood work done every year to... (2 replies)
Lab result help
Oct 3, 2014
... You are hypothyroid based on high TSH and below-range free T4. The positive peroxidase antibodies show the cause to be Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Your doctor should have prescribed replacement thyroid hormone for you. Did he/she? (10 replies)
... Sweeter0, You have scared me! May 2012 I what I believe was hyperactive thyroid. Symptoms: Blood pressure 150 to 160 over 90 to 100 and pulse 100 upon waking in morning. Heart palpations (PVCs) and of course anxiety. Prescribed metoprolol 25 mg (1/2 2 x per day) Labs were "inconclusive" for hyperthyroid but all the symptoms were there. My wonderful, now retired,... (4 replies)
... I would have your levels checked again, also check for thyroid antibodies.. Could have hashimoto thyroiditis. ... (1 replies)

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