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... You have good reason to feel frustrated. Having high thyroglobulin antibodies is an indication of Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune) in which the thyroid gland eventually gets destroyed by these antibodies. I believe you would benefit from replacement thyroid hormone, and would feel better, and lose weight. I would see an endocrinologist for this. It will only get worse with... (5 replies)
... Got my labs back today with this message from my doctor. Weíve had a high suspicion of Hashimotos due to symptoms and my previous heterogeneous goiter ultrasounds. My labs have always tested negative for thyroid antibodies, but Iíve had a positive ANA before. Just got his from my doctor: THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES 05/05/2018 (#42433148, Final) Note to Patient Sightly... (1 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I'm brand new here but have been reading thyroid forums all over the internet for some time. I have kind of an interesting 'Thyroid Journey' that I thought I'd share here - mainly because my treatment is the opposite of most cases I hear about. I was started on Cytomel (Liothyronine) to treat a clinically 'mild' case of Hypothyroid, vs starting on... (0 replies)

... I'm one of those patients who had "normal" thyroid levels, but ended up with Papillary thyroid cancer and when they did my TT, they discovered I had Hashimoto's...though the Endo swore that I didn't before the surgery. I've been dealing with Hypothyroidism since the birth of my DS in 2005. Didn't have the TT until 2011. I gained so much weight (up to 235lbs!) and had all the... (8 replies)
... In case you don't know, a person can have a too low thyroid level and still not have "Hashimoto's". Your doctor should know that. (8 replies)
... Lucylove, The "normal" range is definitely not normal for everyone. From experience, when my TSH was over 2.5 I was nearly in a coma, my skin was white, I had no energy, could not member names of things or safely drive any longer than 15 minutes, then had to nap in the car a little while before driving back home. Your body might need your T3 to level to be closer to the... (8 replies)
... You need anti TPO and anti TG. These are both antibodies that attack thyroid tissue in Hashimoto disease, autoimmune thyroid disease. It is characterized by enlargement of the gland and nodules. Over time they destroy the gland and cause hypothyroidism. ... (1 replies)
... Hello All, I have been dealing with thyroid issues for years, but haven't ever been on a message board. However, I finally got a doctor here in Australia to listen and put me back on T3 in conjunction with my T4 therapy. I've felt like I was losing my mind and started doing some research, which led me to this forum. Background: Started experiencing hypo symptoms after... (1 replies)
... What thyroid tests measured .03? There are several, and I suspect that was a TSH measurement, indicating hyperthyroidism, too much thyroid. That is important to distinguish. You need to have anti-thyroid antibodies checked for Hashimoto's disease, an autoimmune disorder that initially may cause an excess thyroid production but eventually causes low thyroid hormone levels,... (4 replies)
... A week ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis with a TSH of 128. This seems really high. My T4 Free was 0.33 and my thyroid peroxidase antibody was 3,013 (also seems really high). Does anyone else have experience with numbers this high? If so, what was your starting dose and how often did they raise it to get to your final dose? Also, my gallbladder has not been... (0 replies)
... I have been happily taking Amour for years with great results. After being diagnosed with Hashimotoís, I worked for a year or two on dosages of synthetic meds and then started on Amour and bingo. I felt normal again. My story began with a sore neck which led to a doc saying I had a goiter and eventually being diagnosed by an Endo. I was also feeling like crap then. SO, I now... (0 replies)
... Hello Everyone, I've been thinking about joining some forums for a while to get some feedback from people. I have a rather interesting scenario, and I'm wondering if anyone can relate/have any insights. Here's my story in a nutshell: When i was nineteen I had low thyroid hormones, about 0.03. a week after my initial test was taken, an endocrinologist tested me... (4 replies)
... To be more direct, Lucylove, you need a doctor that understands that while your test results are in a 'range', your thyroid level is not in a healthy range for you. The 'range' doesn't indicate whether YOU have low thyroid symptoms. Only you know if you have low thyroid symptoms; a good thyroid doctor listens and would be giving you trial thyroid to see if the hypo... (8 replies)
... Oh, I realized that if I hover over the result, it gives me the range. Duh :) Here are the results with the ranges! TSH 3.62 (normal 0.35 to 5.50, so it's more within the range of normal than I thought) Free T4 0.98 (normal 0.70 to 1.70) T3 total 84 (normal 60 to 181) TPO Antibodies 322 (normal 0-60) (8 replies)
... Thanks, Yaya. I called the Sharp lab I used, and the lab tech said she didn't know the ranges. She said I'd have to ask the doctor. However, my TPO shouldn't be that high...aren't most ranges normal under about 10? Mine are at 322. My doc thinks they are high because I have a weird mystery virus right now that's causing muscle pain and inflammation, and a lot of my results... (8 replies)
... Have you done the basal temperature test at least two days in a row; and again two weeks later? You do it at home. But, it's done a specific way. Not the same way as tracking fertility. Thyroid was frustrating for me, too.:mad: Good luck. (8 replies)
... Dear Lucylove, I'm sorry you got that kind of (non) treatment! There is no reason not to get other professional opinions. It's easier these days to find open-minded doctors that are willing to give thyroid med a try. First, you need to know the lab's range for 'normal' to 'abnormal'. Did you get a copy of the lab ranges? If so you may want to post that. Every lab has its... (8 replies)
... Hi guys, My doctor doesn't think my thyroid results are a problem. I don't know, what do you guys think? My thyroid results are in the range of normal, but extreme in that range. And my antibodies are high. TSH 3.80 Free T4 0.98 Total T3 (she wouldn't do Free T3) 84 TPO AB 322 I've had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism for years...these tests suggest there could... (8 replies)
... If the TSH is too low for your body, that does need to be dealt with. I find that many endos do not understand or deal with thyroid properly. I suggest that you find a new endo, or regular physician that treats thyroid by checking at pharmacies to get doctor names that prescribe natural thyroid. That way you find the doctors that understand that TSH by itself is not the... (1 replies)
... I'm trying to find out if anyone has had the experience or even has found research linking the two? Four years ago I was electrically cardioverted and my endo didn't change any of my doses or even informed me of any possible links. Just two days ago I had to be cardioverted again. The cardiologist said my TSH was too low (less than 1). I tried to inform him my last endo... (1 replies)

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