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... Your story is very familiar to many hypothyroid patients, including me. I was told I had anxiety and depression and was put on anti-depressants on and off for 20 years until I was properly diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. Your doctor probably prescribed Synthroid, as that's the meds that is most commonly prescribed. What's next is that after about 6 weeks your... (3 replies)
... Okay, good. I haven't changed my mind. Your FT4 is only 30% of its range. Most people will feel at least a few symptoms once their FT4 falls below lab median (1.0 on your lab's scale). Insist on tests for titers of TPO and Tg antibodies. If either one is positive, it would show the reason for your gland enlargement and low FT4... An autoimmune disease known as... (7 replies)
... You should get a good thyroid book...Thyroid for Dummies or something like that would help. Based on what I have read, your tsh of 6 is hardly borderline. And, with your mother having hashimoto's it would appear that you may have that as well and it is the cause of your high tsh. Hashimoto's is an autoimmune disease with a genetic component so you will see hashimoto's... (3 replies)

... Went to my regular doctor today (had to see for an endo referral) and asked what the treatment would be for Hashimoto's. The answer I got was nothing, as my thyroid levels are fine except that one. There wouldn't be any point in treating hypothyroidism because I don't have it. Once those levels go wonky, THEN I would be started on something. Basically, just monitor and do... (7 replies)
... :) I was seen in the ER about a month ago because I was having skip beats (something I've had for 18 years) after doing some routine blood work they told me my thyroid numbers were a little high. I believe my TSH was around 6.5. My T4 was within normal range and I was never talked to about my T3 (so im assuming it was normal also) Anyways after going home and reading up on... (3 replies)
... Hope that book gives some insight. BTW, even though I don't test positive for celiac, but boy do I react to wheat and gluten and lactose. Belly swells every time and I have avoided it enough that when I do eat it I react so have been told by allergist that is the way to see if one is allergic to something. Don't do it for a while then do it and see what happens. That book... (3 replies)
... I'm sorry none of those tests are thyroid tests. You need to find out what your TSH and FT4 (direct, not calculated) were, FT3 too if possible, with their reference ranges. The most common cause for hypoT is Hashimoto's thyroiditis which is an autoimmune disease that aims to destroy your thyroid. One may do just fine with a certain (lowish) dose for a good period of time to... (9 replies)
... Hello :wave: With these thyroid levels and relatively little symptoms one could say you don't necessarily need thyroid supplementation but since you're already being treated for high blood pressure and cholesterol, have hair loss but no weight loss maybe the root of these problems is actually hypothyroidism and they would resolve with proper thyroid treatment :confused: TPOAb... (7 replies)
... Hello :wave: Your TSH looks great but your FT4 is a bit on the low side (and your FT3 is also below midrange) so it's possible to have hypothyroid symptoms with these levels already. Maybe you should ask to have thyroid antibodies (TPO and/or Tg Ab) checked too, thyroid issues are usually caused by autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) and thyroid Abs are a marker of it. (3 replies)
... I have been on levothyroxine 100 mcg for 6+ months after having my TSH come back high and my "thyroxine, serum, free" come back normal. I noticed some relief of some symptoms but overall thought that something else must still be wrong with me. I recently went to a rheumatologist (given my family history, it seemed the best place to start) and have just started receiving test... (1 replies)
... Hi, I've was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 3 years ago and have been taking around 150mcg of levo since. I felt okay for a while but a year ago I started feeling ill again. Done loads of research and read all about gluten free, supplements, lifestyle etc to put Hashimoto's into remission. So, I went gluten free for about 2 months and later started having palpitations. Went to... (4 replies)
... As far as I know anxiety is usually associated with hyperthyroidism and Hashimoto's can cause hyperthyroidism. Have you had your thyroid checked since these symptoms started? If your thyroid isn't the cause you may want to consult a neurologist. (3 replies)
... Was just wondering about a tremor trembling type feeling I have a lot. I seem to be anxious about something all the time. With the holidays coming up I feel overwhelmed and almost wish I didn't have to entertain and cook like I used to. Am 57 and was definitively diagnosed about 3 yrs ago with hashimoto's. Have been treated for hypo for 20 yrs but never knew anything about... (3 replies)
... I'm no expert but it seems to me you are experiencing post partum thyroiditis which can develop months after giving birth. It is similar to hashimoto's which may actually be the cause of yours as I understand it. Antibodies set up the attack on your thyroid. The pain probably has more to do with that attack than the med change. In PPT thyroid labs may initially show... (5 replies)
... t (3 replies)
... JMHO, but if you have no thyroid left to attack then this seems more likely a case of overmedication with thyroid replacement meds than related to Hashimoto's. If you are still feeling worse than when last seen by your GP and especially if the palpitations continue, i wouldn't hesitate to call him/her ASAP. They may want to reevaluate you, hold off on restarting your... (3 replies)
... (5 replies)
... I think your symptoms could be from something else, since they are more suggestive of hyperthyroidism, and your labs are clearly not hyperthyroid. Many of your symptoms could be related to an autoimmune disorder, and I would ask on Monday to have some screening tests done for lupus. That should include a CBC, urine, and ANA, with sed rate and CRP for inflammation. I would also... (5 replies)
... All those test you mentioned came back negative the anti smith and etc. Thanks for being here and offering help. one just mentioned possibly hashimotos developing but he says he doubt it. I had my old Dr retest all these labs Twp days ago. Expecting results today will keep you posted. (22 replies)
... I'm glad you at least have us on the boards here for support. The ANA of 1:320 (typo? on your list) is significantly elevated, not just borderline. I can't imagine why your 4 rheums have ignored this in view of all your symptoms. You need anti-dsDNA and anti-Smith antibodies done too, as well as anti-phospholipid antibodies to get this nailed down. I don't think you have... (22 replies)

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