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... I am hoping someone can answer my questions about my experience with Synthroid. About 3.5 years ago, my PCP diagnosed me with hypothyroidism after a TSH level that was slightly elevated. It didn't make sense to me, because I had some symptoms of hyperthyroidism, not hypothyroidism, but I went along with it, not realizing how complex treating endocrine problems is. After I... (1 replies)
... Hi, guys. I'm a 28-year-old male who was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in January. I have a question about my hair-loss pattern: can hypothyroidism mimic male-pattern baldness? The outer third AND inner third of my eyebrows have significantly thinned, though it's most noticeable on the outside. What concerns me more, however, is the way I'm losing my hair. There is... (0 replies)
... My wife has hashimoto thyroid and has been on the thyroid medicine for a couple of years. She is so frustrated with trying to lose weight. Nothing seems to work. ... (2 replies)

Fluctuating TSH?
Aug 15, 2016
... Your fluctuating numbers, with or without thyroid medication, are not remarkable. Our thyroids are not like a machine set at one speed--levels will fluctuate with food eaten (some foods block thyroid hormone), sickness-stress, time of day etc. Having hashimoto's throws another factor in there causing a great deal of fluctuation- in the disease process anti-thyroid... (1 replies)
Fluctuating TSH?
Aug 14, 2016
... I'd appreciate any insight you can give. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in January but have been having TSH tests done since late 2014. The numbers have jumped around quite a bit. In chronological order: 2.74, 3.297, 3.35, 1.8, 3.06, 4.486, 2.18 The last three were all pulled this year. Can anyone shed some light on why those numbers are moving like that? Is... (1 replies)
Lab results
Aug 14, 2016
... Any TSH over 2.5 needs to be further examined, and with your T4 on the low end of normal it wouldn't be surprising if you had a hypothyroid issue. Plus, a TPO of 16 can indicate Hashimoto's disease even if the range goes to 34; the Mayo Clinic recommends a diagnosis whenever anything above 9 is present. You might want to make sure future tests are run through a Quest lab.... (4 replies)
... Your TSH and T4 look well within normal range, even if a TPO of 17 can indicate the presence of antibodies depending on the assay used. You might want to have them run the tests a couple of times just to make sure they didn't catch you on a weird day (especially given that in patients with Hashimoto's TSH can fluctuate a lot), but if these numbers remain consistent then it... (3 replies)
... I would insist that the new doctor do a COMPLETE thyroid test, not just the basic TSH, which really only gives vague information. It might be that your wife isn't getting sufficient medication, but it also might be that she isn't getting the right KIND of medication. If she's only on a T4-only thyroid drug, she might benefit from the addition of the thyroid hormone T3 to... (2 replies)
... Hi, Beach. I think her best course is what she's doing, reviewing with another specialist. Plus I really don't know (I have lupus but no thyroid issues) whether thyroid patients "necessarily" lose the weight they've put on prior to dx. (My sister didn't, but that's hardly proof of anything.) Or whether there might be other factors in play, like vitamin deficiencies, etc. Also,... (2 replies)
... Hi thank you for your reply and information. Yes I should get my tablets today so I will then increase up to 100mg. It is very interesting about the TSH levels too as even in the past when the doctor's have said that my levels are Ok, I have felt very tired. I will definitely speak to my doctor about it and look into Hashimoto's as I think this is probably the cause of my... (5 replies)
Lab results
Aug 8, 2016
... There are two kinds of test that include the word "thyroglobulin". The anti-thyroglobulin test is a measure of antibodies, one of the two antibodies responsible for Hashimoto's thyroiditis. (Anti-thyroperoxidase is the other.) This is the one you had. Thyroglobulin is a protein that carries thyroid hormone throughout the bloodstream. The test that measures it is only... (4 replies)
... Well, your antibodies are elevated, which does suggest autoimmune thyroid disease, i.e. Hashimoto's. However, the treatment is the same either way; there is no special Hashi treatment. Have you been taking an increased dose of levo? You are obviously under-medicated. Your TSH should be somewhere in the vicinity of 05. to 1.5 -- that's where most people feel their best... (5 replies)
... Hi thank you very much for your responses. :-) I just got my blood levels today from the receptionist. It says my Anti TPO is 284iu/ml. My TSH is 7.09 and my free T4 is 15.9. My haemoglobin is also slightly high, it is 32.5. My doctor didn't mention anything about Hashimoto's disease, should I go back and tell him I think this is the case. Is there any special treatment for... (5 replies)
... Yes, like me, you have Hashimoto's. It is an auto immune version of hypothyroidism. I take my Synthroid and have been feeling well for many years. Personally I think you should see both an ENT, and an endocrinologist. I wonder if you have reflux and an ENT can confirm that. I agree with your doctor that your thyroid meds should be raised, also. (5 replies)
... Hi, I had my blood test results back last week and have a high TSH, 7.09 and have TPO antibodies in my blood. Does that mean I have Hashimoto's disease? I have had a sore ulcerated throat for 7 months, achy joints and fatigue and the doctors don't know what is wrong. My doctor suggested I raise my Thyroxine from 75mg to 100mg, but on doing research my blood levels suggest I... (5 replies)
... My main advice would be to stay VERY calm. Be business like. Don't get emotional. Don't give the doctor an excuse to jump to the conclusion that you have an anxiety condition and prescribe an anti-depressant. This is a common fate of many thyroid patients. Write down your list of symptoms so you don't forget anything, and present them to the doctor one at a time. Say... (11 replies)
... I'm certainly no expert, but the presence of antibodies does strongly suggest Hashimoto's -- which, incidentally, can cause confusion for years because with Hashi's your TSH can fluctuate up and down and can therefore sometimes be in the normal range. If it happens to be normal when you get tested, doctors can sometimes think you're fine and send you on your way without a... (7 replies)
... I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. The doctor who took you off the medication seems to have been one of those doctors who hasn't been fully educated on thyroid issues, which can be complex. The symptoms you describe are classic hypo symptoms. Unfortunately, many doctors treat on the basis of TSH, which doesn't tell the whole story.The fact that your TSH... (3 replies)
... Please help me. Google has me thinking I have thyoid cancer. I can't stop thinking about this. I've been having menstrual issues and unexplained hives for almost a year. I did find out the hives may be due to undiagnosed food allergies. Anyways, I had blood work and they were as follows: Thyroglobulin Antibody was 34, reference range 1 to 20. Thyroid Peroxidase... (2 replies)
Advice on FNA ...
Jul 15, 2016
... Hello everyone, I want thank you all for being so knowledgeable, supportive and helpful. I'm a 37 year old mom, diagnosed with Hashi's six months post partum at the age of 34. Was put on levothyroxine, suffered through that (anxiety/ no appetite/ insomnia, etc.) for about a year. Finally talked to my PCP who agreed to let me try Armour. What a world of difference. Any... (0 replies)

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