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Heart flutters....
Sep 19, 2007
... hi everyone, i am in the process of waiting on some lab work done. i go in on october 1st to hopefully get an increase in dose. we'll see what the doctor says. but i was wondering if anyone ever feels constant heart flutters (almost like my heart is taking an extra beat in between a beat) especially after eating. i don't eat very healthy. i'm asian so most of my meals... (5 replies)
... I've been on synthroid for about a year now and I have days where my heart flutters off and on all day. ... (3 replies)
... Does anyone get heart flutters when your thyroid hormones are dropping? ... (3 replies)

... My heart flutters ease up when I am getting close to the dose for me. When they are gone, I know not to increase anymore. It is best to dose slowly to let your adrenals catch up. ... (5 replies)
... I've been on 50 mcgs of synthroid for about 5 weeks and have noticed significant heart flutters especially right after I lay down or sit down. Is this something that will pass? ... (5 replies)
... Yeah that's what I was thinking. It can affect the heart if you are hypo too long. I have been hypo since July of this year. Right now my levels are getting better. ... (2 replies)
... I took RAI and became hypo and quit taking PTU. Ever since then I have had heart flutters. My levels have been going up. It just feels a little weird. ... (2 replies)
... I know all too well about those muscle spasms. I had one so bad last year that it sent me to the ER. I thought it was a heart attack! I still have problems with neck and shoulder pains. They come out of nowhere and then disappear for awhile. I get heart flutters too! ... (15 replies)
... I know what you mean. They say"oh it can be from stress". I don't get heart flutters from stress. ... (15 replies)
... I'm also hypo and have pains in my left hip. I didn't start getting heart flutters until I started levothyrozine. My endo insist it has nothing to do with my thyroid, or any of my other symptoms. I wish those docs would read these boards. ... (15 replies)
... The heart flutters are not as bad as they were. ... (15 replies)
... Hey lady: Heart flutters? What med are you on? What time of day are you taking it? I can only take a guess here. If you are hypo-t there is a chance you are getting muscle spasms in your back, which effect the nerves that run down your arms and legs. Often times a person will get this on one side or the other, not both making them think that the one leg or one arm... (15 replies)
... I hadn't had heart flutters for awhile but now they have come back again. Actually they start when I am very tired at the end of the day. ... (15 replies)
... I took hrt for years and had all kinds of issues with digestion , heart and breast. ... (29 replies)
... ng some cheleted magnesium glycinate that is making a world of difference in how i feel. I also have mitral valve prolaspe and the magnesium has really helped my heart flutters and palps. ... (29 replies)
Heart flutters....
Sep 19, 2007
... Have your ferritin and magnesium tested. Either of these can cause heart palpitations. ... (5 replies)
Heart flutters....
Sep 19, 2007
... Those can both be triggers for heart palps. ... (5 replies)
... As an old pro with heart palpitations, right now I think it's stress, because synthroid has a pretty long half life, and missing a couple days wouldn't affect things too much right now. ... (3 replies)
... to be feeling effects of not having synthroid only after two days. There was yet ANOTHER mix up with our mail order pharmacy so I ran out of my 88 Synthroid. My heart started to flutter last night after dinner and has continued this morning. Lack of synthroid or something else? ... (3 replies)
... Maybe you should increase your thyroid medication. I go by how I feel and then do labs. You might also look at MVP about 25% of thyroid people have mitral valve prolapse. What are the symptoms of mitral valve prolapse condition? Instability of the autonomic nervous system can cause or influence a dizzying variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms and conditions, affecting... (3 replies)

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