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... Hi I was newly diagnosed with hypothroid and was put on 25mcg. of levothroixine. I've been on this for 2 weeks. I feel alot better. I have 3 refills. ... (8 replies)
Aug 4, 2017
... I was put on levothyroxine because my doctor said i was low. Studied the blood work, took it to my pharmacist, we looked at it. The test said I was border line, they don"t normally put people on medication, but the doctor said i needed it & i should take it. I never really had any symptoms to start. I want to go off of this for awhile to see if it makes a differance, because... (0 replies)
... If using a reference range of 0.7-2.0 on free T4, your level is at bottom of range and I think it could be causing your symptoms. Free T3 would be helpful to have as well as anti-thyroid antibodies, which if positive, will predict a further decline in thyroid function in future. Who handed your results to you? It seems a discussion with your physician about your results would... (2 replies)

... :wave: Your TSH looks great but with typical US ranges for FT4 your level would be low so IMHO it could be low enough to be causing your symptoms. Bottom of the range is very seldom sufficient. (2 replies)
... My doctor has not been very helpful. I've gained 25+lbs in the past 5 months with no cause. I am in the fitness industry, work out 3-5 times/week, and eat fairly well. There has no been no increase in my food in take, although I have cut out energy drinks and all fast food the past 6 months. This leaves me confused. I have been very fatigues, constipated, bloated, and... (2 replies)
... are hypothroid issues, this may be an option for you to consider. ... (9 replies)
Jun 15, 2013
... ever been checked for this. I also have several skin tags that haven been with me for as long as I can remember, at least ten years. I read that hypoglycemia and hypothroid are related and that hives can be an indicator of autoimmune issues. ... (1 replies)
... thanks. I will do that - have doctor appt. scheduled. (2 replies)
... The hair loss could be from your thyroid dose being a little too high when TSH was 0.47. One common cause of thyroid problems is Hashimoto's thyroiditis, an autoimmune disorder that destroys the gland by antibodies. If you've never had those checked, I would ask for that, and at same time get test for Sjogren's syndrome, another autoimmune problem that causes very dry mouth.... (2 replies)
... About 6 weeks ago I developed a dry tongue. Some days and times are worse than others. Seems like if I eat chocolate or sweets it's worse, but not always. I always drink lots of water. In January, my doctor tested my TSH levels because it was time to renew my prescription. Test results showed .47. I was shocked! Normally my TSH is around 2.40. My doctor told me to cut my... (2 replies)
Help Me Please
Apr 1, 2013
... I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease 4 1/2 years ago. I follow a very strict gluten free diet. I never cheat. For the last 6 months I have been feeling very fatigued, losing hair, having sleep problems, cannot lose weight even though I eat healthy and exercise. Now I am having trouble with constipation and dry skin. My DR ordered thyroid tests. My TSH is 2.97, free T4 is 1.07... (1 replies)
... l,she wouldn't adjust the dose unless I was having heart palpitations. She said if anything she should reduce the dose since tsh is low. I look at the lists of hypothroid symptoms and I have them all and they got worse instead of better when the dose was changed. I was wondering if Armour would make me feel better. ... (1 replies)
... OK, your doctor is saying your labs are normal because they are within the reference ranges. That is a pile of crap. He should compare to normal peoples values. Below, I compare to median values for normal males under 60 years of age. Your TSH is 2.23, compared to median of 1.2 to 1.4. Indicates hypothroid. Your FT4 is 1.43, compared to median of 1.1 to 1.36. Indicates... (4 replies)
... that tsh is very high, her body is calling for more hormone, her free t3 and free t4 should be above mid range to feel better. Her symptoms are typical hypothroid symptoms at this point. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks to this board, I am finally beginning to take charge of my thyroid education. I was diagnosed 10 years ago as hypothroid & have felt fine on 125 mcg of levothyroxine. Over the years, the dr.s have tried lowering my dose only to find that I crash pretty quickly. I have been on 112 mcg for about a month now & feeling hypo, but not as bad as in the past. My current dr.... (1 replies)
... I actually am having trouble with circle type rashes right now on my back and on my arms...I also have hypothroid...I am still undianosed on the rash too...I have tried creams...but made it worse...I am waiting to see the dermotologist right now...but I too feel sick...I do know though when you are getting to much thyroid hormone you may experience rashes...have you had your... (2 replies)
... Hi Sierra, Hashi's is a bummer. I was just diagnosed three weeks ago after feeling like total doo doo for over a year. My TSH was only 3.9 and my antibodies were 439. My Free T3 & T4 were in range, but on the very low end. My regular doctor did nothing for me so I found a naturopath. I am taking a supplement called Thytrophin with a slew of vitamins. I was given Nature Throid... (4 replies)
... Thank YOU:) I guess I would just like to have a concrete diagnosis, and a baseline to see how things may change over time with lifestyle/medication modification. But, true, my actions will be the same. (2 replies)
... Since your funds are limited, you don't actually have to bother with a TPO test. You already know you're hypothyroid, have been prescribed med for it. Autoimmunity is the leading cause of hypothyroidism. You can assume that's why you have it. My own holistic MD doesn't even test for antibodies, because to him, it's a moot point. Having Abs doesn't change the treatment in... (2 replies)
... Hi All, So, I recenty got my labs back after many years of confusion over my abnormally low energy levels. The doctor I saw on Fri (not experienced with thyroid), prescriped Levothyroxin and would like to get me an MRI? Ya, I know that's crazy. I have had the following labs done by my student health clinic, but do not have health insurance: T4: 5.2 mcg/dL (4.5-12.0) Total... (2 replies)

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