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... with how my thyroid gland is functioning, but why do I feel like hell all of the time? ... (0 replies)
... cer or something and I was so afraid to hear my blood test results. Today I called for them and my doctor said everything was within normal levels except that my thyroid levels were significantly elevated. Now he is referring me to an endocrinologist. After reading the symptoms of hyperthyroidism I find that its hit or miss. ... (2 replies)
... Symptoms of high or low thyroid are not always the same for each person. My hyper sX were nowhere near as severe as yours... although I hasten to add... ... (10 replies)

... misswells... The kind of tenderness you're describing and difficulty swallowing is very common in thyroid disease. Your gland is being assaulted by antibodies, so it's common for it to be sore, inflamed, and swollen. ... (3 replies)
... Don't probably IS your thyroid gland. Oh, and funny midwest1 said that about antibodies, as later on, I thought the very same thing..that antibodies were just messin' with my thyroid gland.... ... (5 replies)
... You're not crazy. I have periods of severe neck itching, on the area overlying my thyroid gland. It started a full 2 years before I ever suspected a thyroid problem, and it continues to this day. My MD never had anyone report this to him before, but he's a wonderful MD who doesn't doubt it's for real. ... (5 replies)
... Hyperthyroidism - Overactive thyroid condition Anemia Anorexia Anxiety Breathing Difficulties (shortness of breath) Constipation Depression Diarrhea Dyslexia (difficulty with reading, calculating, thinking) (8 replies)
... things just didn't bounce back. It seems more problems keep popping up. The itchy skin is new except my back has always itched. I jokingly call it itchy back syndrom. But I'm itching in spots I didn't know could itch.I may have to put those mittens over my hands like you do babies.Oven mitts might work. ... (10 replies)
Thyroid itchy neck
Jan 14, 2014
... Even though you don't want to see the doctor, you might need to. If your gland feels larger and hurts, that might mean you need that dose increase he gave you. ... (4 replies)
Thyroid itchy neck
Jan 13, 2014
... ng when you were taking your previous dose, it's unlikely that the higher dose would cause it to begin. More likely, it's being caused by an antibody flareup or gland inflammation. ... (4 replies)
... depression, unexplained weight gain, exhaustion, brittle nails and hair, cold, muscle aches etc. After visiting my regular doctor in January for horrible itchy skin I was sent to the allergy specialist and we tried fixing my skin issues for months. ... (2 replies)
... I have been reading posts here and started doing some more reseach on the adrenal gland and it fits many syptoms I have..I'm gonna just list everthing i can think of maybe somebody can help me and I can feel normal again.. ... (0 replies)
... I've had that!!! You're right... You don't see reports of it very often. Yours might be the first I've seen other than my own. My doctor is a homeopathic MD, so he isn't the kind who dismisses odd symptoms without a second thought like your average allopath. When I told him about this itch that would NOT be satisfied... a maddening itch deeper than skin deep that never... (2 replies)
... The last time my Thyroid was checked was back in march and I was still on the bc pill. ... (5 replies)
... History of left thyroid nodule. Comparison ultrasound exam February 11. ... (7 replies)
... Well, after 17 years of disabling symptoms, and 15 years of being told there was "nothing wrong with" my thyroid, tomorrow, August 21st, I am having my "normal" thyroid gland removed. ... (19 replies)
... Hyperthyroidism is an overactive thyroid, meaning the thyroid gland produces too much hormone. ... (21 replies)
... d harder. In that year, a rash developed on my shins. It started out as a quarter size circle and then developed into more and more circles that were extremely itchy and flaky. Then it spread to my elbows. I went to a dermatologist who diagnosed it as psoriasis. ... (5 replies)
... Hi, In Feb. of this year I was DX'd with hashi's (TPO of 511) and a TSH at 5.9, FT4 at .9 (2 nodules). My doc started me on .50 mcg of Levoxyl. Prior to the Levoxyl, I had all the symptoms listed above. They were starting to become pretty extreme at the time of diagnosis (especially FATIGUE/EXHAUSTION). I can say for a fact that levoxyl alleviated a lot of the symptoms, so... (13 replies)
Newly diagnosed
Jan 29, 2005
... my skin doesn't seem to be that much dryer than normal but I get these moments when my whole body seems to be so incredibly itchy I can't stand it. And my excema has been a lot worse as well. ... (16 replies)

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