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... i have been taking levothyroxine at .05 mg for the past month since I was Dx with hashi's hypothyroidism. I have noticed no results and continue to gain weight. ... (9 replies)
... I started taking Levothyroxine about a week ago and have experienced a bit of weight gain. ... (10 replies)
... At a dose of 25 to 50 mcgs, you may have no spontaneous improvement depending on HOW hypothyroid you were to begin with. If you were OVERTLY hypoT and the MD is working you up from 25 mcgs to say a needed 125 mcg well the 25 mcgs and even 50 mcgs is like trying to fill your tub by transferring water with a straw from the sink. ... (10 replies)

... how long does it take for levothyroxine to start working after taking it from 25mc to 50mc (10 replies)
... get to feel much better than I did for many, many years. I hope so and I hope that for you, too. If my doctor says we're done and I find that isn't true, I'll start talking to him about that. ... (9 replies)
... When I first started on synthroid years ago, it took a couple of weeks to start feeling better. It can really differ for everyone how long it takes to start feeling better. ... (9 replies)
... I LOVE THIS SITE! Your answer was more than just a time. It went into great detail. I am new at hypo(only been on levothyroxine for 5 days now). I thought i was starting to fel better but from time to time i get hit with some syptoms. Good to know it takes that long so I dont give up hope to easy. Its amazing to go through all the threads and no matter how many times the... (9 replies)
... do. This can take a long time to regulate. You may or may not need your dosage increased. If you do, there's another four to six week wait to see if the meds are working for you. ... (9 replies)
... I discountinued Levo immediately due to severe hair loss from the medicine. I was on the lowest dose, 25. How long does it usually take for thyroid to start working again and for TSH to return to the pre-RX level? (24 replies)
... Did you slowly taper to give your thyroid time to start producing its own hormones? ... (24 replies)
... Having been put on levothyroxine by my GP about 4 months ago, my endocrinologist has now told me to stop taking it immediately, and I'm waiting for full blood chemistry results from him. ... (10 replies)
... You may start to feel better in a few days, but your bloodwork may not show the desired effect for 4-6 weeks. (10 replies)
... I have been on levothyroxine for 3 years now. I started off on 25, then a couple of months later i moved up to 50, i am now on 175mg a day. ... (10 replies)
... I just started .100 mcg's Levothyroxine 3 days ago. I'll be watchig this thread as I wondered the same thing myself! Thanks for asking for me. I've read it can take a few weeks. ... (10 replies)
... It's getting to the point that it should start helping some. If it doesn't make sure to let the MD know when you see her that you felt better on Synthroid. ... (3 replies)
... The folks who aren't responding to T4 drugs or are taking a very long time to respond might want to lobby their doctors for a change in meds or for some additional T3 meds such as Cytomel. I really don't understand why doctors think it OK to let people suffer for months while they figure out the correct doses. I would think after 4-6 weeks on Synthroid with little change... (9 replies)
... HI everyone, nice group of people posting in here :) I am recently on cortef. Was on prednisone for 10 years, I just switched over 2 months ago. My thryroid has been hypo in the past. I am very convinced dispite the TSH test results (0.52), that I am once again hypo. The TSH test has never worked for me as the results do not show how the T4 and T3 are doing and... (9 replies)
... feel horrible. I know its because I have no thyroid and am feeling the effects of Hypothyroidism. So here is my question. How long does it take for the meds to start working. I am 5' 8" and the morning of my surgery weighed I weigh 155 and have swollen fingers, swollen face, tired all the time. My doc has me on . ... (2 replies)
... Thank you so much for your replies. I go in a couple of weeks to get my blood tested. Maybe they will increase my dosage. (9 replies)
... I can tell you I started to feel a difference about a month into it. Whenever my doc changes my dose he won't check my blood for at least 2 months. In his opinion it takes that long to see and notice the change. I don't know if you are seeing an Endocrinologist or not but I am a firm believer of specialists. I started my thyroid issues with a GP and boy did he screw me up.... (9 replies)

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