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Bad Levoxyl?
Jun 11, 2013
... Dr. just called in Tirosint for me after we did blood test last week and they were similar to the labs I had in the "good" levoxyl days. I plan to pick the Tirosint up this week but may give Synthroid a couple more weeks to see if I positively adjust even more. ... (20 replies)
... etc. but then after a year i started getting really hot, sweaty, irritable when i would take my meds. the DR changed it to Levoxyl and upped the dose to 100 mcg. ... (2 replies)
... I got a little acne in the beginning (like 2 or 3 blemishes) but I stopped breastfeeding the same month I started synthroid and that may have been the cause- I had the occasional blemish before I got pregnant and haven't had one since I stopped breastfeeding, so a total of 3 years. Occasionally, some people become a bit more hypothyroid on the starting dose of medication. I... (12 replies)

... I haven't been diagnosed with Hashis yet...just have a "high normal" TSH level. I am very happy to have found a doc who treats symptoms and not just numbers. I researched for months to find her and waited forever to be seen. I just don't want to take a med until my labs come back. If they come back abnormal, then I will take the meds for sure. I don't feel terrible to the... (12 replies)
... I have switched about 3 weeks ago from Synthroid to Levoxyl. My labs are.... TSH: 0.599 Range:0.350-5.500 FREE T4: 1.24 Range: 0.80-2.00 FREE T3: 304 Range: 230-420 Im sure some of you see me on here asking questions after questions but im trying to find out if something else is the cause. These are my levels and Im on a rollercoaster with the tiredness, depression,... (0 replies)
Jul 8, 2008
... At about the 5 week point it all began changing for the better. I began getting my appetite back, less depression and began sleeping much better. ... (10 replies)
... vickie blood sugar could do it how many times do you check your blood sugar and are you thirsty also when really hypo it can happen but you did this when you were hyper so maybe not so gte a blood sugar kit they arnt expensive and check all bloods cortisone and platelts red blood cells all of it and then consider apnick if it happens... (12 replies)
... (12 replies)
... hi all as you know i been on 25mcgs started in june i been having depression ,crying ,cant sleep much ,and had my labs done yesterday so hoping she upps my dose as i know the 25mcgs are way too low . ... (12 replies)
... and wanted to die so many times i cant count is this all normal has any of you had depression when you first got thyrold or rather close to when you found out or however long it was . ... (2 replies)
... was way overmedicated and she also went by my symtons plus endos specialise in this so i will see her for my thyrolds .hope this helps some but so far i love the levoxyl alot better then the synthrold or the levothyroxine .................... ... (2 replies)
... i have hashi's and have been on the same dose of levoxyl for years. i had my annual test in march and it showed i was hyper. i did not feel hyper but my meds were lowered. 150mcgs 6 days and 75mcgs one day. ... (1 replies)
... i have hashimoto's and depression and anxiety and disturbing thoughts and all that. the hashi's is not causing my depression and anxiety. i take levoxyl for the hashi's and buspar for the anxiety. do not accept your mother's judgement. she is not a doctor. follow your instincts and listen to your therapist. ... (9 replies)
... i'm not sure what board to post this on. i am a perimenopausal women with hashimoto's and anxiety. so the hormones are going nuts. i have been on levoxyl 150mgs for years. last month my tests came back that i was on the hyper side and my meds were reduced. ... (0 replies)
... I tried Armour a while ago, (over a year now) also at 90 mcg. I was not successful with it. Like you I had very bad heart palps., nervousness, uncontrollable shaking, etc. My doctor felt it was because the ratio of T4/T3 was too much for me. You do not give the lab ranges in your post, so I am assuming they are similar to the common ones of FT4-0.7-1.8, and FT3 at 2.4-4.2.... (6 replies)
... Yes my doc always does labs before my appointment, and other than the heart palpitations, he was quite pleased with the numbers, here they are: TSH - 0.24 (I had RAI treatment this past summer) F T4 - 1.57 F T3 - 3.74 From what I can understand my T3 looks alright, but I am going to ask him about incorporating Cytomel, as long as it doesn't do a number on the heart... (4 replies)
... hello, I've been on combo levoxyl/cytomel for over 2 weeks and have had the blues lately; however, at this point I'm blaming it on being hypo/waiting for the meds to take full effect (in another 2-4 weeks, I hope). As Midwest stated, different meds can do different things - or not be effective enough - in different people. A LOT of us have experienced this dilemma. Did... (4 replies)
... u for your input. I am pretty sure my doctor will switch my meds, and like you said they can have different results on different people. I sure hope it's not a depression thing, I don't want to have to be on another medication as well! ... (4 replies)
... There shouldn't be anything about Levoxyl that inherently causes depression or mood swings. In my lay opinion, it simply isn't working as well for you in controlling those symptoms as the Synthroid was. ... (4 replies)
... I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced depression whilst taking Levoxyl. ... (4 replies)

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