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... back in 2012, no others have followed up on T3 and T4, only TSH. ... (0 replies)
... Thank you so much Harri3t, for your kind, calm and detailed response. It is much appreciated. I have seen much devastating illness in my family and as a result, whenever I have an issue I am immediately fighting off panic in my mind. I did do some reading as you suggested! But I found it quite confusing. I will need to educate myself further. I think for the last... (5 replies)
... Your free T4 is actually below range, and your free T3 is a mere whisper above the low end of its range. Your body is screaming for thyroid hormone. Be good to it and take your medicine! ... (3 replies)

... High TPO or Tg antibodies can keep TSH abnormally suppressed after free T4 and free T3 have become insufficient. That's one way it can appear "normal" even though the patient has all the symptoms of hypoT. ... (11 replies)
... Lab ranges vary place to place. You need to supply us with the ranges for free T3 and free T4 to be sure, but your levels would be at the very lowest ends of the most commonly used US lab ranges. ... (3 replies)
... ere is also no test named simply "thyroid" so you'll need to go back and clarify which test was done then come back and repost the missing info. But that said, a low TSH and a high FT3 usually indicates HYPERthyroidism, an overactive thyroid. ... (5 replies)
... one replacement will work. The LDN protocol is unproven and still in the experimental stages. If the Hashi's has damaged your gland to the point where you have low T3 and multiple symptoms, you will still need thyroid replacement even if you do find an MD to prescribe LDN. ... (6 replies)
... an on working on that tomorrow. I do have the name of a doctor who supposedly treats his patients by their symptoms. I have a test that shows that my free T3 was low 15 years ago and have had low free T3 tests from in between that time and I just tested last week for low free T3 and all the doctors told me I was borderline. ... (6 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's approximately 3years ago. Eventhough I have been suffering with hypothyroidism symptoms and have low free T3, my endocrinologist will not treat me. I have been doing a lot of research online to find out how to resolve my health issues. ... (6 replies)
... Your Ft4 is low and while Total T3 is not a good test, it does look low which means your Ft3 is most likely low also. ... (1 replies)
... I'm still borderline low, on 75 mcg Levo, but am not allowed to raise my meds due to my TSH going too low. I still have hypo symptoms but all in all I feel like a million bucks compared to when how I was feeling in the midst of this horrible illness. ... (5 replies)
... Hello! I'm a 46 year old male and I'm fairly certain that my thyroid is sluggish. I have a family history of thyroid problems so it runs in the family. I have a lot of issues that taking kelp will usually help. Poor digestion Low body temperature (96.5 in the morning, 97.8 - 98.1 afternoon) Always tired Always cold Headaches Rapid heartbeat (which goes away when... (1 replies)
... h I am mostly asymptomatic. After all, I was complaining about mild acne and mild weight not typical fatigue, weakness, mental fuzziness. I don't possess those symptoms in the least bit. ... (2 replies)
... are better indicators of thyroid function. And yours are not even midrange. Some have no symptoms with your levels but many need levels higher than midrange to be symptom free. ... (1 replies)
Confusing Labs
Apr 23, 2015
... This week I went to my doctor with symptoms of anxiety that had no reason for it, heart palpitations, loose stools, and insomnia. ... (0 replies)
Do I or Don't I???
Apr 17, 2015
... and symptoms should probably only be considered a predictor of thyroid disease, not a conclusive sign of it. ... (4 replies)
... I need a thyroid specialist who will treat hypothyroidism based on a low basal body temperature. I have suffered from black mold toxicity and lyme. ... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's approximately 3 yrs ago. My TSH and Free T4 have been normal, but my Free T3 is low. I've been having hypothyroid symptoms for over 10 yrs, but the endo that diagnosed me with Hashi's will not treat me. She seems to not care that I am suffering. ... (0 replies)
... sided", I meant that neurological symptoms caused by low thyroid would generally be more diffuse and not only left or right. ... (12 replies)
Lab test results
Mar 27, 2015
... If you would like, reply back with the symptoms you have and such and I will comment again. ... (3 replies)

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