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... Despite eating a gluten free, junk free, very healthy diet..I still struggle with an inability to lose weight (50 lbs overweight) which makes me think my metabolism is low. BUT when it comes to alcohol, it's impossible for me to even feel buzzed. Which would be an indication of a high metabolism. Also, I've gotten several full strength Botox injections that only lasted about a... (0 replies)
... It is common for people to have more than one autoimmune disease, so Hashimoto's thyroiditis can exist with lupus or MCTD and other autoimmune diseases. With a low white count and ANA that high, I would follow up with rheum and pursue whether something besides autoimmune thyroiditis is going on. ... (5 replies)
... ons are often a sign that the dose is too high. If a person is taking TOO MUCH levothyroxine, their body stops manufacturing it's own and their labs would reveal LOW TSH. ... (13 replies)

... yroid disease. The cause of the problem isn't generally a factor in treatment. Right or wrong, thyroid screening and treatment is usually based on the results of TSH alone. Spend a little time reading these boards if you don't believe that. ... (17 replies)
... Riley, I only started experiencing the burning for a few months. I also have MS and thought it was neuropathy. The cold, breeze going across my leg is weird, it happens on my left leg (MS affects right side mainly) I ended up going to the ER for the pain/weakness in arms and legs and spent 2 nights in observation. Docs thought it was MS exacerbation and had MRI of brain... (11 replies)
... I would wager to say that maybe your TSH is nonexistent because of too much thyroxine. ... (11 replies)
... In September, you TSH was over 20! ... (11 replies)
... ns to foods you eat, which happens with Hashi's. Also, if you do have Hashi's, some Hashi's people react negatively to NDH, such as Armour. Or, you may be on too low of a dose. ... (1 replies)
... Just iodine. It's just a little over the high end of normal, according to the lab, but my doctor marked it as normal. I don't remember the exact number for the lab's high end. No, not that I am aware of. I assume my doctor would have told me, but I haven't been tested for antibodies. There's another test coming up in a few months but I think it's just a... (6 replies)
Want to stop T3
Dec 20, 2015
... Thankfully, she'll run the tests, but thinks because I am "in the range", everything is good. My T3 has plummeted to bottom of the barrel since spring, while my TSH escalated from 1.7 to 7.0. That's when I met my new primary and she was the first doctor who said, "You need meds!!", so prescribed T4. Really? ... (3 replies)
Thyroid changes
Dec 19, 2015
... ESR is an inflammatory marker, and yours is high. Looking back 10+ years on my test results, my ESR went up as I felt sicker and sicker and was later diagnosed with Hashimoto's. Inflammation can be caused by many many things, so ESR is non-specific inflammation. Not sure about monocytes and why your one test is 16, when highest is 6. TSH is below normal range. F T3 is... (10 replies)
... mcg am and pm. From what I gather, 3 months at such a low dose might be too low? ... (4 replies)
... I was like you my who life, low sodium. ... (6 replies)
... I was on levoxyl before starting the unithroid and it didn't seem to be working at all in my system after 11 weeks. I went for 1.40 TSH in the first eight week and then about 3 weeks later stared having bad symptoms, so retest and TSH was 4.71 not other numbers with it. ... (2 replies)
... ashimoto's, which results in eventual permanent hypothyroidism, is also known as chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis. It can present at the onset with bouts of very low TSH and high FT4 or FT3. ... (9 replies)
... d then checks levels. These past 2 labs though are really something I have never seen in my bloodwork. Go from one extreme to another in 8 weeks. I started the low carb right after the first lab as my Triglycerides were 403. ... (6 replies)
... You can have hypothyroidism with low TSH if the problem stems from the pituitary. ... (10 replies)
... T4. That only means that the TSH mechanism in your body is also "broken". Pituitary disease can cause TSH to be low in conjunction with low thyroid hormones. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks! hmmm. TSH receptor antibodies-another question to raise with my primary. As for symptoms, it is hard to say. For sure, no weight loss! Palpitations-yes, but , I also have a cardiac arrhythmia as well as mitral valve prolapse for which I'm on a beta blocker-have been on that about 2 years longer than the Synthroid. I get palpitations intermittently all the time, but... (12 replies)
... Sure, here goes: (this is what the lab report says) TSH, 3rd Generation: 0.07 (and designates L for Low)-does not give a reference range T4 (Thyroxine), Total: 10.0. reference range: 4.5-12.0 Free T4 Index (T7): 3.1, reference range: 1.4-3.8 T3 Uptake: 31, reference range, 22-35% I did recall reading something about how the thyroid can leak due to the Hashimoto's. Just... (12 replies)

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