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... I have another question regarding post RAI and neck throat pains. If anyone has had any experiences with this type of issues I would luv to hear your stories. ... (2 replies)
... sses 5x's week and all of a sudden my feet are getting tingly....eventually this moves over my entire body over time. Heart is pounding, out of breath,tremors, neck aches when I lie down,heat intolerance, rages, insomnia etc etc. ... (8 replies)
... ive been having the same thing if i get hyper from the meds my throid hurts and i cant breath so good then if i knock them down it feels like im choking love from kat xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmy doc said no to a ultra soundxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (7 replies)

... three very small nodules. At the first appt. he ordered for intesnse blood work like the t4 ect. and i have to wait to find out the relults. Meanwhile my thyroid feels the same. Is there anything i can do, and if my labs come back normal what may happen? ... (7 replies)
... oat area all the way down into my chest. I'm also feeling something close to heatburn, but the burning sensation is right near where my thyroid is. The tightness feels like when you ring out a wet towel. ... (7 replies)
... Don't know why he wants to look at your vocals unless he feels they are being affected in some way. ... (9 replies)
... I can only speak after the TT. I have fullness, tightness, feels like something is always in my throat. To day was a good example. My neck and throat area was so tight and full, I thought my breathing was affected. I guess it just various from person to person. ... (10 replies)
... swollen neck, tired, my left foot feels like it is sloshing with fluid, I am a mess.. ... (1 replies)
... adam's apple never protruded before, but now i have this bulge in my neck. i am npt sure if it is my adam's apple inflammed or a thyroid issue, like a nodule. my neck feels sort of tight and sore sometimes.. ... (2 replies)
Scar Appearance
Mar 12, 2006
... line more prominent than it will be eventually, when all swelling is gone. It still feels tight, though. I can't detect any change in that at all. ... (22 replies)
... r a TT March 14. I have Hashi's and have been diagnosed for several years. I have had similar problems and symptoms as many of the posters here on this board. My neck hurts and feels tight I am tired, overwieght and will just be glad when it's all over. ... (5 replies)
... Well happy 1st birthday to your little peanut! Time flies so quickly doesn't it? Yes, the nodule was making me feel extremely "chokey" one day, I could barely get my mind of it. I noticed I would always be tugging at whatever I was wearing even it is was loose because just fabric touching the area would bug me. Driving around in my car, I was also try to keep the seatbelt... (5 replies)
... ine. Now it's six months later, my thinning hair is considerably worse and I feel terrible. I went back to the doc because I've been having breathing trouble. Feels like someone has a scarf wrapped tight around my neck all the time. I have trouble swallowing and I'm gagging all the time. ... (5 replies)
... My doc practically laughed me out of his office saying my thyroid felt "slightly firm" but my wife can attest that when that sucker feels like flaring up you can see a ping pong ball sized tumor looking thing sticking out of my neck. These Endo's don't know crap about thyroid. ... (15 replies)
... I imagine that could be extremely painful. My neck feels a little tight which is causing me to keep my gaze looking downward a bit. ... (34 replies)
... Karen, did your neck ever feel stiff or tight before your surgery? ... (295 replies)
I need your help
Feb 19, 2005
... Hi, I recovered from stomach flu 4 weeks ago, and 1 week ago I have been suffering from a discomfort in my throat. It feels like my shirt is around my neck too tight... Today it got slightly worse, almost choked on food, and having difficulty breating.... its easier to swallow food than it is to swallow saliva tho.. ... (6 replies)
... Please ask to have your Free T3 and Free T4 done. These will give you the only real tools you'll need to decide whether you need thyroid therapy and how much. Both the Free T3 and Free T4 should be in the mid to upper range of your local lab ranges. Here were my first labs before starting on Armour Thyroid: FT3 3.3 (2.3-4.2) FT4 0.7 (.58-1.64) Although both look like... (1 replies)
... I've had swollen lymph nodes before and it just doesn't feel like it..My throat feels tight..VERY tight it's hard to breath in and out and swallow..and I DEFINITELY have all the symptoms that alot of you have described here.. ... (1 replies)
Mar 15, 2004
... My chest sometimes feels tight. ... (7 replies)

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