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... Is the feeling in your throat about where the soft spot in your neck is between the collar bones? ... (17 replies)
... I feel as though the food is not going down in a ball, but rather it sort of trickles down, it is most odd. ... (5 replies)
... So I saw the dr. b/c 1.) strong family history on mother and fathers side of thyroid problems hypo and cancer. 2.) was gaining weight, feeling tired, short of breath, and sometimes i get a feeling of stuck food on my right side (not often). Dr. palpitated my thyroid and I immediatly noticed a difference between the left and right, I could "feel" pressure on my windpipe on the... (7 replies)

... However I have extremely debilitating fatigue, joint aches, severe constipation, brain fog... the list goes on, but more importantly I have a odd feeling in my throat like someone is lightly gripping it, sometimes I gag when I eat my food. ... (4 replies)
... noon. Came home on Saturday. Have done pretty well. Pain not too bad. No taking pain med unless necessary. Just some burning around the incision line. Some feeling of fullness in my throat. Hard time clearing my throat. ... (2 replies)
... It can take a long long time, many months for swelling to go down internally, and that might be what you are feeling. I had a weird tightness on the outside, which was kind of numb, it was a nerve issue, as nerves are moved during surgery, and that took about a year to go away, but wasn't really bothersome, since it was external, just odd. (10 replies)
... Odd sensations in the throat are very common to thyroid disease. I had a feeling that a golf ball was stuck in my throat when my thyroid was most inflamed. ... (1 replies)
Lump in throat
Mar 18, 2008
... I have gone through something similar but I didn't get sick. I had a bad tooth ache and when it went away I was left with a lump in my throat. I also had a lot of pain and pressure. ... (2 replies)
... I took 10mg of Methimazole for 3 weeks broke out in a horrible rash and hives and on July 14 started 150 mg per day of PTU. I still break out in hives but like all the other symptoms I am learning to live with them. ... (6 replies)
... i call it 'tightness' in the throat. or feeling like there is a knot there, or of a pressure in the front of the neck. ... (2 replies)
Throat pain
Apr 22, 2004
... I get the weird throat stuff, tight, odd feeling, tickly, scratchy, etc and I have trouble breathing along with it. ... (5 replies)
BEE hows it going?
Dec 13, 2003
... Hi Bee :) I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are, glad to hear you are doing well. :bouncing: I still get that odd feeling in my throat, some days its not too bad, some days its worse, and I still get dizzy :dizzy: I have an appointment with another doc on Wens. maybe I will get some answers, I hope. My brother thinks I have mitral valve... (9 replies)
Bee, how are you?
Nov 20, 2003
... Well at least I know there is nothing, that is good in a way but still doesn't explain this odd feeling in my throat, ARGH!! ramming into that brick wall again. ... (10 replies)
Bee, how are you?
Nov 19, 2003
... We had a beautiful clear day yesterday but it was windy, so so windy it was unreal, today is pretty also, minus the wind, highs in the low 70's. ... (10 replies)
Bee, how are you?
Nov 17, 2003
... Do you know if it is high in B vitamins? ... (10 replies)
... Hi Dea, Are you on meds yet??? I think once you get on meds your heart rate will go back to normal. I noticed my heart rate really fast after a very bad flu and that is when I went to the Dr and told him about my heart rate. He immediately did a blood test and realized that I was hyper. You need to get to your Dr soon. Once you get on meds you will be fine. One of... (13 replies)
... I don't know much yet, the one doc I went to said he thinks I am hyper and wants me to go to my endo again, haven't been to see him in a while because he is further away and costs more and hard to get in to see in a timely manner, I do have an appointment with him on the 17th though. ... (13 replies)
... Hello everyone! I have been reading messages on this board for about a month now, but this is my first time posting. I am 29 years old and live in Los Angeles, CA. I have always been overweight and I get tired very easily, I have always needed a lot of sleep. ... (1 replies)
... Or every thing i have been feeling this last 8mos or so. My tsh is .99 but everything else seems normal. ... (1 replies)
... they are all booked so far in advance! ... (6 replies)

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