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... have just daily deteriorated. i was readmitted to hospital for three weeks because of the severity of not being able to breath and swallow. i had new soft tissue neck xrays, ultra sound and barium swallow done. xray showed a spasm in the right side of my neck. ultra sound and barium swallow were inconclusive. ... (0 replies)
... She sent me for loads of bloods and ECG and another check of my blood pressure as is elevated and normally have low blood pressure. ... (7 replies)
... low blood pressure is definitely hypo....palps can be either hypo or hyper.... ... (21 replies)

... hello everybody, how do you know whether you are hypo or hyper? (other then the labtests?). Sure in the books the lists seem very different, yet in practice are they? like heartrate, in general hypo is slow heartrate but it can be fast too right? I'll give my current symptoms and if anybody can throw some light on it, more than welcome. - tired, exhausted -dizzy,... (21 replies)
... elt like wearing a shirt that's too tight in the neck. Or maybe how a guy would feel wearing a necktie that's a bit too tight... Anyway, it's a really annoying pressure feeling that will drive ya nuts! ... (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed about 5 years ago with hyperthyroidism (T3 toxicosis) and have been taking meds since then. All had been fine until recently when I started developing some strange, new, worrisome symptoms. I feel a constant pressure in my throat in the area where my thyroid is, I have pain in the glands of my neck (no swelling of them though), and a weird feeling in my cheeks... (0 replies)
... Since my head was so foggy the bar that you stick to your neck was only stuck to my collar bone. Should this have been touching my neck? ... (2 replies)
... burning in neck collar area. ... (16 replies)
... goiter in my neck. It takes two to three months before you start to be able to feel like you can swollow some what better. I feel like there is a golf ball in my throat and when I am upset about something or stressed and I have been since our daughter almost died from falling off a three story roof. ... (45 replies)
... which I have been complaining about to other doctors for a couple of years. My throat hurts constantly and I have a persistent cough. Which I know is coming from irritation to my throat. ... (1 replies)
... n and tender and I could very much feel them. In addition to that, I felt like I had something stuck in my throat, I felt like someone hand their hands around my neck applying pressure and I lived like that for a month. All of this was more internal and there was really any visible external swelling. ... (8 replies)
... There have been periods throughout the past year where my neck feels full. ... (6 replies)
... If I try to do even mild exercise I feel like there is a peanut embedded in the back of my head and pressure develops above and in my ears. ... (7 replies)
... to get any kind of cardiac work up. ALSO, and I don't know how much is normal, but I have today had a horrible headache since getting up and been having ALOT of pressure in my neck, particularly in the area of my incision, and the sensation of my throat being full, both inside and out. Does that make sense? ... (4 replies)
... OK. So I had another episode last night before bed, again this am and ALL afternoon- it almost feels like my throat is swelling up (not choking or hard to swallow, just lots of "pressure" in my neck). I've started checking my BP too...its normal for me - 90s/50s Although pulse is only in the upper 50s which is a bit low for me. The hospital nurse called to follow up and... (2 replies)
... i'm new here and stumble across this site looking for answers i haven't heard my real voice since 6th grade next month i'll be 31 years old for a long time i have dismissed get my left vocal cord fixed which must have gotten paralized when i had alot surgey's when i was little had like open heart, had a trache which is now out got hole in throat i had 3 pacmakers among... (2 replies)
... You just went through major surgery, of course not. Everytime my neck started to hurt someone was right there with relief via IV. Bless them for that. ... (2 replies)
... t get sued too. Ok, so they took blood, did an EKG, blood pressure and temp. I suppose it all checked out. ... (7 replies)
... I also saw an ENT about sinus issues and told him about the lump in my throat and he put me on Protonix for acid reflux. I told my general practitioner about this prescription and he thought it was a good idea for the lump. ... (7 replies)
... They ended up keeping me two nights... Yesterday I developed a lump in my throat that feels like something is stuck.. they gave me a breathing treatment to no avail.. they finally gave me some adivan and I slept like a baby.. ... (1 replies)

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