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... And without an accurate FT4 reading, it's hard to know what your status is at the moment. I know that a total T4 of 8. ... (8 replies)
... s and I have never been on any thyroid medication. 3 years ago I had hyperthyroidism that resolved itself. Last year my TSH was borderline low for a short period of time. Last week I was told I had Hashoimoto's and hypo based on labs that were done about a month ago and 4 months ago. ... (3 replies)
... but it went crazy. I am in my mid forties. My TSH number was .036 and my T4 number was 12.0. My Thiiodothyronine Free Serum number was 5.6. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound, everything checked out normal. Then to the endo. ... (2 replies)

... ed can be either hyper or hypo symptoms. Constantly feeling warm would more likely be hyper than hypo, although either condition might cause that. On the whole of it... With your symptoms and your high T3, I'd say you're more likely hyperT than hypoT. ... (10 replies)
... might be is T3 toxicosis associated with Graves' disease. Labs in the latter case would be very much like yours... Suppressed TSH, normal total or free T4, and high FT3. You should insist the endo test for TSI antibodies, which will certainly be positive in cases of Graves' disease. ... (10 replies)
... Usually even in more severe hypothyroidism medication is started with 25 or 50 mcgs of T4. Hypothyroidism usually develops over a long period of time and giving a high dose of T4 suddenly to someone who has been lacking it can be a shock to one's body. ... (3 replies)
Thyroid Results
Apr 10, 2014
... High reverse t3 can be seen after hyper episodes of hashi's, stress, and certain medicines. There may be more reasons but those are the only significant ones i have seen any information published on. ... (4 replies)
... Mt T4 is in the normal range, though my doctor felt it was a bit too low. He does seem to understand that T3 and T4 should ideally be in the upper normal range. It's just that this is taking so long that I'm doing very badly. ... (9 replies)
... Your pretty much describing all the symptoms i've had....Unfortunately my doctors are still in a "Lets wait and see"" attitude. And I still have alot of tinnitus when my t4 is high the muscles in my neck ache and burn and I know that really contributes to my tinnitus. ... (5 replies)
... After about 3 weeks on the initial dosage, he began to feel very good. Much of the muscle stiffness went away and his energy level was much improved. ... (10 replies)
... than lab results, as my TSH was only 3.49, T4 Free 1.2, T3 Free 3.0. ... (0 replies)
... to answer me. I'm going to request my results from the doctor, he seems to think it is nothing to worry about and that I should not treat it at all as my T3 and T4 in the normal range. When I have more information, I hope it is ok to see what you think. ... (2 replies)
... First, if you live in the US, you're entitled by law to a written copy of your labwork so you can know exactly what it says for yourself. ... (2 replies)
... Hello there, This is my first time posting to the forum boards, but I have been reading all the helpful info. Since November I started experiencing symptoms of hypothyroidism. ... (0 replies)
... rectomy due to adenomyosiswhen i was 35. less than a year later i was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. i had a total thyroidectomy and 150 rai, but still have hypo symptoms and an increasing rate of t3 free. since i have too much t3, i dont know if she would prescribe me more. ... (9 replies)
Mystery Symptoms
Mar 15, 2014
... d that the thyroid effects all your organs. It is what gives the cells in these organs energy. Without energy, nothing works like it should. I have psoriasis , high bp, hysterectomy, insomnia gallbladder problems, stomach issues. I could go on and on. These began, I believe, with the thyroid. ... (1 replies)
... in clinic nearest to me because it really bothered me and I felt out of touch with reality really. ... (1 replies)
... Mayirsi- This is an old thread, but I'd love to hear what happened also. Like you, I also have PCOS & also many endo and pelvic surgeries. The thyroid issues were dx-ed in my 30s, but have probably been going on untreated for years. Ultimately, what has worked for me is taking a lower than usual Synthroid dose (75mcg) & adjusting my Cytomel (T3) doseage on a daily basis (I... (9 replies)
... It looks like I might benefit with the addition of t3 meds. ... (1 replies)
... oes. T3 suppresses TSH even more easily than T4. So you and your doc need to stop using measureable TSH as a guideline if you want to be succesful in getting rid of those symptoms. ... (2 replies)

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