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... All the tests came back normal and they were about in the middle of the normal range, except for the T uptake, which came back at 30, with the low level of the normal range being 31, i forget what the high normal level number was. What does the T uptake mean? ... (1 replies)
... Absolutely not. It's a miniscule dose, won't harm you, will help diagnose if you have a viral thyroiditis, hashis or graves depending upon the uptake level. ... (9 replies)
... I will have to check my results for my T4 level when I get home. I dont remember, but I do know it was within the normal range. I suppose I can just call my doc. ... (2 replies)

... At some point, don't most Graves patients go off Tapazole and take radioactive iodine because of the toxicity of Tapazole? That's the main thing I'm worried about long-term. Also, since you mentioned my TSH level -- when I got my very first blood test done after I first started experiencing hyperthyroidism symptoms, the TSH was the same value (<.006) back then as well. The... (14 replies)
... I'm sorry I didn't suggest antibody testing sooner. It seemed you were paying out-of-pocket for these tests and I know they're expensive. Throw in the fact that the first set of labs you posted were so very hypo, I didn't expect to hear about hyper symptoms. My 20/20 hindsight tells me I should have asked about symptoms. Whatchagonna do with this cheap help? ;) ... (16 replies)
... Wow what great information! I couldn't have asked for more. Ironically, most of the symptoms I have are of hypERthyroidism. In fact, I suffer from all the major symptoms at a high level (not chronic, but they effect my life thoroughly). I am going in for a TPO test today (3 blood tests in one week, geezzz), so that might add some insight as well. If that comes back negative, I... (16 replies)
... Unfortunately, the T3 uptake and Free thyroxine index tests are outdated calculations and not even true measurements of hormone levels. ... (16 replies)
... and your T3 uptake level really has nothing to do with actual T3 levels. ... (6 replies)
... but then I saw my endocrinologist and he ordered a Thyroid Uptake and Scan. I had to stop the Methimazole before the test. ... (2 replies)
... T3 uptake is a useless calculation. ... (1 replies)
... Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could have some of you look at the numbers I have been given and help me better understand them. I had my daughter back in July 2010 and ever since then I've been having health issues which no doctor has been able to figure out. I feel awful all of the time. Well I found a NP who decided to draw some blood. The first thing she noticed is... (1 replies)
... My current T-4 level is 10.9 and T-Uptake is 30.2 and T-7 is 3.29. Of course, these were taken before he elected to take me off the every Sunday half extra pill of 137 mg Synthroid. (7 replies)
... Good to know... Hopefully, it will calm down with the meds. The Dr. just up'd the dose this week. The dr. mentioned possibly scanning my thyroid as it feels 'puffy'. And I was just reading some of the posts about iodine scans and thought it would not be a good idea for me as I react so badly to things. Ultrasound, if needed, sounds much safer. (7 replies)
... Do you mean the iodine uptake scan or an ultrasound? ... (7 replies)
... Any case you would benefit from a dose increase. Next time make sure you get FT4 and FT3 checked, the "uptake" level is completely useless. ... (11 replies)
... When on Armour you should have FT4 and FT3 checked (that uptake level is useless). If you're feeling fine though your labs can't be far off ;) (1 replies)
... ould attribute to my low energy and my tiredness that I can't seem to shake off and the pharmacist said to me while your blood levels show decent calcium my iron level is a bit on the low he made me buy a multivitamin with EXTRA calcium and extra iron in it. ... (9 replies)
... My TSH level is 1.4 which is consider normal range 0. ... (9 replies)
... BTW, my outer third of eyebrows are missing as well, and my serum sodium level is right on the point for being too low. ... (6 replies)
... A free T3 level would be helpful too for getting the full picture... the "T Uptake" is not a useful test I'm afraid. ... (9 replies)

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