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... my thyroglobulin AB is way high, which I understand can substantiate the "Hoshimoto's" diagnosis? ... (2 replies)
... s due to the TPO Ab labs. ... (0 replies)
... I was on one grain of Armour and then prescribed 2 grains, (60 mgs.) because of a body temperature around 96. Some time ago, my hair started falling out. The only thing I took was the Armour, so I stopped and started taking biotin, selenium, folate, and it improved. Around the same time, I took 2% Lugols iodine, 2 drops working up to 12 drops, but stopped when I got my... (4 replies)

... My father was just diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. After years of seeing chiropractors, natureopaths, and MDs, I am still looking to see what is going on with my body. For the past few years, my symptoms have been getting progressively worse. I have abdominal discomfort, and constipation. For the past two years, I have experienced loss of feeling in my feet while... (2 replies)
... Ended up in the er with a high heart rate and bp on 1/26. When hooked up to monitors my heart rate had already began to come down and was down to 113 BPM and my bp was 218\114. They ran some blood work but thyroid wise only tsh. TSH: 6.57(.34-4.82). Er recommended follow with my Dr to have FT4, and FT3 ran with TSH. Dr only ordered tsh and ft4. TSH: 2.78(.4-5.50)... (5 replies)
... My doc recently found my thyroid is enlarged i have ultrasound tomorrow but bloodwork was already completed and the results are this: Thyroglobulin Ab,ECL. 13. Normal range « 20 iu/ml Thyroglobulin 2nd generation. 7.61 Normal « 0.05. - High Free thyroxine. 1.2. Range. 0.7-1.8 ng/dl thyrotropin(tsh) 1.6. 0.4-5.5 MIU/L Free T3. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you Lisa and Sammy. My daughter has been seeing a few pediatric endos for almost 5 years but I can't say that any of them have been great. The first said that since her TSH eventually became normal, she should feel absolutely fine. The second one we tried said the same and the next one only tests the T3 and T4 sporadically. I am dumbfounded after researching for so many... (6 replies)
... Hello, I recently had my yearly exam and blood work done. While I was in the exam room, my GYN told me that my thyroid was big. She said she was going to order some lab tests. So now my lab results are in and all she said was that she is referring me to an endocrinologist. I asked for the results to be faxed to me, but I have really no clue what to make of it. I want to... (2 replies)
... A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor because I felt really tired. He checked my thyroid levels and my TSH was 7.36. Since I was complaining of feeling really tired, plus I get cold easily and my mom has Grave's, the doctor thought it was a pretty standard case of hypothyroid, wrote me a prescription for Synthroid and sent me on my way. I was nervous about going on medication... (6 replies)
... Hi Midwest1, Thank you for your reply. Here are my lab results: March 2010 TSH 4.69 uIU/mL (Reference 0.45-4.50) T4, Free 1.47 ng/dL (Reference 0.82-1.77) (8 replies)
... TPO AB 0. ... (0 replies)
... Nothing to do about the antibodies, true; not so the symptoms. When treatment is optimal, symptoms disappear - as long as they are being caused by lack of thyroid hormone. (Not every symptom that can be caused by it, will be caused by it 100% of the time.) Antibodies don't cause symptoms; only low or high thyroid hormone (T4/T3) levels do that. It goes back to what I... (9 replies)
... in your case why the mri was done. I am glad that your mri turned out to be fine and you do not need to have any worries there. I wonder if those diagnosed with high tpo antibodies , as a matter of course, usually have a brain mri? ... (9 replies)
... What is the significance of a slightly out of range thyroglobulin ab test? ... (1 replies)
... and I feel like heck. I can fall asleep sitting here typing. my TSH is .60, T4free is 1.2, Thyroid AB is 13.5 but the thyroglobulin AB is 70.4. I do have nodules, and my doc say blood work makes him not want to put me on synthroid, even though my thyroid is very enlarged. ... (3 replies)
... how high is high? ... (7 replies)
... The one that obviously stands out is the thyroglobulin at 255 when normal range stops at 14.4. My research has led me to believe that you should not have that high of antibodies in your blood unless there is something going on. ... (0 replies)
... They're not very high yet, and well within lab ranges, but I find it hard to believe that autoimmune antibodies at anything other than very minimal levels is healthy. ... (2 replies)
Mar 3, 2013
... thyroglobulin ab < 15 U/mL (<60 ) thyroperoxidase ab <28 U?mL(<60 ) These two are for autoimmune disease. Most people with autoimmune thyroid disease these are way high. free T4= 14.0 pmol/L (10.0-20.0 ) TSH= 5.3 mIU/L (0.30-4.00) H free T3=6.7 pmol/L (3.8-8.6 ) Odd. TSH is slightly above range, but free T3 is above middle of the range, basically 'okay' (5 replies)
... positive, T4 is 4.9, TSH high sensitivity is 4. ... (5 replies)

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