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Thyroid tests ...
Sep 28, 2014
... With HyperT comes increased body temperature and heart rate, heat intolerance, nervousness, tremors, anxiety, weight loss and such. With HypoT comes decreased body temperature and heart rate, cold intolerance, sluggishness, depression, weight gain etc. ... (3 replies)
... I have a thyroid condition and have been taking levothyroxine. The medication has caused me to have an intolerance to heat and excessive sweating. At times I feel like my insides are on fire. I keep my home well air conditioned and sleep with a fan on me. ... (1 replies)
... A doctor told me to do the exact same thing and going to the hospital was POINTLESS! The doctor told me I had to go to an ER immediately and I thought I'd just wait for an endo appt ASAP. Well, I called about my medical records and the doctor told me to look up thyroid storm. ... (4 replies)

... So, obviously, I thought hyperthyroidism would explain pretty much everything. However, my labs tell a different story, as they all came back normal, including a thyroid ultrasound. Of course, the ultrasound was done on the one out of three or so days a month that my neck isn't really swollen. ... (1 replies)
... I am really hoping someone will answer this as I had a adrenal fatigue question posted a week or two ago with no reponses. I am feeling desperate and really don't know where else to turn to. I am posting this here as I think it is mostly thyroid related. ... (6 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Jul 19, 2011
... So, while heat intolerance is more common with hyPERthyroidism, it is certainly possible with hyPOthyroidism. ... (9 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Jul 18, 2011
... this problem for quite a long time......but now its intensity has been increased so much with age..cant even tolerate mildly warm 23 yrs thyroid tests are cleared.....t3 t4 tsh all within normal range.Now what could be other possibilities of heat intolerance....any suggestions...... ... (9 replies)
... Thought I would write a quick update just in case it's helpful to anyone. It turns out my thyroid wasn't the problem at all, but since the whole endocrine system is dependent on everyone doing their jobs, my thyroid was a little wonky for a while. ... (10 replies)
... (6 replies)
... The first result is low and might account for some hypothyroid symptoms. The second one is lower than average, but is less likely to demonstrate a thyroid problem. The serum T4 test is not useful at all and can't be used to determine much of anything. ... (6 replies)
... Your high range FT3 and low FT4 and that high TSH may indicate you've got a RT3 problem. The TSH is too high to be considered anything but hypo and your heat intolerance is likely the symptom you are manifesting. ... (5 replies)
... and settled into Unithroid 112. I weigh 165 and thought I'd need around 125 or even a little more, but my TSH was 0.03 and FT4 was over range. I've been at 112 for 6 months, but started having bad heat intolerance in the beginning of May. ... (0 replies)
... Can a person be hypothyroid and have heat intolerance? ... (10 replies)
... is a nodule or growth on the thyroid, and most people find it by accident and don't know it's there for years. ... (5 replies)
... Hey, The heat intolerance could come from the fact that they keep most thryoid cancer people a tad hyper to prevent the cancer from coming back.. and one of the symptoms of have a low tsh is heat intolerance. ... (5 replies)
... I am having all the symptoms of thyroid disease although my Dr said my THS levels are normal, 2 years ago I requested a scan on my thyroid due to my neck swelling and turning red, which it was found that I have 1 small cyst on my thyroid now it has turned into 6 small cyst on my thyroid. ... (5 replies)
Heat Intolerance
Apr 21, 2004
... I too suffer heat intolerance even though I am hypo. My Dr. ... (16 replies)
... forgot something- I have had low grade fever for at least 3 weeks now and heat intolerance and sweating is me-I always have sweated more , fatigue I do feel more tired than before and the heart rate has gone up since last months exam at the doctors. will keep you posted. (5 replies)
... I was diagnosed a little over a year ago with Graves Disease and have been taking methimazole since my diagnosis. According to recent lab work I had done a few weeks ago, I am currently hypothyroid with a TSH over 5. ... (3 replies)
... Hello all! This is my first post and I am also new to a thyroid disorder. ... (2 replies)

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