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... Since then my primary doctor ordered a thyroid panel on a "hunch" and all results came back in the reference range. ... (0 replies)
... was experiencing heart pounding. He said it was anxiety. He was wrong. It was a physiological, not a psychological, problem that I have solved by tweaking my thyroid med dosing. ... (20 replies)
... was experiencing heart pounding. He said it was anxiety. He was wrong. It was a physiological, not a psychological, problem that I have solved by tweaking my thyroid med dosing. ... (20 replies)

... I know. Its like he just stopped me for my meds one day and didn't call in perscription and when I saw him next appt. He said he doesn't think a have a thyroid problem and that it probably was off that day and to keep testing. ... (20 replies)
... I got these results from the nurse on the phone so I don't have any numbers yet. She just said the thyroid tests were "normal" but is low TSH normal? ... (0 replies)
... If you need the T3, you need the T3. If you have some left, then maybe you could just try it for a few weeks to see how you do. Make sure you get a full thyroid panel after 6 weeks, though . ... (6 replies)
... this summer that I saw one I thought would work for me. She's a woman and young. So last week I got an appointment with her. I actually didn't need to raise the thyroid problem with her. She did that herself while reading my chart and asking questions. ... (9 replies)
... When you say that your thyroid works on the upper end of normal, what do you mean? ... (4 replies)
Dec 4, 2014
... She did blood work and found me not to have any Estrogen, Testosterone or progesterone and found my THS number to be on the low side at 2.1 and one of my other T numbers to be high. She said by putting me on the T3 it would work against the other high number and help raise my TSH number to a more median number in the range. ... (5 replies)
... et to get them warmed up at night before I could even think about going to bed. I also had to take quinine sulphate twice weekly to stop foot cramps. Now that my numbers are improved with the Erfa Thyroid, I no longer have to use my heating pad and I threw away my quinine pills a couple of months ago. ... (3 replies)
... comes with it is treated with thyroid replacement. ... (5 replies)
... I feel like I've been reading posts where people have numbers into the hundreds or at least double digits and my doctor characterized it as "a bit high. ... (5 replies)
... functional medicine and how people recover via natural methods I though this was the only way for me to recover and got rid of the antibodies. I though that the numbers are enough to be an early sign that the body has a problem and started the process of damaging the thyroid gland. ... (3 replies)
... There are 2 types of hypothyroidism. The most common type, primary, is when the thyroid gland itself fails to produce hormones. This is often autoimmune based, from antibodies attacking the thyroid and destroying it over time. ... (1 replies)
... I have been hypothyroid for 15 + years. About 4 years ago I started having flipflop results but still presenting with a slow thyroid. I have been seeing a endocrinologist for about 2 years now and I still keep doing this. She calls me hyperthyroid but I still feel hypo. Now she told me that shes making the lab rerun my labs as the results don't make since. My TSH shows I am... (1 replies)
... with these studies. If your doctor tests you and there is a problem, I would hold off on any treatments for diabetes until your become optimal with thyroid hormone replacement. A change in diet solves the problem for most individuals diagnosed with diabetes type II. ... (2 replies)
... throid for hypothyroidism by my ENT who suspected that the reason I couldn't get over my sinus infections was because of my thyroid and sure enough it has helped. ... (2 replies)
... ut every little thing however I feel like I should get a second opinion from an endocrinologist. I know no one can tell me what to do but just based off of these numbers does anyone have any suggestions or would be kind enough to weigh in with some advice? ... (2 replies)
Thyroid tests ...
Sep 24, 2014
... should I be on thyroid meds? ... (3 replies)
... I didn't have a viral infection or pain in my thyroid but she thinks it's just subacute or silent thyroiditis at this point because my antibodies aren't high. I'm very confused. ... (4 replies)

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