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Dec 19, 2015
... upplements including Human Growth Hormone and Deer Antler Velvet , then I started getting anxiety , palpitations and etc... After some blood tests I found out my thyroid is overactive . ... (0 replies)
... I suspect you've done this already but, in case you haven't, you might want to make note of the hypothyroidism symptoms listed in the thyroid information section on here....this way, you'll have some idea, should any manifest. ... (10 replies)
... My thyroid surgeon didn't want to test my thyroid until after 8 weeks post surgery. That's still 3 weeks away. I'm glad I used my intuition and called my endo. ... (10 replies)

... Everyone is never know, it may kick in right away---could take about 4 weeks.....that might not be your final dose---you need full thyroid replacement (my mother in law is larger sized, she takes about 250mcgs with no thyroid, and I'm smaller and need between 150/175 for suppression to prevent thyroid cancer recurrence) , but maybe your symptoms might not be... (10 replies)
... Had my thyroid levels checked today and waiting on results. Endo said he has a feeling i'm not on enough med's. I started having achy joints today and very tired. We'll see. ... (10 replies)
... ndrome, which my symptoms do match this. However, he thought it was coincidental so close to surgery. He said it could very much be that I'm not getting enough thyroid med's and that we won't get an accurate thyroid test until 8 weeks post surgery. ... (10 replies)
... I had a total thyroidectomy almost 5 weeks ago. I immediately noticed I had cold hands and feet. Then two weeks ago I started having slight tingling in my fingers and hands. ... (10 replies)
... I have a friend who had her thyroid out 3 months ago. She was sure it would be her answer. It was not. All her symptoms remain along with tingling fingers. Just make sure everything is looked at before making a decision. ... (20 replies)
... I can see and feel my thyroid is enlarged and I have symptoms of Hypothyroid but she diagnosed me as subclinical hyper and just told me to not eat iodine and check back in 3 months. ... (0 replies)
... Do anyone know if surgery or anesthesia can deplete thyroid hormones? ... (1 replies)
... simply said you've got a goiter and looks to me like you've had some thyroid problems for quite some time!!!! I was MAD, FLOORED, SHOCKED. ... (3 replies)
... My hands often have a bit of shake to them, and I get tingling in both my pinky fingers and ring fingers every so often. I constantly have to clear my throat. ... (7 replies)
... could possibly be thyroid or not at all. ... (7 replies)
... I seriously think my Thyroid is causing my problems. ... (3 replies)
... can someone tell me if my results suggest a thyroid issue? ... (2 replies)
... Thanks Reese! I have also been having a tingling sensation in my left hand fingers for about three days. Could this be related? ... (12 replies)
... Thanks for your speedy Sammy64, it's put my mind at rest. Strange thing is though, have tingling in my fingers and often cold when no one else is but also cannot tolrate he heat. Complication is, I have rheumatoid arthritis as well which confuses everything. ... (2 replies)
Thyroid problems
May 9, 2011
... I had hoped after the thyroidectomy all of these would go away but they haven't. In addition to leaking breasts, brown spotting and night sweats I'm also having tingling feet and fingers. Sometimes the caltrate helps with the tingling but the other problems are still present. ... (1 replies)
... ray. I got some prescribed pain pills, and a slip to a neurologist. Never went to a neurologist. My mom expected it was a thyroid disorder. She has it. She had her thyroid taken out due to grave's disease. ... (6 replies)
... Hi!!! I'm a healthy 20yr old 155lb male Ok so for the past year and 3 months I've had MASSIVE brain fog and latley within the past 3months I've been getting néw terrible symptoms first my heart started having these weird beats I went to my dr and he diagnosed me with high BP!!!!! High bloodpressure at 20years old very skinny with high blood pressure??? He put me on 25mg of... (14 replies)

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