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... Hi everyone, I have been suffering with symptoms that I believe to be Hyperthyroidism for almost one full year now. Last September I had severe hyperthyroidism (TSH was 0.001). I tested positive for Graves Antibodies (Antibody number was so high that it could not be read, a later test scored a 550 -- very high indeed since it should be less than 1). When I got in to see an... (2 replies)
... I was just recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism/likely graves. However my symptoms have gone on for YEARS and during that time my thyroid tested normal. About 4 years ago, I started having symptoms on my right side of my body. Not pain, but like a weird altered sensation, almost like my right side of my body was stressed at all times. Felt it from the top of my head... (0 replies)
... TSH 5.030 Free T4 0.83 (2 replies)

... The one that stands out as a red flag is the TSH. Healthy people have TSH that hovers around 1.0. If you're on thyroid replacement because of the partial thyroidectomy, the dose needs to be raised. ... (2 replies)
... My doctor tells me that she thinks I have HYPOthyroidism, and I actually have quite a bit of the symptoms, but, I am confused because my labs aren't telling me this as the diagnosis? I have the full fasting labs, so if there is anything missing, let me know and Ill post it. These are the things she was concerned about: high glucose - 134 (70-120 mg/dl)H cholesterol/... (0 replies)
... know I have those results around here somewhere. Then recently had my thyroid checked as part of recurrent miscarriage testing but my consultant only checked my TSH which I was told was normal and nothing else. ... (3 replies)
... When this whole thing started I was working for the Army in Iraq (for 4 1/2 years), I quit and came back for treatment because I was sure I had cancer. I had placed my faith in the VA with all that great free healthcare they give me and the put me on a PPI and said it was silent reflux. All that money went straight down the tube and I can barely leave the house anymore so I... (6 replies)
... You may be surprised to hear that 1.99 is not all that "normal" even though it's still in range. The average healthy person's TSH hovers around 0. ... (1 replies)
T3 Uptake concerns
Jul 12, 2017
... I had lab results done and I have concerns on my T3 uptake result. I asked for a copy of my results and they are as follows: T3 Uptake - 43.7 (H) T4 Free - 0.88 TSH - 1.89 The doctor didn't say anything about the T3 Uptake result but I am worried because it is a little high. I would really appreciate an explanation on it. Thank you all in advance. (3 replies)
... I had lab results done and I have concerns on my T3 uptake result. I asked for a copy of my results and they are as follows: T3 Uptake - 43.7 (H) T4 Free - 0.88 TSH - 1.89 (0 replies)
... Hi ;) I'm 20. Recently I've had heart palpitations and so my GP diagnosed thyroid problem so now I'm getting treatment from endocrinologist. I would like to ask you if my treatment is right? Im totally new to all this stuff ;) These are my labs before going on thyroid hormone(3mo ago) FT4 - 0,80 ng/dL FT3 - 3,15 pg/mL TSH - 9,5474 uLU/mL TPOAb - 803,02 IU/mL ... (2 replies)
... sed to. I read online that this can be related to my thyroid. I do have a lot of thyroid conditions that run in my family so its a possibility, but I just had my TSH levels checked in October 2016 and it was 1.390 which is normal, but this is the only thyroid level that was checked. Back in 2015, my TSH was 0.92 normal, T3 0. ... (6 replies)
... Hi All. New to the forum. 38 year old female. Type I diabetes, since age 5. Good control. I am recently seeking medical care for significant symptoms that have become on many days, debilitating. It's thought that I have a conversion problem, but my question is: would I be wise to try a low dose t4 on top of my t3? I currently, am being titrated on cytomel. But I'm still having... (0 replies)
... My guess is that I'm showing signs of hypothyroidism, but these numbers are confusing me. Even though my T4 Free is low, my TSH is as well, which is the opposite of most hypothyroid individuals. Moreover, even though my T4 Free is low, somehow my T3 free is in range. ... (0 replies)
... I am going to visit my Dr. tomorrow first thing. I have been tested for TSH which came back low and the Dr. ordered a few follow up tests and they are below, so I have come to here for some peace of mind. ... (1 replies)
Labs Help!
Jun 21, 2017
... New Board Here is new Labs 1 1/2 grains (WP NDT) TSH- 0.045 ( 0.045-4.50) TF4 - 0.91 ( .082-1.77) TF3- 3.9 (2.0-4.4) RT3 not back yet TPO ( Thyroid Peroxidase) 158 ( 0-34) Thyroglobulin Antibody 1.3 ( 0.0-0.9) Ferritin Serum 150 ng/ml (15-150) Iron- And TIBC (0 replies)
... Hello everyone, I'm a 26 year old female. Suffering with fatigue, anxiety, PMS, what feels like hypoglemia. Just not functioning 100%. I had recent blood work done after my naturopath suggested my symptoms were to do with my thyroid. I don't know what the next step should be, can I increase my free T3 and T4 naturally? Or do I need to go down the medication route? TSH... (0 replies)
... According to what I've read, a low TSH indicates hyperthyroidism and there is no way I have that. Thanks in advance! ... (2 replies)
... I have lurked here for a long time, finally decided to join, what a great community. so many wise people! I would love any opinion on my last two labs...what would you recommend for treatment? 11/7/16 TSH 0.28 (0.40-5.00 uIU/mL) FREE T4 0.90 (0.90-1.70 ng/dl) no free 3 taken 3/13/2017 (7 replies)
... Thank you so much for your thoughtful response, YaYaGirl!. Iím so glad your experience with NatureThroid has been so good, and I wish you an excellent response to the B-12. Since posting this, my acute symptoms have abated and I think I have adjusted to the new dose. I just got all my newest lab results after being on 81.25 mg NatureThroid: Free T3 2.6 (2.3-5.0) Free T4... (12 replies)

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