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... Rapid pulse is a classic symptom of thyroid med overdose. I'm not clear why you'd need to insist on blood work and why your doctor would even consider increasing your dose. IMHO you probably need a dose decrease and your thyroid function should have been retested in the ER. Was the ER aware of your history and meds? Was your pcp aware of your ER visit? Something doesn't... (1 replies)
... Help! Armour experts? elevated pulse that 2 weeks ago required ER intervention two weeks ago with IV of Avenin to stop and slow my heart rate of 190 bpm that went on 12+ hours. Please offer insights/info to help me organize next step in treating what is now Hashimoto's and was, 20 years ago, Graves hyper. 3 months ago switched to Armour at 135 mg, from a USP about 130 (with T3... (1 replies)
... I have not posted in a very long time. I have had my gp monitor my thyroid bloodwork since 2010. The endo dr I had gone to after having parathyroid surgery was not concerned about my thyroid antibodies as they were not in the thousands. I did try armour last year in Sept for a week and got gp to prescribe it. I felt anxious and chest felt weird so quit it. Was due to fly for a... (2 replies)

... Hi everyone Well long story short I've been treated with anti-thyroid medications and here are my blood tests 6/26/15 t4 12 , range 5-12.5 t3 uptake 43.5 % , range 22.5 - 37 free thyroxine index 5.2 , range 1 - 3.9 tsh less than 0.008 , range 0.350 - 4.500 after using Methimazole for 2 weeks 8/3/15 (0 replies)
... A little background. I am uninsured but recently bit the bullet and went to my old family doctor for a checkup because it had been about 5 years since I've had one. She did a great job, asked many questions, listened to my concerns etc. Throughout our discussion she stated that with my family history on both sides and with many of the things I'd said about the way I have been... (4 replies)
... Ok, I'm waiting to see an integrative medicine doctor. I'm not getting anywhere with the Endo that I have now (this being the second one) I may have more than one thing going on.... I've been reading alot and there are several sites that say any # on TSI above 2 is positive.... so my # is 42 (0-130)...I've also read the same about TPOab anything is positive... my # is 15... (1 replies)
... for about the last 10 years. Three years ago, my tsh was 0. ... (0 replies)
Hyper thyroid
Nov 20, 2015
... Dear sir, I am sandra hyperthyroid patient got diognised lab results on 16th October, taking neo mercazole 5mg every day before going bed. Lab Results on 16th Octoberas follows. TSH-1.93 FT4 - 0.99 fT3 -2.79 now I am feeling Soar throat Mouth Ulcer Unusual tiredness (1 replies)
... Hello there! for the last year I have been suffering certain symptoms without any explained reason. It all internally started about a year ago when i was quitting cigarettes and ive got strep throat. Got antibiotics and was checking the progress daily just to find out that i am indeed getting to feel better however my throat looked the same. every other doctor i went to since... (3 replies)
... I've been going back and forth with my doctor over the last two months about a couple of things. I'd posted previously about TSH vs T4 vs T3. ... (0 replies)
... So I posted a week ago that my doctor tested my TSH because she said my thyroid felt and looked enlarged. ... (2 replies)
... Here are my test results. TSH-2.94(.40 - 4.00) Free T4-1.0(.9 - 1.8) Free T3-4.4(1.8 - 4.8) Reverse T3-16.7(The ratio to free T3 is 26.3, above 20 is healthy) TPOAb-61(<35) TGAb-25(<40) Thyroxine Binding Globulin-17.7(13.5-30.9) Symptoms (0 replies)
... This September I had my physical and regular lab work and my tsh came back a little high at 6. ... (2 replies)
Thyroid Antibodies
Nov 14, 2015
... Hi there! I am new to this Forum and just completed extensive endocrinology labs. I need help understanding these results - thank you for any info you can provide! TPO = 130 (ref range <= 6 UI/mL) Thyroglobulin Antibodies = 16 (ref range <=4 UI/mL) TSH = 2,61 (ref range 0,30-5.0 UI/mL) (1 replies)
... I have been taking Armour thyroid for 6 years for low thyroid and have been up and down all along but for the most part I maintain. I have added iodine to my morning vitamins. The last year I have been taking compounded hormones. Progesterone and testosterone..... My recent thyroid test came back as follows Thyroxine (t4) 8.5 normal 4.5-12.0 TSH .020 low ... (1 replies)
... Hello Can anyone tell me what my thyroid test results mean TSH level above range 9.3 miu/L T4 level 13.0 pmol/l Do i have an underactive thyroid? Thanks (1 replies)
... A week or two ago, I had the same bloodwork redone when I had to switch doctors. For the first time in years, my TSH is showing in the normal range. ALL my values are showing in the normal range. ... (0 replies)
... g as I was on the .88 levothyroxine, but the doc didn't want me to go hyper because the levoxyl was brand name. WEll I took it for 2 months and retested and the TSH came back 1.07 range 0. ... (2 replies)
Help for my son
Nov 6, 2015
... I got my son's lab ranges back. His TSH is below normal. 0. ... (7 replies)
... I was tested again last month, and my results were as follows: TSH: 4.31 Free T3: 3.4 (range 2.0 - 4.4) Free T4: 1.1 (range: 0.82 - 1.77) TPO Ab: 9 ( 9 or greater is considered elevated) Vitamin D: 100 (good) (3 replies)

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