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... from my PCP so I went to the urgent care center where I was. The practitioner said it didn't feel like my thyroid or a lymph node but she drew blood to check my TSH and T4. ... (0 replies)
... Docs found nothing wrong with my heart, they did a tsh test which was 2. ... (1 replies)
Thyroid problems
Sep 28, 2016
... I have had thyroid issues for the past 5 years now up to 100mgsa day. Recently my tsh is at 0. ... (0 replies)

... and was referred to an endocrinologist after my TSH levels came back at below 0.01. ... (0 replies)
... The low TSH can't be interpreted alone. ... (2 replies)
... I had the blood work done that day and had a TSH of .27 and a free T4 of 1.0. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all I posted some of these results a couple of months back but now have more to add, any comments please, B12 257, coeliac 0.8, folate 10.3, tsh 0.992 0. ... (0 replies)
... One thing I've learned is that thyroid issues can be complex and not easily understood. I just looked at my health records and was reminded that my first TSH result was 8.88. My doctor set me up for another test in six months and then it was much lower. One was about 5 and another was in the 4 range. ... (5 replies)
... I recently got my TSH tested, after having a variety symptoms, and it was high (around 5.0). One of the worst symptoms, besides the fatigue, is the numbness and tingling in my hands and feet. It is becoming painful at work since I do a lot of typing. However, instead of treatment, my doctor wants to retest in 6 weeks. Why is this? Why not just start treatment right away. ... (5 replies)
Am I Hypo??
Sep 5, 2016
... THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES <1 < or = 1 IU/mL THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES 1 <9 IU/mL T3, TOTAL 82 76-181 ng/dL T4, FREE 1.0 0.8-1.8 ng/dL T3 UPTAKE 30 22-35 % T4 (THYROXINE), TOTAL 6.8 4.5-12.0 mcg/dL FREE T4 INDEX (T7) 2.0 1.4-3.8 TSH 0.97 0.4-4.5 mIU/L 0.40-4.50 T3, FREE 2.7 2.3-4.2 pg/mL T3 REVERSE, LC/MS/MS 12 8-25 ng/dL (2 replies)
... Well, I didn't have luck with m y gyno prescribing me synthroid - she sent me back to my general doctor who then did more bloodwork. CBD and Comprehensive Metabolic Panel came back all normal. TSH .30 (.40-4.50) T4 free .8 (.8-1.8) T3 free 3.2 (2.3-4.2) Prolactin 54.6 (2.0-20.0) She now wants me to have another MRI on my pituitary (I've had two 7 & 9 years... (7 replies)
... Initial Symptoms: Anxiety(Fight Or Flight Feeling), Adrenal Rush ( both come on in quick 3 seconds bursts then go away) all day every day. Lack of appetitie Current Symptoms Anxiety, Andrenal Rush, Nausea, Vomiting, Lack Of Appetite Sypmtoms seem to be getting worse...... Original Labs: Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies >900 T4Free - 2.0 ( .8-1.8) (6 replies)
... Oh by the way, my TSH was only 1.44 this time and that she doesn't do any treatment until it is over 4. ... (5 replies)
... Sorry new poster here that seems too need some clarification from others on this board. Can anyone tell me what the below indicates, if it seems low and could be an indication of something. I got these results not to long ago, but my dr said there's nothing wrong or out of place based on these numbers. I just can't explain how I feel tired and like a zombie all the time. No... (0 replies)
... His test last week revealed a slightly elevated TSH of 7. ... (1 replies)
... Hello all, I'm switching from Synthroid to armour and have some questions. My background is a TT last November for toxic goiter and haven't been able to adjust to Synthroid. We tried adding cytomel but I had severe palpitations and ended up in the ER. Now we are trying the armour and I really want it to work.Should I start slowly to avoid hyper symptoms? Should I split my... (0 replies)
... So I had my normal check up and came back with some elevated thyroid levels. I have no symptoms that I know of... I am in the gym a lot and take supplements. Nothing that can elevate the thyroid except possibly ZMA. I stopped taking the supplements for two weeks and then retook the tests. Below are the results. I have a radioactive scan next week but just curious on the boards... (0 replies)
... I need some help. My doctor thinks I am crazy because I have repeatedly told him that it feels like something is stuck in my throat. I am constantly tried to clear my throat (which is starting to get on my husband and co-workers nerves). I have had my primary doctor and my gyn doctor both say that my thyroid is enlarged just by feeling my neck. No energy to do anything but the... (5 replies)
... Before: May 2016 TSH 0.01 range 0.40-4.50 T4 Free 0.9, range 0.8-1.8 T3 Free 2.6, range 2.3-4.2 July 2016 TSH 0.01 same range above T4 Free 1.5 T3 Free 3.8 (3 replies)
Am I overmedicated
Jul 28, 2016
... moved away... My GYN did not have me come back in to be rechecked but I was feeling really good on 88mcg until about may so went back and she tested me and my TSH was .006 way over we went with 75mcg's everyday except for wed and I just had it checked again and my labs were FT3 3.0 Ft4 1. ... (0 replies)

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