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... When hypothyroidism is mild, not all symptoms will manifest. The newer thinking on TSH is that over 3.0 is indicative of hypothyroidism, so your TSH is higher than borderline with that standard. ... (1 replies)
... The first time I had my TSH levels checked I was 25 and was having a hard time getting pregnant. ... (1 replies)
... Hi! I was on this forum back in 2011 - and then promptly disappeared as I got "better" (and also had a few very, very stressful years). Fast forward to now - and I'm back! I went to the dr`s because of pain in my abdomen. She was able to feel my liver and told me it was enlarged. I went for an abdominal ultrasound - everything appears ok. Got my bloodwork back - and not... (0 replies)

... Hey everyone, My labs from January were the following: ESR 19 FT3 2.71 (2.18 - 3.98 pg/mL) FT4 0.99 (0.76 - 1.46 ng/dL) TSH 0.017 (0.36 - 3.74 uIU/mL) TT3 95 (76 to 181 ng/dl) (8 replies)
... If her TSH is still 11, she needs more medication. TSH should be around 1.0. An increased dose should also improve her Free T3 and Free T4. ... (1 replies)
... I have had controlled hypothyroid for seven years. My tsh level changed in May, so my Levo was increased to 75 MCG. I have had some major health changes over the past six months. Major muscle pain and weakness. ... (6 replies)
... Hello, I've has 2 miscarriage and maybe was due to my recently diagnosed thyroid(hypo). Even though my first trimesters lab results was normal: T4free Ng/dl 1.24 results and range 0.71-1.85 Tsh uiu/ml 1.662 results and range 0.340-4.820 Now in my second trimester I'm close to 25 weeks pregnant and my labs reads as follows: Ultra htsh Results 0.828 (normal range... (0 replies)
Thyroid Concerns
Feb 27, 2015
... A little history: I was diagnosed with hypertension in 1994/1995 right after the birth of my first son. I had lost so much weight after I had him and didn't really think much of it until I felt a goiter that was the size of a golf ball on my neck. The dr discovered it was a cold nodule and in 1998 they decided to operate to remove it. The dr removed 3/4 of my thyroid. I... (0 replies)
... I'm a 52 y/o male 5'10" 245# with hypothyroidism for 20 years taking 200 McG of Levothyroxine daily. I just got my lab results today. Serum Testosterone 144 (348-1197) Vitamin D 23.4 (30.0-100.0) TSH 5.210 (0.450-4.500) T4, Free 1.88 (0.82-1.77) I was sent to get labs to check my pituitary today. In general I feel like crap and am desperate. Any thoughts? (1 replies)
... have adrenal failure and Hashimotos. My tsh was never high... my recent labs tsh 0.04, free t3 2.67, free t4 0.77. What does this all mean? ... (0 replies)
... I somehow must have missed this one: Results Value Reference Range Status Date TSH 0.74 uIU/mL (0.50-6.20 ) completed 02/23/2015 I will go through and request the others though to see how those turn out. Thank you. (2 replies)
... In 2012 my TSH level was 1.2. ... (1 replies)
... Even though it hadn't been 6 weeks yet, my endocrinologist thought it ok to just go ahead and up dosage. She wants my TSH to be 0. ... (2 replies)
... Does that seem odd to anyone that my TSH would skyrocket like that and my FT4 and FT3 would stay the same? ... (0 replies)
... Hello there. Here are my results. The tsh and t3 are normal yet the t4 is low. I am on lithium carbonate. Does this warrant being treated? ... (0 replies)
Help please :)
Feb 10, 2015
... Hi I recently had some thyroid blood testing done . I'm having trouble deciphering what the results mean . The doc said its borderline and to repeat test in six months . Below are my labs ( I'm in Australia if that makes any difference ) TSH 0.45 ( 0.50- 4.00 ) this is highlighted as abnormal Free T4 19.0 ( 10.0- 19.0) Free T3 5.2 ( 3.5- 6.5 ) Any help appreciated... (0 replies)
... Thank you for your reply! :) I'm pretty sure she tested Total T4, not Free T4. Actually, all the lab script said was TSH. I didn't know until I saw her today that T4 was part of the labs at all. The T4 number was within range. She briefly showed me the results on her computer. I want to say it was around 75% in the range. The TSH said <0.05. Should I follow... (3 replies)
... I went to the new doctor and finally found someone that is willing to test my adrenals and hormones along with my thyroid. My newest results came back with TSH 0.16 0.4-4.5 T4 free 0.9 0.8-1.8 range T3 free 3.3 2.3-4.2 range so my T4 is still low and she has given me Cytomel to see if it helps. 25 mcg in the morning to start out with and test again in a month. I... (19 replies)
... Ok, here is brief summary. After reading my history would you continue to wait and see or get a second opinion? My current endo, has me seeing him once a year for ultrasounds and usually new biopsies. I feel horrible, struggled with depression, anxiety, 70 pounds over weight, fatigue. Mother (by age 35) both medullary and papillary cancers - thyroid removed Myself... (0 replies)
... Even though the TSH is "in range" it is on the lower end. ... (3 replies)

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