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... Hi There TSH was 0.15 FT4 was 12 FT3 was 4 At least you felt better...I haven't really felt much of anything lol. Hope someone has answers , D3 99 and Iron 12.3 with Ferratin 100 (2 replies)
... I am a 33 year old female with a history of hypothyroid. I've been on levoxyl since I was 13 years old. I had a readjustment of the medicine back in January and all looked fine. Anyway I hit a crisis this past week. Looking back, things were getting out of hand but I did not identify that there WAS a problem or WHAT the problem was. I was moody - I thought I had PMS. I... (1 replies)
Fluctuating TSH
Jun 10, 2016
... up. My TSH came back with a reading of 0.03. She sent me back for repeat blood work in case of lab error and to check my T3 and T4 and referred me to an endo. ... (2 replies)

TSH Problem???
Jun 8, 2016
... so my 3 and 4 look good. my TSH of 0.008 still worries me. ... (7 replies)
Test Results
May 29, 2016
... Hi I am going through same thing right now I feel awful how are your symptoms? I tried an anti-dep one dose for anxiety awful!!! I feel for you My level was 0.01 too six weeks ago only at 0.2 now They like to draw blood in a few months If your symptoms change or feel worse notify Your doc One week ago I started shortness of breath and trouble breathing stared Propanolol. I... (1 replies)
... Serum TSH level 8. ... (6 replies)
... TSH Ref Range .3-3.74 T4,Free Ref range .76-1.46 T3,Free Ref range 2.0-4.4 Thyroglobulin Ref range 0.0-0.9 TPOAb Ref range 0-34 (4 replies)
... Im back! ok I finally got all my results in one place. Tsh-2.74 Free T4-1.0 Free T3-3.6 Thyroglobulin Antibody-<1.0 Thyroid Peroxidase TPOAb- 9 I have a lot of hypoT symptoms but my results look okay right? I'm not even sure anymore. I feel defeated. Any input would be helpful. Thank you (4 replies)
... For about a year now I have been experiencing all the classic Hypothyroid symptoms which led me to ask for thyroid labs including the antibodies. THYROXINE, FREE (FT4) 1.07 ng/dL, range 0.80-1.73 TSH 1.650 uIU/mL, range 0.178-4.530 T3, FREE (FT3) 2.7 pg/mL, range 2.0-4.7 ANTI-TPO Ab 554 H IU/mL, range <35 Doc said to just keep an eye on the TPO's. At what point... (1 replies)
... Your TSH is within what is considered to be the normal range, but that doesn't mean your thyroid levels are optimal FOR YOU. For example, I feel best when my TSH is around 1.0 and would feel awful at 3.0. ... (3 replies)
Lab results
Jun 13, 2016
... I was diagnosed with graves quite a few years ago went into remission. Symptoms are as follows heart palps anxiety chest pains fatigue shortness of breath metallic taste in mouth tingly tongue brain fog shakiness. I went to er for chest pains that checked out fine. They refered me to endo. My labs are as follows. Free t4 1.89 (high) normal .82-1.77 Tsh 2.410 normal... (0 replies)
... I'm a 28-year-old male diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease in January. Suspect subclinical hypothyroidism based on symptoms and test results. Here are the most recent numbers: TSH: 3.06 Free T4: 0.95 Total T3: 97 Does this seem abnormal to you? (1 replies)
... Just curious as to what your TSH was before you started Naturethroid? ... (9 replies)
... The reasons are that your TSH is above 1. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I have had the symptoms of hypothyroidism for some time (i am now coming to realize). I ordered a complete thyroid panel and here are my results T3 Uptake - 30% (Range: 22-35%) T4 Total - 8.7 (Range: 4.5-12) Free T4 - 2.6 (Range: 1.4-3.8) TSH - 2.86 (Range: 0.40 - 4.50) T3 Reverse - 28 (Range: 8 - 25) Flagged as High Thyroglobulin... (0 replies)
Jun 9, 2016
... I see the TSH and Anti TPO is on the higher side... ... (0 replies)
... Hoping someone can help/direct me. I've been on ndt for a few years now, Naturethroid, 3 pills a day. I think I need more but my doctor disagrees. I finally got him to perform tests other then tsh and these are the results: T4 free 0.54. Ref range 0.6-1.40 T3 free 3.20. Ref range 2.10-3.90 TPO antibody 939.00. Ref range 0-9.00 TSH 1.01. Ref range 0.44-4.21 The... (9 replies)
Jun 8, 2016
... I had a thyroid test done because I am having trouble losing weight, where I have never had problems before. Doc said my test came back normal, but I would like to know more about the test and what it means, It was a TSH w/reflex to FT4 Value was 1.16 and range is 0.40 - 4.50 mIU/L Thanks for any info (0 replies)
... see a new pcp tsh alone should put you in hypo and AB are above the ref range No one should ever look at those results and say "theres nothing I can do". Unless they literally are incapable of doing anything for anyone. I recommendation to an endo should have been the internist next step. (3 replies)
... HI all, I am a 33 year old girl suffering from a wide range of symptoms. For over 9 months I have been looking for a diagnose but so far the only off things which came out of in my blood test were the results as shown below. (I am not sure how international the measurements are, so i put the reference values between brackets ) On the 8th of April my blood results were: ... (3 replies)

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