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... I repeatedly have very low TSH levels, but low to midrange free T4 and T3 levels. I have all the symptoms of hypothyroidism, not hyper, but my Dr. ... (2 replies)
... She wanted to test my thyroid and she tested for TSH and Serum free t4. ... (0 replies)
... Your TSH is low because you take exogenous T3 in the form of Cytomel. ... (2 replies)

Please Help!
Apr 10, 2018
... toms. I have been being treated for anxiety disorders, meanwhile, my levels are goofy. I have been begging for tests for so long but my PCP always just tests the TSH and says I'm "in range". I feel awful every day! I'm so over it! ... (0 replies)
... I'm new to this forum, found it while trying to find information about hypothyroidism. From what I'm reading it's very obvious my TSH is very high but just how low is my FT4? ... (0 replies)
... A week ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis with a TSH of 128. This seems really high. My T4 Free was 0. ... (0 replies)
... I posted here maybe sometime in March but I cannot find it anywhere. I tried looking for posts under my user name and everything comes up "no results found" so I will post it again. I am having a terrible time trying to lose weight. I was at the Dr on Thursday the 5th and he said if my test results are out of whack it will not help me lose the weight. As for the... (0 replies)
... symptoms of hypothyroidism, based on those labs. Healthy people without thyroid disease have TSH close to 1. ... (7 replies)
... My TSH is 1. ... (7 replies)
... I would not pay attention to the surgeon's opinion. Yes the TSH may be too high for you, but that test alone is not the deciding factor. ... (1 replies)
... I was diagnosed as Hashi's due to elevated thyroglubin antibody and TSH 4.57. They did not test for FT3 at that time but my FT4 was 0. ... (1 replies)
... if anyone can please help me with my lab results i would greatly appreciate it. been hashi for 23 years. on desiccated slow release compounded thyroid for apron 6 years. at time of random testing in August dose was 1/4 of levo 25mg. pill. Plus 115mg compounded slow release desiccated thyroid. No joint or muscle pain, felt great soother than a little hyper. August 23/17... (0 replies)
... So I had begun experiencing a range of symptoms slowly over a period of time, very heavy periods, weird brain fog accompanied by a strange puffy head feeling and very poor memory (so bad my OH has to tell me things we've done years ago). Then suddenly last Oct I just put on a stone in weight, I have always been quite slim - i normally carry weight on my bum and hips, but... (3 replies)
... Oh, I realized that if I hover over the result, it gives me the range. Duh :) Here are the results with the ranges! TSH 3.62 (normal 0.35 to 5.50, so it's more within the range of normal than I thought) Free T4 0.98 (normal 0.70 to 1.70) T3 total 84 (normal 60 to 181) TPO Antibodies 322 (normal 0-60) (8 replies)
... Hi guys, My doctor doesn't think my thyroid results are a problem. I don't know, what do you guys think? My thyroid results are in the range of normal, but extreme in that range. And my antibodies are high. TSH 3.80 Free T4 0.98 Total T3 (she wouldn't do Free T3) 84 TPO AB 322 I've had all the symptoms of hypothyroidism for years...these tests suggest there could... (8 replies)
... My TSH and free T4 are normal, btw. ... (2 replies)
... I had single level c6/c7 acdf Aug 17. About two months ago I started having a face rash, rash on top of fingers (above fist knuckles), I've gained 20+lbs, the fatigue is awful, depressed, hands and feet are cold, temp varies from 97.4 to 99.8, achy, ugh! I have my thyroid panel back and per usual I'm confuzzled on the results. It all says in the normal range. TSH ... (1 replies)
Jan 29, 2018
... kpigout1, different laboratories have different reference values and you may find them near your test results. Consult your medical provider. (2 replies)
... They're not all out of range but I read that a higher basophils count as well as some endo opinions that TSH above 2.0 can indicate hypothyroid irregardless of it being within lab range and both apply to me... ... (0 replies)
... Hi- I haven't posted for a while. I had a rough couple of years with things being really out of whack but feel more on track in the last two months. In March my levels were high and my dose got upped to 150 in June my levels were TSH 2.01 (range 0.40-4.00) FT3 free 3.6 (range 3.8-6.0) FT4 free 9.5 (range 7.9-18.4) (2 replies)

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