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... Hi I had RAI 12 years ago for multinodular goiter. A year later, I was given .075 mcg Synthroid and have been on that dose pretty much since. Increasing my dose to .088mcg 2 years ago made me feel awful so I went back with the ok from my Endo. I tend to feel better at the low end of normal in labwork. We had been watching a nodule for several years and I had 2 undiagnostic... (0 replies)
... I have been having problems with my thyroid for the last year or so (at least that's when I started to notice it). I have been on generic levothyroxine, Synthroid and now I'm on Armour thyroid. My latest results/symptoms have me worried. 07/03/2013 - No medication TSH 7.19 uIU/ML ( .45- 4.5) T4 (Doesn't say if its free or total) 10.9 ug/dl (4.5-12.0) I switched... (3 replies)
... A few of my blood tests are posted on my Dr's site. TSH: 3.22 Free T4: .9 T3: 150 I am on Armour 30 mg. Do these results tell you anything? I have many hypothyroid symptoms, but these results look pretty normal to me... (0 replies)

... I recently saw my gynecologist with complaints that I *thought* were related to the onset of menopause. I'm 46 and my periods over the past few years have become increasingly lighter flow & fewer days of bleeding. I had a period in January and then...nothing. As the months ticked by I wondered why women complain so about menopausal hot flashes because I never had any. In... (2 replies)
Lab result help
Oct 2, 2014
... Can anyone help me interpret my results please? These were taken two weeks ago. I'm 26yo and this is all new to me. Thyroglobulin ab 10.8 (range 0.0-0.9) Thyroglobulin ria 12 (in range) Triiodothyronine 107 (in range) Thyroid peroxidase ab 594 (range 0-34) Vitamin D 22.5 (range 30-100) Thyroxine free 0.58 (range 0.61-1.12) TSH 9.78 (range 0.34-5.6) (10 replies)
... On my first pregnancy my TSH was high and endo thinks that is why I lost it, but on my second pregnancy I was in optimal levels and still lost the baby. ... (2 replies)
... comatose phase, because I slept 15 or more hours a day. I tried to get the Dr. concerned that it could be Thyroid, but because my TSH was ok they ignored me. ... (0 replies)
... Post thyroidectomy 2009.....5 nodules, benign. Was on .88 Levi for past 3-4 yrs....went hyper in Feb. Dose lowered to .75. Felt ok by end of April, then May I started having horrible acid reflux and now gastritis.....not sure if other symptoms are menopause.....was told labs in Dec showing hormone changes. Feb 2014 Tsh. 0.13 (0 replies)
... this is that the myth that Free T3 need to be in the upper part of the range only applies to Pregnant women, and besides a higher dose of Levo will suppress the TSH and it is not indicated...yet. He says longer on the 137 mcg may level out the T3 a little higher. ... (20 replies)
... The upper cut off point is 20 I believe, but my TSH has never been out of range and is always around 1. ... (1 replies)
... I think because my thyroid hasn't totally burnt out yet my t3 and t4 are still working properly but my tsh is definitely abnormal. ... (4 replies)
... I think because my thyroid hasn't totally burnt out yet my t3 and t4 are still working properly but my tsh is definitely abnormal. ... (4 replies)
... T3 uptake - 29.0 FT4L - 1.39 TSH - 0.01 Thyroid Perez AB - 697.49 C Reactive proteins - 2.2 Antithyroglobulin - 3.5 reference Reference Interval Antithyroid Peroxide Antibodies - 167 Uptake test showed enlarged thyroid Enlarged cervical lymph nodes bilaterallybilaterallybilaterally ANA - Positive, 1:640, Speckled (2 replies)
Aug 15, 2014
... of 5mcg. Was tested,again,last week and my TSH doubled from 1.22 to 2.40! ... (0 replies)
... It's always a struggle to get free T3 and 4 checked when TSH is in the 'normal range'. How do you get your doctor to order more tests? ... (0 replies)
... and TSH is 0. ... (3 replies)
... ve posted my latest results at the end of my post. He said that my TSH was a little low, but ok. ... (4 replies)
... lcium daily. I let four hours pass after I take my thyroid hormones before I take any of my calcium meds. I have not changed anything in my diet or meds and my TSH reading last week was 22.7, T3 65, FT4 0.9 and last month everything was normal, TSH 1.9, FT4 1.2, T3 90. ... (4 replies)
... Hi all, I recently went to check my Thyroid levels and now am getting conflicting results from my doctor and the web. Need some advice from people more experienced with this. I'm a 33 year old male, also suffer from Alopecia Areata. Just got back my thyroid results and my family doctor says everything is fine. TSH = 4.49 mIU/L Lab range is 0.35-5 T4 = 15 pmol/L... (4 replies)
... always hungry, muscle weakness.i went and visit my endo, he said since the TSH reading normal, so you are not having hyper and he discharged me. but i can realise that i am having all the symptoms of hyper. can anyone help me? ... (2 replies)

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