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... my Free's could be better and higher. The doctor has never been concerned about them, the endo, internist say they are good numbers. Once again doctors going by TSH alone I am guessing. I have symptoms of hyperthyroidism even though I am hypothyroid. Main symptom is evening anxiety and fatigue. ... (0 replies)
... My story started in Feb of this year my TSH level came back 0.285 from my well woman check I was referred to an endocrinologist. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I have been experiencing Hypothyroid symptoms for the last couple years but the most severe ones have been Hair Loss (at least 1-2 handfuls per day), weight gain, intolerance to cold, tired,etc. I have been seeing an endo for the last couple of years and have always been told that my bloodwork is normal. I also have nodules on my thyroid and one that was 1.4... (0 replies)

... I also wanted to note that the doctor has given me a photocopy of all my blood work and I noticed that a blood test I did a month ago showed my TSH at 2.35, so it gone up quiet a bit. ... (1 replies)
... Hello, I am a 20 year old male and over the last year I have been getting worsening symptoms these include: Increased tiredness, lack of drive, heat/cold intolerance, excessive sweating, head and body hair loss (Not normal MPB pattern), loss of libido, weak erections, watery sperm, depression, anxiety and mood swings. I decided to go to my GP about this and had a... (0 replies)
... I am a 35 year old male. I have been experiencing fatigue, insomnia, poor sleep, thinning hair, joint pain, muscle aches, some depression and anxiety off and on for about two years. I started with allergy immunotherapy six months ago. I go to an ENT office for my allergy shots. I had an appointment with the CRNP, at the ENT office, because I thought the allergy shots were... (0 replies)
... Hoping someone here can help me...I am a 36 year old female and I have been suffering severe air hunger for the past 4 months, steadily getting worse, and am at my wits end trying to figure out the cause. ... (0 replies)
Nodule Discovered
Jun 17, 2015
... My numbers from January 2015 are as follows: TSH: 0.91 T4 (Thyroxine): 6.7 mcg/dl 4.5-12.0 normal Free T4 Index (T7): 2.4 1.4-3.8 normal T4,Free: 1.1 0.8-1.8 normal T3, Total: 91 76-181 normal (2 replies)
... As you can see, my TSH goes from borderline to lower, then back up again. My TPO went from below 6 too 20.4 in just 2 week and then increased very slightly after that. ... (9 replies)
... Hello, I was wondering if anyone here can help me out regarding what's going on with my thyroid. I went to my physician a few weeks back because I was not feeling well, having trouble swallowing and had a horse voice. Also, recently I have gained weight, lost a ton of hair, been really tired and had tingling extremities. I also have PCOS and all the women on my maternal side... (0 replies)
... and began seeing an endocrinologist. To this point, I have been told that everything was normal. Below are my Lab results over time. Is it odd that my TSH numbers keep jumping around? ... (1 replies)
... and had 2 heart surgeries, one at 5 days old and one at 6 months old. ... (0 replies)
TSH results
Apr 7, 2015
... at. I went off meds for two weeks and then had blood work. free T4 is 0.4 and TSH is 132.25. Obviously one is low the other extremely high. Doc is starting me at . ... (2 replies)
... h and a week ago. I was working out at the gym for a hour and a half every day. All of a sudden I started having health problems. I had my blood work checked. My tsh was 4.87, my free t4 was 0.6, and my t3 free was 3.2. ... (0 replies)
... It's wise not to take levothyroxine within 4-6 hours before having free T4 measured. Stopping it for days doesn't make sense. Why would you do that? (4 replies)
... I have been having many symptoms thats the reason for the sono and appt isnt until next month can i get some help please PROCEDURE: ULTRASOUND OF THE THYROID COMPARISON: None. INDICATIONS: GOITER TECHNIQUE: High resolution ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland was performed. FINDINGS: ISTHMUS MEASUREMENT: .3 cm PREV cm RT THYROID... (0 replies)
... Thank you so much Harri3t, for your kind, calm and detailed response. It is much appreciated. I have seen much devastating illness in my family and as a result, whenever I have an issue I am immediately fighting off panic in my mind. I did do some reading as you suggested! But I found it quite confusing. I will need to educate myself further. I think for the last... (5 replies)
... Hello. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism several years ago and given Naturthroid to take daily. My doctor did not at the time, impress upon me how very serious thyroid issues are, he simply breezed past it and said, take this. I did, but then my levels became HypO-thyroid and he changed the dose. Then upped it again when levels became high. Meanwhile I became very... (5 replies)
... chronic hives. The hives would mysteriously appear, hang around for weeks, then mysteriously disappear. This time, it was obviously triggered by a reaction to a 6 inch piece of kineseotape I used for physical therapy. I feel confident about a diagnoses of adhesive allergy. ... (0 replies)
... pound in 6 weeks! I am tired a lot and have little appetitie but eat because i know I need menstrual cycles are all messed up... ... (0 replies)

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