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... I've had Hashimoto's for about 6 years and had stable levels since things initially settled down. ... (0 replies)
... I need to touch base with my PCP again. My symptoms say I'm undermedicated but I know she's going to see that TSH and refuse to increase me since she mentioned it would make her nervous if I got down around the 0.5 range. ... (3 replies)
TSH result
Jan 24, 2016
... My TSH result 14 months ago was 6. ... (1 replies)

... TSH 1.07 (.34-5.60) T4 13.9 (6.1-12.2) T4free 1.84 (.60-1.10) T3 free 4.17 (2.10-3.90). I was taking 75 mcg levothyroxine. This is the first time that my T3free is high, thought my T4 was a little high the last couple of time that I had it check. I drop my dose to 60mcg. My concern is what effect would I have or begin to have with high 3 and 4. What are your thought. ... (2 replies)
... I just got my lab results. fT3 4.23 pmol/l (norm 3.13-6.76) fT4 16.39 pmol/l (norm 12.0-22.0) TSH 1.87 mlU/l (norm 0.27-4.20) anty-TG 11.3 IU/ml (norm <115) anty-TPO 9.13 IU/ml (norm <34) (0 replies)
Help with labs
Feb 1, 2016
... Just seeing if someone could help me with some test results I just got today. I've been trying to tell doctors for years that I was having problems with my thyroid. But no one would listen. I moved from Washington state to Arizona and found a doctor who not only understood but was going through thyroid problems herself. I printed out some labs from last year and brought... (1 replies)
... oped strong pain in my neck area, it was swollen, radiated to the jar area, shoulders, plus fast heartbeat, sweating, insomnia, hot flashes....all unusual. After 4 weeks of ongoing problems, I finally went to see a GP. ... (0 replies)
... This past summer, my thyroid went haywire and I became hyper. My endo immediately decreased my T3 and has been slowly increasing my T4 over the past 6 months to bring me back in range. ... (0 replies)
... abs back and I thought I was over medicated. Really not sure was going on. Starting in May 2015 my levels have not been stable, May was on .88 levothyroxine TSH was 1.39 range 0. ... (0 replies)
... Recent tests came back AB to hypothyroglobulin 393.9 and TSH 5.34. Free T3 and T4 normal. I also had high ANA titer of 2560. ... (5 replies)
... I have been through so much in the last 6 months, i don't know which way is up anymore. Started in July with vertigo that sent me over the edge and still trying to figure it out. ... (0 replies)
... thoughts are on how the NDT with my high normal range T3 would be for me. My mother had Hashimotos and was on Synthroid for years, but no idea what they treated TSH to. My sister is hypo but not Hashi and is happy on Naturethroid. Thanks for any observations. ... (2 replies)
... Hi all, I will keep this short. I was hyper for 3 months ( from June to Aug-2015). Main symptom was only less energy. Then from Oct to till now i'm Hypo but I never needed to take any medicine because there are no any major symptom. somedays are so much bad but I manage. rest days are OK. My lab :- Sep-2015 Thyroglobulin Antibodies - 728.1 Negative: <115-... (11 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Hashimotos this past spring. The only way to confirm Hashimotos is via antibody testing, and mine was very very high. TSH was under 2 at the time. ... (3 replies)
... should I be on, four months after my TSH jumped to 7.0 in five months? ... (3 replies)
... ad an ultrasound done July of 2014 and went to the ER June of 2015 . I have the records , reports , an x ray on a disk , and the ultrasound images on a disk . My TSH level is 306 and Free T4 is 0.33 . ... (8 replies)
... Could anyone offer some advice or a similar personal experience? I'm 23, female. My latest blood tests: Free T4: 12.3 ---- 7.2-16.4 pmol/L Free T3: 6.0 ---- 3.8-6.0 pmol/L Reverse T3: 0.23 ---- 0.09-0.35 ng/mL S-TSH: 0.85 ---- 0.37-3.50 mIU/L (2 replies)
... Hi all. I posted here back in September shortly after I went to emergency with heart palps, anxiety, etc, etc. I thought I'd post again and update my situation to see if anyone has any insight. Labs in early September 2015 were as follows: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 0.02 (0.30 - 4.00) Thyroxine Free 22 (9 - 23) (0 replies)
... of you. I'm new to this as well, as of last Sept. Hasn't really been a moment of feeling better though and the pains are much more significant. I went from a TSH of 19 to .018 a high FT4 and a high normal of FT3, and my RT3 went from low to normal range. That was taking medication between Sept and Dec. ... (2 replies)
Help please
Jan 1, 2016
... Would be grateful of some advice. Have had a gradual worsening of all of these symptoms over a period of about 4-6 months- fatigue, headaches, brain fog, low temp, pain in wrists and hands, periods have change to double the length and to extremely heavy, weight gain, rising in ears, I've also got this feeling of discomfort in my throat ( like I have to swallow 2-3 times to... (1 replies)

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