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... started out with panic attacks in mid 20s, have increased exponentially in the last 6 years to the point I can't function day to day currently. ... (1 replies)
... Hi, I'm new here and new to hyperthyroidism, diagnosed almost 4 weeks ago, I noticed the tell your story threads are closed so I will tell mine here. ... (0 replies)
... So, I've never had an abnormal thyroid test in my life but the only thyroid test that I haven't had done is RT3. I was always told by every doctor I've ever had including an Endo, that RT3 is only used in very rare circumstances and I didn't need it. My symptoms include consistent, brutally stubborn body fat, cold intolerance, brain fog, non-existent libido and fatigue. All of... (0 replies)

... Before meds. Free T4 Direct 1.26 (0.93-1.6) T3 138 (71-180) TsH 4.49 (0.45-4.5) TPO 7 (0-26) Now on Armour 45 Free T4 Direct 0.95 (.93-1.6) T3 118 (71-180) TPO 10 (0-26) (1 replies)
... at beginning with levo, TSH was on 4. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone: Reading the message boards not only this, im impressed with medical negligence with thyroid issues, after alll my case hasn`t been so 'hard'.............nearly seven years(may be more) i became with carpal tunel syndrom,low sex drive(im 37 years old male, 30 years then), erection problems, but urologist and endochrinologist said that all was in my head and... (1 replies)
... over growing concerns, I got my blood tested and had a result of 6.1 for TSH and told by the doctor that although it's borderline, they do not begin treatment until it hits 10. ... (1 replies)
... the moment. The frustrating thing is, every lab is different and numbers aren't set in stone. Its just an average in fact I was told that the new guidelines for TSH were going to change and go lower than 4.5 and some I have seen go to 5.0 because that way, the Pharm and FDA get to prescribe more meds. ... (3 replies)
... My Endo said I was now hyper and wanted to lower Tirosint to 112 and get labs done in another 6 wks. I said there was no way I could keep feeling this way and that I wanted to go back on Armour. ... (3 replies)
... when I was 21. My TSH was a 6.4 and I felt horrible. ... (0 replies)
Feb 23, 2017
... Could someone please help me to understand what I will need to ask my new endo at an upcoming appointment in March. I was diagnosed with hypothyroid in 2013 and then Hashimotos in 2014. All results are below. I currently take 200mcg Levothyroxine and 10mcg Liothyronine and I have not felt completely well on this. Thank you November 2011 *TSH 5.2 (0.2 - 4.2) Free T4... (0 replies)
Thyroid Lab Help
Feb 12, 2017
... hese are the numbers I have now. They come from different labs over the dates, so the ranges are different on some of them. I thought it wasn't at all normal for TSH and Free T4 to be low at the same time. Any thoughts appreciated. I have never been on medication of any kind for thyroid. Thank you. ... (0 replies)
... About two weeks ago I had a blood test done and my TSH level came back as 6.150, the lab range being . ... (2 replies)
... TSH 1.07, T4 13.9 high, T4f 1.84, high, T3f 4.17, high, was taking .75 mcg. Felt good when the TSH was 1. ... (0 replies)
... unhealthy college food. My doctor prescribed sertraline aka Zoloft, but also did some blood work. They called me with the results the other day and found that my TSH level was 6.150 and was higher than what is considered normal range, so I'm going back for more tests. ... (5 replies)
... Hi all, follow-up lab work ordered plus some additional tests due to muscle/joint pain. My confusion and somewhat worry, lies in the elevated WBC. Do others experience elevations in their WBC labs with hashi's even though inflammation doesn't seem active? ESR and CRP considered to be good markers for inflammation yet both are at the lowest end of the range they could be. ... (3 replies)
... For instance I read that if you have a nodule and your TSH levels are normal there is a higher chance of malignancy. ... (4 replies)
... I saw my endo beginning of February and she sent me for some blood work. my results are: TSH .55 range .32-4 mIU/L FT3 4.6 range 3.1-6.2 pmol/L RT3 20 range 8-25 ng/dL FT4 12 range 9-19 pmol/L Prolactin 28.2 range 5.0-27 ug/L cortisol am 457 range 135-537 nmol/L transglutaminase Ab IgA negative endomysial antibodies negative (0 replies)
Any chance? 😢
Feb 8, 2017
... I've been dealing with over 100 symptoms which seem to be relatable to a thyroid problem, but apparently, I'm normal. I'm so sad right now because I'm so exhausted I have very little of my old life left. The doctors want to diagnose me with M.E. but I really am not convinced. My most recent results were T4 14.4 range 12-22 T3 4.2 range 3.1-6.8 TSH 2.2 range 0.27-22 ... (0 replies)
... hi, I have grave's disease. I need help with my dose of methimazole. I think my endocrinologist is not very good and I don't know what to do. I am on 2.5 mg methimazole since November last year. I feel really really cold all the time lately and now I started to have no energy and feel sleepy a lot during the day. I know these are signs of hypothyroidism. I called my... (3 replies)

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