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... Labs I got adnormal results for..I had to PUSH for the thyroid cause my TSH was "normal" The first time taken my TSH was only .88 two months its up to 1.02. ... (1 replies)
... suddenly much worse starting 6 months ago. I have my levels checked frequently and they're always different. I have a goiter plus two 2cm nodules and 2 smaller ones. ... (2 replies)
... FT4 levels low end of reference range of questionable ? ... (7 replies)

... years and he was diagnosed as growth hormone deficient. He also has inadequate cortisol levels, but passed his ACTH stim test. During all the testing his thyroid levels have always been normal, middle range. But after a month of being on growth hormone replacement his levels changed. ... (0 replies)
... Also, does it hurt anything to have my TSH suppressed? ... (0 replies)
... here, and scared. I'm 41, and via an ultrasound, was just told that I have a goiter with a dominant nodule of 3.3cm in the right side of my thyroid. Dr. said my TSH level is low, but T3 and T4 are fine. He is referring me to an endocrinologist, and now he wants me to have a biopsy. ... (1 replies)
... I am now on levothyroxine to try and bring my T4 levels up and see what happens. ... (3 replies)
... o female who was diagnosed w hypo about a year ago. I went to an MD and then an Endo who refused to treat me because my levels were "normal" even though my symptoms were classic hypo. I finally found a doc who treated symptoms not just labs. Fast forward to now, 2 med changes later. ... (3 replies)
... your thyroid tests. Blood tests to measure TSH, T4 and T3are readily available and widely used. The best way to initially test thyroid function is to measure the TSH level in a blood sample. ... (4 replies)
... I did checked more ANA and more Thyroid levels on Friday and will hopefully post those results tomorrow after receiving them. ... (11 replies)
... weeks, that's when you usually know what the dose does for you. When your thyroid levels normalize you don't stop the meds. ... (14 replies)
... t. Usually the medication is started on a fairly low dose of 25 or 50 mcgs and increased over time according to labs and symptoms. You can have your labs checked 6 weeks after every adjustment to see how the dose is working. ... (14 replies)
... Latest Testosteone 8/24/11 after arimidex Estradiol 51 pg/mL Total Test 923 Test Free 193.7 46 -224 pg/ml Test Bio avail 390 110 - 575 ng/dl SHG 23 10 - 50 albumin 4.4 3.6 5.1 (13 replies)
... As of June Glucose 101 65 -99 Testosterone total 491 ng/dl 250 Free test 89.2 46 - 224 bioavailable 191.2 110-575 Albumin serum 4.7 3.6 5.1 Estradiol 41 pg/ml 20 - 47 ACTH 25 8 - 48 renin 2.65 .25 5.82 Epineph plasma 93 (13 replies)
... my TSH was 4.85 and my total T4 was 6.4 and I had cholesterol issues, which I believed were anomalous, despite being told they were a result of dietary issues. ... (13 replies)
... You are in the UK, with a TSH of 6.8 if you were in the US or Australia you would already be on medication. ... (4 replies)
... Just a quick question regarding tsh levels. I'm newly diagnosed hypothyroid, and after being on 50mcg synthroid for 6 weeks, my levels of tsh and free t4 are considered "normal" tsh 1.884 range . ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed 2 yrs ago and doc seemed nice, did the blood tests, and I send emails once in a while with questions about TSH levels, symptoms, etc and get a standard "Those are not problems" response. ... (0 replies)
... I was hoping someone might have some information regarding TSH levels. ... (3 replies)
... Just wondering if there is anything that can affect TSH levels, one week I was 6.0 and two weeks later I was 3. ... (3 replies)

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