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... Last TSH was 2. ... (4 replies)
... The TSH 'range' is so general as to be nothing more than a start. At the high end of high means that you very well be low thyroid. You need a doctor that understands thyroid. It is a hormone. Needs are specific to each individual. ... (6 replies)
... My TSH has gone up to 3. ... (1 replies)

... A week ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis with a TSH of 128. This seems really high. My T4 Free was 0. ... (0 replies)
... I'm new to this forum, found it while trying to find information about hypothyroidism. From what I'm reading it's very obvious my TSH is very high but just how low is my FT4? ... (0 replies)
... The "normal" range is definitely not normal for everyone. From experience, when my TSH was over 2. ... (8 replies)
... related post, and my first ever post to this forum, woo! ... (3 replies)
... In 2009 my TSH was 3.5, by 2010 it was up to 6. ... (2 replies)
... Unfortunately you need better tests than the uptake, total, and index that were done for you. They are essentially useless to determine the actual levels of free thyroid hormones in your blood. ... (7 replies)
... I'm new to the boards and struggling to find out what's wrong with me. Any advice would be greatly apreciated. ... (11 replies)
... My thyroid has been fluctuating between hyper, hypo and normal for the past 3 years and I have never been on any thyroid medication. 3 years ago I had hyperthyroidism that resolved itself. ... (4 replies)
... free t4 0.69 range 0. ... (4 replies)
... Ok so due to suspecting hypothyroidism, because of several symptoms, I saw my doctor and ordered some tests. ... (1 replies)
... Free T4 0. ... (7 replies)
... You don't need TSH for anything other than to stimulate the thyroid to pruduce thyroid hormones. ... (2 replies)
... after the completion surgery was 112 mcg. I went slightly hyper on that and had horrible insomnia, so my endocrinologist agreed to reduce my dose to 100 mcg. ... (1 replies)
... Check our "Thyroid Symptom List and Other Information" sticky thread to learn what they are. ... (10 replies)
... gyn did a free t4 and tsh test as part of an infertility workup. I have been experiencing secondary infertility, we had a miscarriage in March 2015 and have not been able tp concieve again. ... (1 replies)
... If you have TSH over 5, it doesn't matter what the reason for that is. Your brain is telling your pituitary gland that there's a need for additional thyroid hormone. ... (3 replies)
... As long as your free T4 level is optimal... not merely adequate... you shouldn't have any more trouble with conception and pregnancy than the average healthy woman. ... (2 replies)

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