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My TMJ started when my bite was off. I was under a lot of stress last year, and I clenched during the day. I had neck, upper back and shoulder pain. I saw a chiropractor and he did some adjustments. He was gentle -- he used a small appliance to gently make adjustments. He also worked on my posture. I also did physical therapy. My insurance paid some of the cost - I paid $25 for each visit (physical therapy and dry needling). And the dry needling really helped my tight muscles around my neck. In addition, I had to do splint therapy because my bite was off -- I developed an open bite because both of my meniscus were subtly anteromedial displaced.

I walk for 30 minutes at work to loosen up my muscles, and it helps my pain a bit. I take ibuprofen (200 mg) 3 times a day and .5 mg of Klonopin. I saw my TMJ specialist today because I wanted him to check my orthotic. He made an adjustment because I'm hitting harder on my right side. He said hopefully this adjustment will help my ears. I'm praying.
[QUOTE=austinbobcat;5442377]My open bite was caused because I clenched (during the day) in May last year. I was under a lot of stress, and I would put woodchips in between my teeth and clench. My bite used to be normal, but I really think the bad oral habits and clenching caused my ligament (right side) to stretch. My bite was off because both my meniscus were subtly anterior displaced (caused by the stretched ligament). The MRI shows my ligament on the right side being stretched, and most of my pain and issues are on the right side. The orthotic helps with the pain.

I had a good day today. I used flonase for my ears, and I think it helped the crackling in my ears a bit(: I'll start physical therapy next week, and I'll let you know how it goes. I did dry needling last year and it helped. I received the dry needling through physical therapy and my insurance paid most of the cost. I believe I only paid $25 for 1 hour therapy (20 minutes TENS, 20 minutes physical therapy, 20 minutes dry needling).

God Bless!!!![/QUOTE]

Hi Austin,

What type of tmj dentist created your splint? Was it a Neuromuscular dentist? There is a couple neuromuscular dentists in my area that I am considering visiting.


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