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[QUOTE=Hopefulgurl1;5444652]The New Year is coming and I'm getting even more stressed because I really didn't want to go into the new year dealing with this dreadful tmjd. I can't believe I spent nearly a year trying to fix this and I'm even worse than before. I'm losing hope by the day. I'm getting so scared that this will become my life from now on and I just can't accept this. I'm so young with my life ahead of me. I'm getting sleep problems now, pulse on the high end, anxiety, depression, poor appetite, ear pain now, jaw pain on the other side just too much. I found this new dr but I'm just feeling like they are all the same, just don't know how to treat everyone properly. Who can keep affording thousands of dollars for treatments that aren't a sure thing?! And I'm scared of the splint because they change your I just wish I can turn back time to when I was just fine, this didn't have to happen to me, it was a dentists fault not my own negligence, I had great teeth, and comfy bite and a great life before this nightmare began.[/QUOTE]

I am so sorry you are going through all of this. It can be (and really is) a VERY stressful event for a lot of us suffering from this (and many other) afflictions.
I can tell you with certainty that it "CAN" get better. The pain and symptoms themselves "can" improve and over time your body learns to react differently to it so you don't have all the anxiety, you tend to sleep better and get back to living life.
For some that is more difficult than others, but the reaction can be changed - I would seek a counselor for cognitive behavioral therapy if you are having a lot of anxiety, maybe even biofeedback treatment.

As for how much your pain will improve, how long it will take or how much it will cost, I cannot speculate.

I too have spent thousands on treatment. My TMJ symptoms are improving with a bight guard, months of physical therapy, acupuncture and dry needling + muscle relaxers, but everyone is different. I would recommend finding a reputable doctor that specializes in TMD treatment and get evaluated. Research what they are recommending and see if that treatment is for you.

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