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I may or may not have TMJ, but I want to find out. I have had ear ringing in my left ear with occasional off-balance periods - nothing major. I also get sinus pain from time to time, and I've had a little ear pain and itching (not very often and not that bad). I've always been told by dentist I've had a small mouth - meaning I can't open very wide. I don't get clicking in the jaw unless I apply force to the bottom of my jaw while trying to open it - resistance. But even then, it may click only once or so. I have noticed the ear ringing gets ever so slightly louder when I apply resistance against my "open jaw" movement. I really don't experience pain, other than the occasional "sinus" headache above one of my eyes on my forehead. I just can't stand the freaking ringing in my left ear! Some days its hardly noticeable and others it is hard to concentrate.

I went to an ENT and he said the ear was fine. An audiologist gave me a hearing test and I had slight high frequency hearing loss in my left ear. My speech discrimination score was excellent though.
I have another appointment in July with another ENT to get a second opinion.

That's the history, but my question is if anyone might know of a good TMJ specialist/dentist in the Dallas, TX area. I just want to make sure. I would rather catch something like this early before it starts to get worse.

Thanks in advance....


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