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i also have ear pain. it is a weird pain.i cant put my finger in my ear without it hurting,the whole side of my head and face hurt when i even brush my ent checked my sinuses but he said he didnt think that was my prob. and my ears were fine. he said he heard cracking sounds when i opened my mouth and also when i would shut my mouth my jaw would he said he thought i had tmj.i have tried to become aware of what im doing and i have noticed that i clench my teeth alot.also ive had all my back teeth taken out and my partials are metal so i cant ware them.(am allergic to metal)the question i have is can tmj cause that kind of ear pain?also i have other weird pains.these are in my head,neck,shoulders,top part of back and will go into my feels like muscle spasms.can tmj cause this also? im sorry i have so many questions,it just hurts soooooo bad and i want some answers.i have called my dentist about the metal partials and she is trying to get me the flexable kind that is not metal.i can only chew on my left side because thats where i have the most teeth and my ent said that was a big cause of tmj.does any of this sound right?i trust my ent but i have seen alot of post here and you people are so caring and help so much.i thought i would run it by all of you. thank you for any help have a blessed day :)

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