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Ear/Eye problems
Aug 8, 2004
Some parts are posted on the eye and TMJ boards.

About 8 weeks ago I was diagnosed with Simplex Ocular in my right eye. The doctor said this was caused by a stressful situation a few days earlier. I’ve been to the eye specialist at least once or twice a week since trying to clear this up.
Around week 2 of the eye problem I started having problems with my right ear bothering me. Now both.
My family doctor has treated me for fluid behind the ears and a viral infection. Neither helped. Now he is treating me, for the last two weeks, with a sedative am and pm because he thinks the problems with my ears are being caused by my TMJ (diagnosed with TMJ 15 years ago). The sedatives are not helping other than making me tired all the time.

Eye Symptoms:
Sandy feeling
Sore eye

Ear/Jaw Symptoms:
Jaw sore to the touch
Pain in ear canal (not extreme pain, just weird feeling if that makes sense)
Lobe pain (on/off)
Throbbing in both ears
Fullness feeling
Also hollow feeling and cold at times
Sometimes sharp pain that only last seconds (like a pick being stabbed in the ear)
Jaw pain (not extreme and not all the time, worse in the mornings when I wake up)
Sore neck and shoulders
Numbness that is driving me absolutely crazy (numbness feeling: back of head, lips, forehead, cheeks and even my nose sometimes.)
Feelings are totally different from a typical ear ache.
A lot of these problems I have experienced over the years, but not all together and this long at one time..

Have any of you with TMJ had these problems related to your TMJ? Do you think that my TMJ could be bothering me in connection with the stress and the stress of having an eye problem?

Whats really weird is that my ears don’t seem to bother me as bad if I’m outside doing something? Any of you ever experienced that?

Any advice would be appreciated. My doctor keeps looking at me like I have lost my mind. I get tired of hearing “yea, your TMJ is acting up”, but no one seems to be able to help me deal with it. I can’t even wear a night guard to help with the grinding. I’ve had an upper and lower denture for years. My teeth were in really bad shape from the grinding and the dentist felt it would help the pain to get the dentures. It did help for awhile. But I actually wake up some mornings grinding sores in my bottom gum with the top denture. (Don’t sleep in the bottom denture)

Again. Please someone let me know I’m not alone in all these weird things happening to me above the shoulders. It seems only people who experience these problems can understand how you feel.
God Bless,

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