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:confused: After reading so many posts from all of you, I don't know where to go from here.

Here's a brief summary of my problems/symptoms. (albeit I know I have TMJ). As for my tmj, I have never admitted to any dentist that I have it, but how can you hide it , when you open wide? Anyway, it's never been treated. My jaws pops/cracks so loudly, and when it does it hurts my ears, the left more often than the right. At times when eating, it is a constant clackey clack, real embarrassing if in front of others:( I am overly sensitive to noise. I constantly am telling everyone to stop yelling, and high pitched sounds drive me nuts and are louder to me than others, my vision is also blurry. My neck is a constant knot. Is always "hard" and this neck pain goes down into my shoulders as well.
I get pressure in my ear to the point that I am certain it will explode into bits, and then comes the pain. It's almost always pressure with pain. I am lightheaded EVERY day of my life. I'm fatigued to the point I can't do much of anything. Weakness is severe and all over my body, especially legs and arms. My jaw will ache and feels like it's swollen 3 inches from my face. I get dizzy very easily.

I recently, (last Wednesday) had an episode I'd rather die than go through again. Upon awakening, I was beyond dizzy, I had vertigo that was unlike any vertigo I'd experienced in the past. (and this episode topped one where I collapsed and was holding onto the table waiting for the world to stop spinning) Wednesday was worse than that. My "walk" was worse than any intoxicated person's, felt like I was walking on a moving merry go round, and when I stood still, the ground was at an angle to me. As if you were standing on the side of a circle. The nausea was terrible, and lasted for 2 solid days with NO break. Food was the devil, couldn't even stand to look at it. The worst part was that I couldn't drive my daughter to school. I couldn't walk without nearly falling and I was bumping into walls. Driving? No way. My head felt very foggy? Lost? Just not right. This seemed very neurological to me. (I've already have a CAT). For the next 3 days, nausea, weakness, tired, and felt like I'd lost my mind. I couldn't find the right words, my speech slurred at times, very much resembling dementia. And I also was hot. Felt like I was burning up. My jaw was sore, my husband touched my cheek and it hurt. I honestly wanted to die.

Got to see my doctor on Friday, husband had to take a day off, he looked in my ear, mouth. He listens, so I like him. He prescribed something that he said was for nausea AND vertigo. And gave me high powered anti-biotics, because my lymph gland was sore and swollen which he said is most likely related to my dental issues with my bottom teeth, which would be taken care of if I ever felt good enough to get them done! Turns out the prescription was only for nausea, and a side effect was dizziness. I never took it. My nausea went away on it's own. Thank God.
NOw, it's the everyday garbage I've been putting up with for umteen years. IF I EVER get vertigo like that again, I am calling an ambulance asap.
Don't know if I have an inner ear problem , orrrrrr if my tmj has caused ear problems. Do I go to the ear doc? Am so lost now as for what to do.
I suffer from anxiety, which can lead to panic attacks, and I am severely depressed. I take meds for those 2 conditions. Does not A THING for the depression, and doesn't help the anxiety like it used to, however, we have alot of problems, i.e. medical, financial, house crap, family, etc..

Sorry for the long one, any feedback would be most welcome

I also have felt what you are feeling. The dizziness and visual problems were constant. I had brain fog that was really bad. I felt that I was mentally loosing it. This lead into my anxiety as well. My right ear always felt like it was clogged and I was constantly trying to pop it. My neck and sholders also were sore all of the time. On the way home from work, my fatigue was so intense that I would almost fall asleep. My eyes were glassy and bloodshot as well. I went to ENT and allergy specialist for over a year. Nothing helped(I tried the nasal sprays, had CAT scans, and anitibotics). I really thought that I had bad allergies. I was talking to my uncle describing my problems. He is a TMJ specialist, and suggest that I may have a TMJD. I wish I could see him, but I am in AZ and he is in OH. My jaw does not click that bad, but when I put my fingers on my joints I can feel how the left side of my jaw moves normally and my right side does nothing at all and then quickly moves outwards. None of this I noticed before. Anyways, I decided to try the "doctors recommended nightguard" on the label it says not for people who have TMJ, but I tried it anyways. I dont know if you are familiar with it, but what you do is boil it then mold it to your teeth and then you are supposed to remove the bottom blue plastic strip: however my uncle said to leave it on, because it is better to have something hard to bite onto. Which to me does not seem right. He told my why it was better but I forgot now. I could also find out if anyone is interested why it is better to leave it on. He also suggested taking a hot shower before you go to bed and to lightly massage your joint area. He also said to not try to open your mouth too wide. He said to open your mouth only as wide as you can if your leave the underside of your tongue on the roof of your mouth. This way you will not stress the joints. I am also taking alleve 3 times a day(every 8 hours). I know some people have done all of these things and have had no results. I personally have seen a huge reduction of most of my symptoms. The brain fog is almost gone, the dizziness is gone, my ear is feeling unclogged, and the fatigue is not as bad. I know when I was feeling my worst I would try anything. This has helped me so I hope something here will help you. Good luck.

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