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Tmj and oral sex
Sep 13, 2004
my tmj is most irritating and really the only time i notice it is when i give oral sex to my boyfriend. my jaw constantly locks. i am wondering if oral sex can make my tmj worse, since this is when it is most active. i dont want to make my jaw get more out of place.
I'm sure it could. My muscles get tired just kissing sometimes, ok most of the time. I can't even imagine trying oral sex right now. Anything that uses the muscles or jars the joint would aggravate the TMJ I would think.
I don't know how many people are gonna touch this one, but I KnoW alot of women on this board must also have this problem.
This is a problem that really lets ya know that this dern tmj is infecting my life!! While "performing" let's say, my jaw locks too, most often in the open position, which of course makes my ears hurt and my jaw ache. To be frank, persons withouT tmj who go gung ho with oral sex will likely have some aching too.
Anyway, if it is causing you much discomfort, don't do it, or at the very least limit it.
No, my husband doesn't get it as much as he used too, buT, he also doesn't want me in pain. SO, I limit it. And you can still provide pleasure without causing pain to yourself. Um, **gets red**, you don't have to "take so much in", and erm, use your tongue! Done in the right places and the "oh I love you baby" motions, will make him just as happy. Trust me on this one.

Whew! Hope that helps:)
Signing off now,
Not the "Sex Lady"
I think if the oral sex is bothering your jaw, and it is important to your relationship you need to find another way around it just like Sharalee mentioned. It is obvious you are not going to be able to perform as you use to in the bedroom. TMJD changes most everything for its victims.
I was wondering when or if someone would bring this up. I'm single, unattached and haven't done this in ages and ages. I do think this activity is hazardous to the tmjoints. A friend of mine tried to neck and kiss me, but my neck hurt a lot, and I couldn't get the feel of the kissing part. I have a removable upper partial and a lower splint. I used to really enjoy kissing, and I wonder if I ever will again.

Take care,
Your post really caught my eye, and everyone else's, I'm sure.

It reminded me of something that happened several years ago; I went to see my surgeon, I was away at college at the time and my mother drove down to come with me to the appointment. The doctor had a list of things I should avoid - hard, chewy foods, sleeping on my side, etc, etc, etc. At the end of the list was (you guessed it!) oral sex! My mother was so horrified she almost choked. I thought it was hilarious and almost fell on the floor laughing. We still joke about it today!

It was especially funny because the guy I was seeing at the time would never let me "do" him. There was an incident - you know how sometimes your jaw just locks closed and you can't really help it? Yeah....

I do agree with the above posters though. It does go to show how deeply TMJ affects your life. Today I am much better, and my husband and I do, we just get creative and limit the duration.

Good luck.
It is good to see that you have all tried to live your lives to the fullest with TMJ. I wonder how many of you got TMJ before you started dating your boyfriends/husbands/girlfriends/wives, or before you got married? Did that not scare you or your partner, and how long before you told them about TMJ? Sorry to turn a light subject of oral sex into a semi-serious discussion. May be I should start a new thread on relationships and TMJ if it has not been posted already.
I have the same problem, you are not alone. It brings tears to my eyes while performing. I just don't do it very often. If I do it and I'm hurting afterwards, I massage my jaw neck and back and if it's really bad I do heat and cold therapy on myself. Or sometimes I barter with my husband, I'll do this for you if afterwards you give me a massage.
Hope this helps,
Shelli Belli

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