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I think my tmj is a result of poor posture. As I have stated in other posts, that I have been seeing a chiropractor and it has been helping me a lot. But I do know that there is something wrong with my neck muscles because it keeps on making a cracking noise everytime I turn my neck which is all interrelated with my jaw. I think my tmj is all due to muscle imbalances which really sucks because I know my posture is bad. For years I have slept on a hard carpeted floor and now as a result I have tmj, and other types of imbalances of my body. I began sleeping on a bed again for the past several months but I think my body is all out of balance because of the abuse I put my body through over years.

As far as the tmj is concerned it has impacted my life but I can almost eat normal but I can't eat crackers, hard steak, or anything that is too chewy or tough because my jaw will get tired easily. I don't have much confidence in these so called tmj specialists because they may try to fix one thing which could make the tmj worse. Yes the specialist say they can fix my bite, crown and cap my teeths to make it better but when I ask them if they can guarantee me that I won't have the clicking in my jaw and the tmj if I get the procedure done, they say no. Also I asked them "if" I were to get all this work up down, which I can't afford, and if I started grinding my teeth again will my teeth get worn down like how it was. They said yes, and also that more than likely the tmj won't go away. So why spend all that money and touch perfectly healthy teeth and potentially make my tmj worse. I still believe if something works ok why fix it.

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