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Hi Everyone:wave:
I am just wondering for those of you who have tmj and ear pain what exactly does your ear pain feel like? I suffer from ear pain and it seems to be a sharp deep, knife stabbing, ache or pain that sometimes radiates down my neck just below my ear, I also get a throbbing ear pain as well as fullness in my ears. I notice when I wake up in the morning my ears always need to be popped and when they do it hurts really bad! I also have balance issues as well as alot of crackling sounds in my ears.. My jaw seems to hurt and click and clunk in the area where your jaw curves just below your ear lobe.. I have been told this is some sort of tmj years ago, when I just had the click,pop, and clunking sounds but it seems that I am suffering from alot of ear pain lately as well.. I am just interesting in knowing if these "ear pains" may very well be related.. I want to add that sometimes it feels as if my ear is being jabbed really hard deep inside with a sharp object as well as itchy ears deep inside that I wish I could itch!!! Any thoughts or if there are others who have ear pain I would love to know if yours feels that same it's driving me crazy!:dizzy: Thanks in advance Boxerlover:angel:

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