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Re: My 50k smile
Dec 4, 2006
Yep - welcome. Your last paragraph says it all. I'm not an expert so this is just personal advice from someone who knows what you are experiencing - I have gone through what you described 1) get yourself to a tmj specialist. Cheek indentations from missing teeth are a sign of muscles being over worked or stressed. Also missing teeth can cause teeth to shift and the jaw to become misaligned and this can strain the tm joints. 2) go to a NUCCA or Upper Cervical chiro or a regular chiro that specializes in tmj. I know most medical drs advise against this but most tmj sufferes find much needed relief after a few visits. If your jaws have become misalgined chances are it has pushed against the back of your neck where the C1 or atlas vertebrae is. Once this is slightly pushed off center you can start to experience frequent neck cracking, face/head tingling or numb sensation, shoulder pain, pain down arms, legs - basically all over - although it may start out on one side only. Some drs will then start thinking you have fibro, MS or some other neuro disease. 3) cranio sacral treatment will help restore balance to your body and stop the bone movement.

The ear fullness and vertigo or dizziness is probably due to inflamtion of the eustachion tubes and the vision problems probably due to inflamtion near the optic nerve or the facial bone movement putting pressure on the optic nerve.

Yes - the facial and head bones can move despite what many medical drs will tell you - you're not crazy. I have to laugh when this first started to happen to me - one eye brow arched up very high, my nose seemed off center, my head and face changed shape - all within a few days - I thought I was on some kind of hallucinogenic trip or flashback due to my early teen yrs and drug experimentation (I never inhaled, though, LOL). I kept hearing popping noises that seemd to come from my upper palate or under my nose. The first dr I went to gave me a referral to a pshychiatrist. Eventually I found someone (tmj dentist) who is very experienced in all of this and told me it would all go away with treatment - apparently it only happens when tmj is left untreated and your body becomes totally misalgined - with the muscles and bones working against each other instead of working together. The brain fog or chronic senior moments will clear up with treatment as well.

TMJ due to muscle dysfunction is usually caused by a number of things such as braces, missing teeth, poor dentistry, ill fitting prothetics (crowns, bridges,dentures), malocclusion, etc. I have had 3 full mouth restorations over the years, and braces when I was in my early 20's - its amazing what poor dentistry can do - in addition to making one poor.

Its nice to meet someone who has similar symptoms like me. Hang in there - it will get better with some treamtent.

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