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Jul 20, 2007
Hi All,

In about mid-May, I started having daily headaches in the back of my neck that were mild/dull and what would probably be described as "tension" headaches, as they often had the "headband" type pain that went with them, in my temples. They occurred at any time of the day, with no particular pattern, and weren't affected by work or strain. I also had some nerve pain in my neck (an occasional superficial tingling-type sensation). I went to a chiropractor on June 18th, and he took X-rays, and also used another scanner that shows what problems might exist in the nerves and muscles around the spinal column. Between the two, he found that the bones in my cervical area were a bit off, and was actually pinching the nerves in the area. Since then, he has worked on it, and has been able to get the headaches that I had to go away.

However, I have developed some other symptoms in the meantime, and I am not sure if they are related or not. For one, I have a sensation of "fullness" in my left ear; no noticeable hearing loss, only a sensation like there is pressure in the area. That has been going on almost constantly, and daily, for near a month now. It does wane sometimes where it seems like it's not as bad, but it's usually about the same. Also, when I put my finger in my left ear, I can feel the joint moving and it's almost as though the joint is gliding up into my finger or something - I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but I can hear a popping noise like the bone is rubbing against something it shouldn't be, and I think that something is definitely not right, and indeed, when I do the same in the right ear, it feels "normal." (or as though I think normal should feel :) ) For a while, I was getting a popping/clicking noise when I opened my jaw, and when I moved my jaw in certain ways. I told my chiropractor about that, and he seems to have fixed that part, but the fullness of ear remains.

Second, I have some pain in the back of my neck, which feels like a kind of dull muscle ache, but it only occurs when I move my head to the right, left, or up (it isn't constant). But it does sometimes seem to lead to headache pain in my temples, similar to the original headaches I had, but not in the back of the neck. Only in the temples, and also, occasionally with the temple pain, I have pain in the sinus area between my eyes and behind my eyes, also seemingly stemming from this neck pain. This pain behind my eyes often gives me the sensation of drowsiness... not that I am really tired, but I feel like I am, because it feels better when I close my eyes. These symptoms of sinus and neck pain are only temporary, and seem to go away when I take an ibuprofen or tylenol - they are not constant like the original headaches. At most, I suffer from them only three to four hours daily, even if I don't take anything for them - almost always in the evening (anywhere from 4 to 9, usually).

Third, I've noticed daily for about the last month (maybe before, too, I didn't start paying attention until then), that my nasal passages are often blocked. Not enough usually to cause trouble breathing, but one is closed, and the other isn't, and it switches back and forth. Most often, the stuffed nostril is my left side, though - rarely are both open. Occasionally, both are plugged and I feel the need to breath through my mouth. There have been a couple mornings where I had to blow my nose when I got up, but that is the only congestion I have had over the time period.

Finally, I also have some tingling sensations that continue, either on my scalp or in the back of my neck. They don't last very long, and don't happen real often.

At my chiropractor's suggestion, I've made an appointment with an ENT... but that isn't until August 10th, and I would really like to get any suggestions, or comments you might have. I am kind of worried about it.

Does anyone have any ideas??

Thanks very much for your time!

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