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I have had fullness in my right ear since January '06. Don't know how this started, but it may have been after I had my wisdom teeth pulled or after a flight.(?) I did have surgery when I was a child in my right ear, so it could have just gotten worse.

I got used to it, but on Saturday, I was eating a tough sandwich and heard my jaw crack a little everytime I opened my mouth. It did this for about 10 minutes and then stopped. (I've always had slight cracking in my jaw.)

It is very weird, but my right ear feel about 80% better and my right ear a little worse.

My issue is that since Saturday, I've has some nausea. I had been sneezing before and we did have a sick family member with the flu in the house, so I'm not sure if this is TMJ or something else. The nausea is not 100% perceptible either, which makes me think it could even be psychological. I'm obviously confused and would appreciate any help.

NOTE: I do not have pain in the jaw, but it does crack a little when I open my mouth. I do not have other pain for now.


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