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I've have had problems with TMJd for a long time. A fateful plane ride with a horrible cold sucked all the fluid up into my jaw and ears. After that my left jaw popped and was swollen.. so so swollen.

Then I had a dentist who made a night guard for me. It pushed my jaw up a bit (which felt really nice on my left jaw). After a few weeks though, my right jaw started popping and my bite was off a bit.

So then I had both jaws popping and both were swollen. I had fullness in the ears and I kept telling the doctors there was fluid stuck up in there. They kept telling me there isn't. So I began my routine of Nasacort (which would help to reduce the swelling), Zyrtec D (seemed to help the fluid move on through), and a muscle relaxer (Soma) to help the jaw to relax.

My routine left my jaw in pain and swollen, but most days was manageable. When I wake up in the morning, my jaw is semi-locked but after taking my meds and walking around I'm okay.

Then my doctor prescribed a diuretic for another problem this week and I took it yesterday. UGH so sick.. queasy and I can't get the taste of salt out of my mouth. Two days ago my jaw was so swollen and hurting. Then today.. I could feel where the skin met the bone. Swelling completely gone for the first time in five years. I took a nap a bit ago and now my jaw is completely locked on both sides. Huge pops if I try to open it and then I still can't get it open.

Advice? Sorry this was so long. Do I keep taking the diuretic?

Thanks for listening!

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