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Something similar happened to me and by a prosthodontist no less who are supposed to know better. Every time he did a filling the tooth would be shorter and then when I started to complain about feeling unbalanced or hitting more on once side or the other he would say - we can just adjust this tooth or that - and I would give him weird looks - why would anyone adjust natural teeth instead of tooth that has already been modified - unfortunately I did not take my own advice to look for another dentist and my problems began after he did several crowns and a bridge - and I had no prolbems with the temps either. A good occlusion expert or neuromuscular dentist should be able to check your bite and build up the tooth that was adjusted ( even if only temporarily should a crown be necessary) and make a new temp crown below it - or they just might try a splint before anything is done to see if that is where the problem is coming from. An ortho should be able to do it as well. Unfortunately even if this is the problem - once muscles and the joints become affected by the strain of changed bite it may take some time for things to feel normal again.

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