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wow you're lucky you got reffered so quickly! :angel: i went to about 5 doctors appointments from june - september before i got reffered to a neurologist. i was given nasal sprays for sinus headaches, anti-biotics for toothache ?? and told to change my diet, which all did nothing.

i was glad at first with the tension headache diagnosis from the neurologist, but he was clueless about the earache etc and suggested i see an ENT. i told my doctor this but she wanted to see how the amitriptyline helped before sending me to one. another example of the NHS wanting to save money!

i have to wait a couple of weeks to get the mouthguard. i dont think it will help that much because i feel i need proper treatment on my actual jaw rather than something to stop me just grinding my teeth. when i take the amitriptyline i always wake up feeling really happy haha! but i hate the fact it takes so long to work and i also do not like masking the pain! someone once said to me that doctors basically think if its not life threatening then you should learn to live with the pain, when really what you want is the source of the pain cured!

most of my pain is on the right side! well the earache and the jaw clicking, but my jaw clicks on both sides. it also deviates to the left when i open it. i get tension/migraine/sinus headaches. more recently ive been getting neck pain. i have sensitive teeth and mild toothache. im not in pain all day. the headaches are on/off throughout the day as is most of the pain. i get lower back pain too! im going to see a chiro on friday who apparently is really good, my dad heard about him from alot of people he knows which can only be a good thing. i decided not to go see the TMJ specialist as it would cost me 750 for the consultation and MRI. im only 18 so that is alot of money for me. i wouldnt mind paying so much if i had a definate diagnosis but i dont want to spend that much and be told i dont have TMJ! although i am fairly sure, im going to try out the mouthgaurd, amitriptyline, massage therapy and chiro manipulation to see if they help :)

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