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have tmd. had a mri and it showed both left and right disc are anteriorly displaced(forward displacement)_ and the left is also laterally displaced. My tmj dds made me a night guard. I really don't know if it is helping, i don't think it is. It makes my teeth sore. The dds wants to do some adjusting to it. My cheekbones are sticking out and I think I just look weird, my temples seem to have sunk in as well. I don't want to be deformed. Has this happend to any one else? My bite still feels all off line. ALL of this happened to me because of one new filling! Is the night gurad what I need? DDs says I clench and night gurad will help? But what about my teeth not fitting properly? I believe my malocclusion and/or bad bite is causing my tmj. Some days I feel pretty good then others I feel dizzy and out of it. Do I need a splint? Do I need a neuro dentist? What is the difference between a night gurad and a splint? THANK YOU in advance for your response. NOBOBY knows what this night mare feels like except my TMJ friends!

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