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I am sure there are others here that are having problems with their condyles - some just don't log in every day so hopefully they will do so shortly and offer some advice.

I have consulted with more than 20 drs over a 4 year period - the first few told me it was imagined pain and referred me to a therapist, after several months I developed neck problems and severe body pain with facial spasms - many more told me they could not help me - said they had never seen facial spasms like mine before - but still charged me for the consultation anyway, I eventually let 5 treat me - equilibraition, crowning back teeth, replacing bridges and it got worse. This is why many people say do not do anything permanent or drastic - most splint therapies can be undone with another splint - but not teeth/bite alterations and surgery.

My primary dr tried to help but does not believe tmj can cause facial spasms, body pain, muscle twitching, tingling, vision disturbances, etc - I have just about every symptom and then some. He sent me to neuros and like yourself one said myofacial pain syndrome and offered to do botox injections he thought would stop the spasms. I tried various meds my PCP prescribed - morphine, darvocette,flexeril, skelaxin, tegetol, bextra, celebrex, vicodin, diflusinal - but they were either too strong, did nothing or had other side affects. I eventually went to a Pain Mgmt Clinic at NYU Dental school and they prescribed baclofen and triavil and they seemed at least tolerable so after several months of traveling to the city I aksed my dr to prescribe them and save me the trip which he does. Recently however I asked him for something for the body pain and he said he preferred that I go see a rheumy, too.

Its not uncommon with this type of condition to develop other conditions such as cervical/spinal problems, skeletal or neuro muscular conditions (twitching, spasms, tingling, numbness, fibromyalgia, etc.) What helped intitally more than a dentist - since they were doing more harm then good - was alternative therapies such as chiro, cranial sacral and PT. This helped buy me some time as I hopped from one dr to another. Also most of the tmj drs I did let treat me referred me to their chiro, their cranial sacral therapist, etc - so I am grateful for that b/c without some of those therapies I would be a basket case by now.

I am still unable to work and am on disability - I still have facial spasms that torque my face which seem to become more frequent when I speak or move my tongue, I still have trouble swallowing and my whole body has changed in appearance but what has improved is I now can feel my face again (it was numb and wracked with horrible pain), I am seeing better, no more ear ringing or humming and my head and neck is now able to move without too much pain or cracking although its still hard to keep it down or turn it fully to either side and is still a tad in the forward position.

Most specialists/dr offices will try and work with you in terms of submitting claims so your insurance will cover them - I have found that in my area most drs don't even accept insurance any more and want full payment up front - so as a result they are more than willing to help you get a claim through by calling your insurance co and finding out what you are covered for.

There are numerous web sites under tmj, myofacial pain syndrome, holistic dentistry, neuromsucular dentists, headaches, etc that often have dr referral listings. The same is true for alternative therapies - you could try NUCCA and ICAK for chiros.

What I have found is once you find the "right" dr - you will know him when you find him - he's the one that doesn't make the weird face or raise an eyebrow when you tell him all your "strange and unusual" symptoms - he will point you in the right direction for other assistance, referrals and therapies, etc.

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