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Re: TL- how are you
Jun 11, 2008
Hey guys - thanks for the Kudos - but I think certain attitudes or mindsets or frame of mind come with age and the experiences you have over time. Also - I tend to be an overly emotional person and found over the years that was just way too exhausting - it was easier and better for me - both professionally and personally - to learn how to recognizie which problems I can do something about and which ones I just need to live with to the best of my ability. I guess I fully embrace the old prayer ".. god grant me the strength to change the things I can change, the courage to accept the things I can not change, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two". I am still working on the wisdom part. But don't get me wrong - I still have really bad days when I too don't think I can handle the tmj symptoms anymore and I get frustrated and angry or depressed, etc. Maybe b/c I have been through other bad times before - I know it will pass. Like I was telling you earlier Temera - the highs and lows after awhile become the norm and then you start to realize its a roller coaster - you can either ride it for the duration or just get off and watch from the sidelines. Knowing others are dealing with similar problems helps as does helping someone else even if only through words of encouragement - it makes you feel like you still make a difference in this world, you know?

Obviously we have no choice other than to live with this until someone can figure out what our specific problems are and correct it - assuming we live that long and our money holds out.

Well LTC - it sounds like they are finally starting to recognize there is an imbalance. I know drs tend to think they know more than we do - but you have been trying to tell them what you feel is wrong for a while now and they are just starting to get there. I tell you, we ought to study and dentistry and make our own teeth.

I know I am going to have problems with the teeth and splint - I am dreading it - I mentioned it to the dentist - that if my cranial plates are imbalanced - that will cause the upper splint to be imbalanced and affect the rest of the bite. He said they will see it though and then have the chiro I see correct it. He said this is going to take several months or longer so not to expect miracles over night. So you are kind of in the same boat as I am now which is not to worry about the teeth right now and just focus on resolving the symptoms. It makes sense but my brain has a lot of problems dealing with it - to me, my teeth or lack of them are the problem. I don't think my brain will accept the splint instead of the teeth - but I have no choice like you but to do what I am told.

The chiro goes right for the head and neck first now. In the first 4-5 months it was the other way around. But now that my hips don't hurt anymore and I am walking better with less pain in the feet - he starts from the head/neck and then goes to the pelvis and hip area.

Hey - its not just cymbalta that can cause jaw pain, lockjaw and clenching. My sister was on the heart med Norvasc and it did the same thing - plus it made her gums bleed and her teeth feel loose. I kept telling her it was the med and she finally stopped taking it and it all stopped within a week - I mean when weird or new symptoms start shortly after starting a med its kind of obvious - but so many drs then want to treat you for other things instead of just stopping the meds - sometimes you have to consider the benefits and risks and make a choice. What's really bad though is most drs will argue with you that your new symptoms are unrelated to the med you are taking - why? - b/c the makers of the drug didn't want to risk their profits and post the warning on the package so sometimes even the drs are misled or uninformed. I know they say they are making better and better drugs these days, but give me one that has been around for 25-45 years - they tend to be safer with less side affects.

Have a good day - let me know how your bite does now after this adjustment - and if the head humming responds positively to it or not. I am stuck home with no car - not that I go out often - but feel like I am stranded - so I am going to work on some chores around the house if I can w/o overdoing it.
Re: TL- how are you
Jul 11, 2008
Oh you have to wait over a month, I think if it were me I'd call the office back and just ask if she could find out if the splints were in or not and if there was a problem or not, that way you wouldn't need to sit and wonder for over a month. I mean if there was a problem shouldn't they want you in sooner to correct it?

Yes like you said , I agree that probably one side of our jaw sits back to far, which is causing the head and neck issues. funny thing is it feels as tho my L. jaw is more forward and my L. hip. I think we have just been wasting my time and money trying to straigten me with these teeth in which were made to my crookedness, its like I'm starting from scratch again.

So then to get things lined up we need to have treatments without our teeth in, otherwise how will they do it?

It feel so weird with my lower partial out, and I put them in twice yesterday to eat and they felt awful in too. I can acturally feel my head bones move.

Oh I feel for your sister. I would hate the transmute of 90 mins a day too, so I understand her switching jobs. Is the pay about the same, if so she can maybe say to herself, same pay, less responsablility, but she probably likes the responsability. It was so nice of her to move closer to you, but maybe if she sticks it out a little longer the supervisor may leave or change positions.
Airlines are doing bad now, some have bellied up and most that are left are downsizing. I wish I would of bought oil stock last year!!

Glad to hear you gave your renters notice, I can understand you not wanting them there, I hope its not too much of a mess when they leave and you can find someone better to rent to. WEre they upset?

I got this book on self hypnosis, and I made a tape to listen to at night while I lay in bed ready to fall asleep, and I put stuff on it like , my subconscious mind is healing my body as I sleep (no dentures in so its got free range-ha ha) and my muscles are all relaxed and my head , jaw and neck are all staightening out, and on and on. Sounds stupid I know but you are right we need to keep reinforcing positive thoughts instead of negative ones.

Hey sounds like your eating healthy , spinach and all. I would love to have a salad with all the stuff on it, but I'm pretty much soft food yet. Are you chewing?
Re: TL- how are you
Jul 11, 2008
Oh - my appt is actually July 22 - but my brain and hands do not communicate that well anymore - I say one thing but mean something else a lot - still some nagging brain fog - just hope its not symptoms of alzheimers later in life. So I see the dentist in 2 weeks - the same day I see the chiro which means it is going to be a very long,long day and a lot of traveling.

I have the same thing with my left jaw and hip feeling more forward than the right side - its why I feel like I fight myslef to walk. But its not as bad now on my hips but the jaw is still the same. I have the same feeling going across the area where my upper front teeth would be - the left center tooth area feels like it protrudes more than the right. I guess basically my whole body is torqued that way.

Yeah - the head bones moving - isn't that weird? I seldom talk about it with my friends or family b/c it just sounds so unbelievable and far fetched, doesn't it? It changes the space around you and your orientation of what is around you, right? I am not feeling it as often as I did when I first started with the chiro so he may have been right when he said that eventually they get back to where they belong and therefore stop moving. I was afraid I would end up with freely moving head bones for the rest of my life.

Well my sisters boss at her new job is obviously my age (going on 50) and has been at this company for 28 years so I doubt she will be moving on anytime soon. My sister said she tried to just put up with it and rationalize it - she is getting the same pay she got from the old company and saving $300 a month on gas and bridge tolls and leaves home an hour later and gets home an hour earlier each day - but she said she is miserable for 8 hrs a day and would prefer to be miserable 3 hrs a day while commuting.

Yeah - the renters were not too pleased - lets just say I have a feeling they are going to play hardball b/c the first thing the husband said to me is I can't evict them and legally they have 6 months to find new accomodation if they continue to pay the rent - even though he signed an agreement allowing either one of us to terminate the rental arrangement giving 30 days notice. So I said if you stay the 6 months you will not like living here, trust me - but if you leave by Aug 30 things will remain unchanged. You would think with a baby and all they would just deal with this and find another place to rent instead of digging their heels in more - its funny b/c for the past few months they have made me feel like they are putting up with so much abuse from the dogs and that entitles them to take liberties I wouldn't take in someone else' home - yet the rent is so high, etc. So here's their chance to find something that suits them better and they want to dig their heels in and stay?

I can chew but nothing hard - since me teeth can't reach one another and my jaws are not lined up either its kind of hit or miss in terms of what actually gets chewed up so I dice my food to very small pieces - but I have found that fresh spinach wilts very easily as it gets warm so if I leave it out a half hour I can eat a "salad" and if I sautee in some garlic and olive oil its not only good tasting but so soft you don't really have to chew it - I just got so tired of the same mushy vegetables I was eating that I had to figure out how to expand my menu but still be able to chew and swallow. Also - I stopped taking all my vits and supplements b/c I just can not swallow them and I know its important to keep the body healthy while its recovering, you know?

Well - enjoy the weekend if you can - we finally got some nice summer weather - its about time too since we are into July - all it did in June was rain and rain - it just made the whole month seem so dreary and I am one of those people where the weather defintiely affects my outlook on everything.

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