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Thelma Louise hi and thanks for all the info / feedback you have provided on here.
The doc I see is Brendan Stack in Tyson's Corner, its basically part of DC but over in Virginia.

His diagnostics are so thorough and he won't make any treatment decision until he sees the MRI. He's been at it 42 years, lectures all over the place, and has other long distance patients. All his staff are so nice and friendly. He's given me a lot of printed guides and explanations of his treatment plan and his office manager is emailing me asking how I'm doing so I feel they are really going that extra mile.

He gave me a DVD of movement disorder patients he has treated and it was like medical magic. These people come into his office practically unable to walk, he places an appliance on their lower teeth, patient registers the correct 'vertical dimension' and off they go walking again normally. One particular woman who was in a total mess prior to treatment actually did a cartwheel in his office.

I found the DVD quite shocking to watch, the medical profession doesn't make the jaw connection and is unable to help these patients essentially 'warehousing' them. But it has helped me to understand just what a devastating effect a misaligned mandible can have on your entire body. Who would have though such a thing?

My TMJ issues haven't manifested themselves with a movement disorder but the treatment I am getting is the same as he gives to these patients, a lower pivot appliance and an upper ALF to correct the cranial distortions. Lately I've been getting this feeling that my entire body is resetting - its hard to describe ,its kind of like I have a new body or posture and I'm getting used to it, its so weird. Each time after he adjusts everything I feel a lot better but I notice it doesn't hold as over time I slowly wear down the appliance, I can see little grooves in it now but will be back in a week to get it built up again.

The orthos here in Ireland are only concerned with cosmetics and 'beautiful smiles' and I run a mile from them because that is so not what I need. I think there are two FJO dentists here one of whom Stack trained. I contacted him and asked if he would take on the adjustments and if it was a good idea to change dentist during treatment. He was very upfront and said it is never a good idea to change so I'm sticking with Stack

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