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Lately I've been having some health issues, and I'm not sure what which way to turn. (What do I fix?) Here is some background info:

*I've had tension headaches and neck problems for a few years now. Last summer I went to a chiropractor, who did X-Rays and said my neck was too straight and out of alignment. He reccomended a plan, but I ended up changing jobs at that point, so I stopped going.

*I've had sinus problems for a few years as well: lots of sinus pressure behind my eyes, cheeks and forehead. I've taken antibiotics, but they seem to do nothing.

*Last November, I developed a feeling of fullness in my ears. I went to a doctor, and he said it was probably eustation tube dysfuction from my sinuses. More antibiotics. They did nothing, and my ears are STILL full. They crackle and feel like they need to pop, but can't.

*Recently I've been feeling a bit dizzy at times (probably related to the ear issues). Mostly when standing or sitting quickly. I also find that I get car sick more easily.

*I've also had trouble with my eyes recently. My vision is clear, but I have trouble focusing. I'm not sure if this is due to all of the sinus pressure or what.

I went to a new chiropractor, who looked at my X-Rays from last year. He noted that my headaches are probably from my bad neck, and it could possibly be causing my sinus problems as well. He also felt my jaw open and close, and said I might have TMJ. I guess my jaw opens unevenly. I'm not sure if I clench at night, but I definately could be doing that. I am a stomach sleeper. I don't have a lot of pain in my jaw...mostly neck/shoulder problems, and ear problems.

Any insight you could give me would be so appreciated. I'm not sure where to start anymore...I just feel like crap and want to get this fixed. I'm tired of walking around in a fog. Thanks for your help!!!

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