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Nothing new with the chiro other than he adjusted my sternum today - I told him I have this sunken feeling on my chest and my collor bones felt funny - you know it feels like the whole area around my neck and shoulders is shifted or tilted downward in the front - plus my left hand is still numb and I keep getting tingling sensations that feel like ice pellets hitting my arms - I keep thinking its raining when that happens but on sunny days you know its not possibly rain drizzle, you know? Well - whatever he did, did help and I am feeling OK I guess. I didn't get to ask him to look at the splints again - he just seems so rushed and impatient lately.

Funny thing is now my upper left side of my jaw feels like it goes further back then the right side and that's how I remember it to be before this started - weird huh? And the left upper wisdom is still in - I bet the wisdom teeth go further back then the preceeding molars do so even if you have the same number of molars on each side - if one is a wisdom tooth that side will feel like it goes further back. You could be right about your lowers - you may have gotten so used to not having those teeth that putting something there is now casuing an imbalance. I remember my mother used to file the last tooth area of her dentures saying that as her mouth shrunk over time the denture would jut into the back of the her mouth and just kill her.

I went to one lawyer today and he wanted $1300 to even do anything - I was hoping he would just charge me a fee to file and serve papers, another fee if we had to issue warrants and another if he went to court but its all or nothing with him - so I am looking for someone else. Another thing to eat up my time and make me worry. I am doing my best to avoid them so there is no chance for any further confrontations so when I am outside - as soon as they come out I grab the dogs and run in the house, nice way to spend the rest of my summer - I am so afraid now they will do something to the dogs or accuse them of nipping them that I won't even let them stay in the yard and play anymore. I even took the patio chairs inside so there wouldn't be any reason for them to loiter or sit around outside. Totally ridiculus what I am now going through plus my sister and I argued again today b/c she feels I should just pay the lawyer the $1300 and be done with it when I know for a fact this lawyer is just over priced - he told me others charge $600 so I think I will find one of those.

Well let me know what the osteo says - hope you are doing OK - gee I paid $3300 for the splint overdenture and that denturist wants $2000 for teeth? - its cheaper than what I paid and I still can't get mine in my mouth. Arrgh!

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