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You may want to see a med dr to make sure it is not an inner ear infection. But if its just due to a cold or inflamation or swimming, etc - there are a number of ways to help it along although time usually takes care of it. Try lowering your head between your knees and turn your head side to side or laying on your back on your bed and letting your head hang over the side of the bed or bend down as if to tie your shoes - often the change in head position and altitude will affect the pressure in the ears and the fluid will then release. Nasal decongestants may help but they work by drying up mucus membranes - so that may bring other issues. Some have found tugging on the ear lobe sometime releases it or tilting their head to the side that is clogged and tapping the other side of their head. I have found sleeping on the side that is clogged will often help as the fluid is more inclined to move in the right direction. Good luck.

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