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[QUOTE=Doina;4033759]Thank you so very much! I cannot believe how kind you are. I will call and try to set up an appoiment. It was an awful 9 month experience (7 months of antibiotics because they thought I had all kind of imaginary infection, indomethacin which had me bleading and almost dead until I realized I had to stop taking the poison, and much more. Thank you again, I found him.[/QUOTE]

No problem, Dr. Stack I believe is very near to retirement, so don't be taken back by that. I'm sure he has great contacts and can stear you in the right direction. If you are just a tmj muscular case, you can be cured much easier I think than if your joints have sustained major damage, and your having clicking and locking and all that fun stuff. I now have some arthritis in my joints, but my doctor is really not concerned about that so much as he wants my condyles in the proper position so my tissues can heal and I don't have so much grating. The biggest hurdle in all this is overcoming stress from the situation due to just plain being terrified, and losing everydime you have to the dysfunction. I have to warn you though if you really want to get better, you will probably need PT, Chiropractic care, and massage therapy as well. (Atlas ORthoganist Chiropracters only please...) :D

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