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Re: Tmj
Dec 15, 2009
[QUOTE=thedude82;4143560]My TMJ was almost debilitating in college, chewing food would make me want to cry. It all erupted when I got super stressed over a few courses I was taking, I guess I was talking about the classes, and grinding my teeth in my sleep when I'd talk about them. I still have issues, but oddly enough even when my job got intensely stressful it only cropped up a little worse. I did loose about 100lbs since college however and was curious if this could some how be the cause of the me being able to keep it under control so much better?[/QUOTE]

I was actually going to ask the very same thing once, but figured that in no way whatsoever could it be related....BUT

recently I was struck with some acid reflux type issues. Now I don't know if it is because I started focusing on something else besides my jaw..but I lost about 12 pounds during this time period...actually forgot I had a TMJ problem...and do you know I have been 95% pain free?

I'm just hoping when I get this acid reflux thing taken care of that I don't start concentrating on my jaw again. I found that once I was diagnosed that was all I could think about and I would wake up grinding ALL the time.

Who knows? :dizzy:

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